100kV Chapter 54

Chapter 54
Rescue Mission

Foreigners Who Strayed into the War Zone

Yulaya turned his attention to the other people. He avoided his employer and opened fire at Ye Wenxuan: “Yellow-skinned monkey, you don’t want to go down and take a look? Maybe some corpse in the gunfire area might look like your friend.”

Ye Wenxuan glanced at him and calmly put his phone back into his bag.

Then his right hand struck at the other person’s neck at the speed of lightning, and leaning forward while Yulaya was raising his arm to block, the dagger in his left hand reached his throat.

Just based on fighting skills, ten Ye Wenxuans still wouldn’t be able to beat this white bodyguard. Yulaya also didn’t think he would lose, but when he just wanted to counterattack, there was a tiny electric current flowing over from the other person’s finger. Yulaya couldn’t stop it and half his body turned numb from the electricity. When he came back to his senses his neck felt cold—a blade had already reached his skin.

Ye Wenxuan whispered to him, separated by the back of the seat: “Next time your mouth is this cheap, I don’t mind helping you wash it out.”

Yulaya moved his finger: “You f*king…cheating?”

Ye Wenxuan quickly sliced a shallow cut around his neck and Yulaya immediately shut up. Feeling a liquid flowing down the wound, he took a deep breath and said deeply: “Alright, you win this time.”

Only then did Ye Wenxuan slowly remove the dagger and sit back into his seat. He rested his elbow on the window and turned to look at the scenery.

Tim and Gemma: “…”

They had originally thought the person sitting next to them was a weak Asian, but never expected that once he acted even a tall and strong bodyguard could be instantly controlled. This kind of contrast was too strong, so that even Kabu leaning against the door smoking couldn’t help but look over a couple times.

“To…Tom…I didn’t expect you to be so strong.” Tim was the first to call out: “Could that be, that—Chinese kung fu?”

Kabu snuffed out the cigarette and threw it on the ground: “Boy, if you speak a little louder, you will bring over everyone from across the road.”

Tim immediately shut his mouth.

But it was already too late.

A bullet passed through the front window of the Jeep, flew right by the forehead of the French boy sitting in the middle, and with a “pa”, blasted a hole in the rear window.

Tim: “???”

He still hadn’t reacted, but the rest of the people in the car had already moved.

Kabu yanked open the door and sprang in, quickly starting the engine and reversing. Yulaya pulled out a gun and rolled up the window, while also scolding: “Kabu, why doesn’t your car have bulletproof glass?”

Kabu: “No money.”

In the distance some people fired a barrage of bullets over. Yulaya cursed and lowered his head, looking for the opportunity to raise his gun and fire back: “What kind of people are these? They actually have snipers, quickly withdraw!”

Ye Wenxuan: “There are at least three people coming from 2 o’clock. I saw shadows.”

Yulaya: “Don’t care about them, there are snipers! Get down!”

The bullet exploded from the barrel of the gun, and almost in a instant, it flew hundreds of meters, broke through the window, and flew right in front of Ye Wenxuan!

Ye Wenxuan’s pupils shrunk, and his index finger twitched imperceptibly. The bullet was like it had been hit by something. Its trajectory was forced to deviate, the bullet slamming into the carseat.

This entire process didn’t even take three seconds.

Ye Wenxuan’s back was covered in a layer of cold sweat. He leaned down again, holding his dagger in his palm. He felt that his heart was still pounding uncontrollably in his chest.

After slowly calming down, he looked at the journalist and doctor next to him.

Tim and Gemma’s faces were full of panic. Both people clutched an armrest, hiding behind the front carseats and not letting out a sound.

Ye Wenxuan guessed that they may have been so scared they forgot to scream.

The Jeep quickly made a half turn and rapidly retreated in the direction they came.

After driving a few dozen meters, the car suddenly tilted to the left. Kabu hit the the steering wheel and stepped on the brakes. The people in the back couldn’t guard against the sudden stop and almost hit their heads on the roof.

“What…what’s going on…” Tim held his head and whispered.

Kabu took out a long gun from under the seat, along with several pieces of clothing: “The tire was blown out.”

“If we encounter them face to face, surrender immediately.” He handed out the clothes to everyone: “If it’s the government forces then it would be fine, but if it’s the rebels…they generally won’t kill foreigners. If someone points a gun at you, calling out that you’re a reporter or a doctor is fine. They will give preferential treatment to these kinds of people.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at the clothing in his hand. There was some English written in very large font on top, a single word of “Journalist.”

Yulaya also got out of the car. He pulled his luggage from the trunk and under the cover of the Jeep, crouched on the ground and pulled out a few grenades and heavy machine guns.

Ye Wenxuan turned around and his mouth twitched: “Gemma, how did your bodyguard bring so many weapons on the flight?”

Gemma still hadn’t completely come to her senses, saying unsteadily: “He…he didn’t bring any luggage. He only came back yesterday with a box…”

She hadn’t finished speaking when a new round of fighting began outside.

Yulaya put the machine guns on the back of the Jeep, then patted the car door hard: “Get down, cover your ears.”

Gemma: “Yulaya…”

Kabu held up his telescope: “I found the sniper, three hundred meters away, 9 o’clock, behind a bush.”

Yulaya: “Ha, three hundred meters, not far.”

He turned the muzzle, pulled the trigger with a finger, and a shell exploded out like a plume of fire. That immense sound and smell of gunpowder entered the car. The young people in the backseat couldn’t help but cover their ears, crouching down in the car and not daring to move.

A few screams came from not far away. Yulaya laughed: “Just some trash, where’s your captain? Tell him to come and fight me!”

He spoke while shooting, as if the wildness in his bones was brought out by the gunpowder. When he finished shooting a long ammunition belt, Yulaya finally stopped. He bit open a grenade and threw it somewhere behind him, instantly blowing out two militants.

Kabu lifted his rifle. With methodical shots, he wiped out the enemies that Yulaya had missed.

In only ten minutes, the battle was quickly finished.

“Strange…they were too weak, like soldiers who haven’t been trained.” Kabu sat down on the car next to the tire to change magazines: “I feel like they’re ordinary civilians who just learned how to use a gun.”

Yulaya: “The sniper’s skills had a bit of meaning.”

Putting the heavy machine gun back, Yulaya carried a submachine gun and walked over to Kabu. He opened the door and sat down: “The fight in front is very intense ah. The sound here is so loud, and the two sides didn’t call any more people to come over to check out the situation.”

He rested the submachine gun on his legs and took the telescope to look into the distance: “Don’t know who the warring sides are. I don’t think they seem much like government forces and rebels.”

Kabu also sat up: “Maybe it’s a small-scale tribal conflict. Let’s first go back on our original road. We will first find a safe place for the three in the back to stay and then see whether we can rush forward tomorrow.”

Yulaya looked at the back row.

Gemma came from the International Red Cross. She had a better understanding of this kind of situation, so she could still be considered calm. Tim though was somewhat overwhelmed. He was in tears, hugging his backpack and shaking, shrinking all the way down his seat.

The young Asian sitting on the right, on the other hand, made him somewhat surprised.

The young man held a dagger in his hand, his gaze moving back and forth over the jungle outside the window. When he saw Yulaya come in, he just faintly glanced at him.

Yulaya was a little racist, but this Asian man piqued his slight curiosity.

“Boy, what did you do before you came here?” He took down a grenade and handed it back.

“Photographer, and before that I was a designer.” Ye Wenxuan pushed it away: “I don’t know how to use this, you keep it.”

Kabu: “Something’s not quite right.”

Yulaya uninterestedly took back the grenade: “Well?”

“The war zone quieted down.” Kabu frowned and turned the car around carefully: “It’s too quiet.”

Yulaya sat up straight: “There’s something wrong.”

Tim asked hoarsely: “Can…can we go faster? I’m scared…”

Kabu: “The tire on the left side of the Jeep was burst. We can’t drive fast, we have to find a place to stop and change the tire.”

Before he finished speaking, Kabu suddenly brought the car to a stop. His lips clenched tightly, eyes staring unblinkingly at the front.

“Oh, ladies and gentlemen.” He said drily: “I’m afraid that we can’t leave.”

Ten meters ahead, an armored tank slowly threaded through the grassland, revealing its sinister cannon.

Yulaya raised both arms, signalling to the other side that he had no weapons in his hands.

He stared at the grass in front of them. Before long, a group of armed men gradually gathered next to the tank.

They wore bulletproof vests and held submachine guns in their hands, wearing goggles. Even though there were a lot of people, their movements barely made a sound. It could be seen that they were well-trained, and their movement and weapons could not be compared to those of the previous batch of people.

Unlike the black men who had attacked them earlier, they were dressed in the same uniform, and each one had a red cloth wrapped around their arm.

This red cloth was an important symbol used to distinguish between government forces and rebels.

“Such bad luck.” Yulaya took a deep breath: “These are the elites of the rebels. These soldiers aren’t easy to deal with.”

Kabu whispered: “We won’t be able to leave.”

The soldiers on the other side called out at them. Kabu got out of the car, walked up to the front of the car with his hands raised, and talked to them.

They were speaking the local language, all the people in the car couldn’t understand. Gemma hid her body behind the back of the front seat and whispered: “Yulaya, what will happen to us?”

Yulaya stared forward, his lips moving slightly: “Generally speaking, they won’t kill doctors or foreigners.”

They watched a few people over there come forward, grabbing Kabu and pushing him to the ground, searching his body. Tim couldn’t help but sob: “I don’t want to die…I want to go home…I shouldn’t have come here…”

Ye Wenxuan looked down at the dagger he was holding in his hand and turned to instead stuff it in the gap in the middle of the Jeep’s rear seats.

That group didn’t kill Kabu.

When the one-eyed guide came back, he only said “don’t resist” and was pushed aside by several rebels who followed him over. Some of them kicked them out of the car, and some began to flip through the luggage in the car.

Gemma screamed. A black man patted her on the butt, and the girl yelled: “Go away!”

Everyone around them started laughing, and Gemma’s bodyguard stood in front of her: “Alright, gentlemen, I know the rules, but she is a doctor and should get the treatment she deserves.”

Hearing that Gemma was a doctor, the group of people exchanged glances. The black man who had first moved his hands opened: “We can’t touch doctors. Garcia, go bring her to see the head.”

Moses, have you forgotten that the head has gone to the battlefield on the east side?” The partner next to him patted his shoulder: “Right now we all have to listen to Jerry. Take her to see Jerry.”

Moses snorted and waved his hand: “Oh, alright, that new Asian man who knows Chinese kung fu, how could I forget.”

“Garcia, bring this doctor…forget it, bring all these people over and let Jerry take a look himself.”

Asian, new, called Jerry.

Ye Wenxuan’s breathing suddenly stopped.

The black man in charge of searching him pushed him: “Hands up, don’t randomly look around.”

Ye Wenxuan looked back at him: “Everything else can be given to you, uh…can I keep my pen?”

“It was given to me by my mom, and even if everything else is lost, at least this…will let me look at it and think of my mother.”

The rebel looked at him, then looked at the pen. He opened it and found that it was barely worth a few dollars, so he took his backpack away and threw the pen back.

“We give foreign prisoners preferential treatment.”

Ye Wenxuan caught the pen and hesitated: “That…do you also have Asian staff here?”

“You ask too many questions.” The man pushed him next to Tim and Gemma and said: “Keep up with lao zi. If anyone walks slowly, I’ll tie him to the back of the tank and let him be dragged behind.”

Tim sobbed loudly.

Yulaya irritatedly said: “Oh, little baby, can you shut up.”

Gemma: “Yulaya…don’t say it…”

A few minutes later, they re-entered the area where they had just passed through and went all the way deep into the war zone.

This was a small village which seemed to have already been exploded into ruins by artillery fire a long time ago. Ye Wenxuan looked everywhere through the corner of his eyes but did not see a shadow of a civilian. He did see many corpses lying messily on the ground.

In his twenty or so years he had never seen this kind of scene, and had not seen so many corpses with broken arms and legs and brains leaking out. He didn’t go far before his face had already turned pale, his stomach rolling wildly.

When they finally stood in front of a wide military bunker, Ye Wenxuan was still a little in a trance and didn’t know what he had actually come here to do.

Until he heard a low, hoarse voice asking: “Moses, who did you catch?”

the author has something to say: to ye xiao shou, the pen has become equivalent to the existence of an electromagnetic gun little sister (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

## so let’s talk about the pen ##

Ye Wenxuan [deeply emotional]: “This pen was given to me by my mother and is very important to me. When I see it I think of my mother.”

Anti-government rebels: “Oh, that’s really too touching. It’s not worth much anyways, you can keep it.”

Ye mom: “???”

Pen: “???”

Translator Notes:

[1] cheating – 使诈, means to cheat or swindle or pretend. i’m actually not quite sure what he means in this context. in my opinion there’s two options: one that he thought wenxuan was cheating bc of the electricity and that he’s just a weakling, and two that wenxuan is actually really strong and he’s just been pretending all this time. i think option one is more likely, so i went with cheating instead of pretending
[2] long gun – 长枪, so this is translated to pike, which would seem weird to use in the 21st century, or w/e time this is. i’m guessing it’s referring to a long gun. indeed, later it’s referred to as a rifle
[3] Garcia, Moses – 加西亚, 摩西, pinyin jia xi ya and mo xi

Random Notes:

A bit more than one hour: 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm, for 3.9k characters to 2.6k words.

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