100kV Chapter 51

Chapter 51
Going to London
I’ll Wait for You in China

After arriving at the embassy, everything afterward was very smooth.

Xing Yuan’s USB, along with the many secrets that he held since before, were highly valued. Every day, he stayed with the ambassador to the United Kingdom in the office, and sometimes he would even have video chat discussions with certain officials back in China. Ye Wenxuan listened in from the side a few times and found that they casually and calmly decided the futures of several political tycoons. He couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

These big men, without exception, had done some sort of private shady business with the Xing family.

Ye Wenxuan vaguely felt that something wasn’t right. He didn’t think that Xing Yuan would make such a big move, and later when he was reporting to Zheng Xingguo, he asked after some hesitation.

His boss just said: “Xing Yuan has been in contact with us since a long time ago. Most of those encrypted important confidential documents in the Special Affairs Department intelligence center are the blood and sweat of hidden spies. And of these, a part are from Xing Yuan.”

“The Xing family climbed too high and their ambition was too unrestrained. The list of officials who colluded with the Xing family, the length could be said to be extremely shocking.” Zheng Xingguo said: “And recently, they also started to get into contact with the arms and drugs business, hiding together with foreign terrorist forces.”

Ye Wenxuan’s throat moved: “These…wouldn’t have all been from Xing Yuan ba?”

Zheng Xingguo: “Some things don’t need Xing Yuan to open his mouth. We can find traces from their trail.”

“But isn’t he a member of the Xing family?” Ye Wenxuan couldn’t understand: “If he does this, isn’t he basically exterminating his own family?”

Zheng Xingguo scoffed slightly: “If the Xing family was really such a good place, how could a play like fratricide appear.”

Hearing this, Ye Wenxuan had nothing to say.

“On the surface, Xing Jianming supports his eldest son, but in reality, he also pampers his younger son. It’s impossible for him not to be aware of the hostility between the two sons. But right now he is still sitting in the Xing group’s city B president’s office, and has not questioned Xing Yuan’s death in the least, only expressing his sorrow to the media.”

Ye Wenxuan: “This Xing family…is really…”

He remembered that he had been to Xing Yuan’s home several times before. Xing father had always acted like a very cultured professor, always reading all kinds of books and would order the housekeeper to bring him a cup of coffee. And Xing Yi would always like to find him to chat. He smiled very gently, and even though he was disabled, you could tell that his enthusiasm for life had not been destroyed by the pain.

But now thinking about it, this young man…probably just wanted to get some information about Xing Yuan from him.

After this conversation, Ye Wenxuan’s mood was very complicated. When he faced Xing Yuan, he acted much differently from before. His eyes were more patient and probing, and his attitude was much more gentle.

This man…was really not the same as he had thought.

Two days later, the storm that devastated London finally dissipated. Xing Yuan followed several security guards to leave, returning to China on a special plane.

Before leaving, the two met up and had lunch alone.

There was no embassy staff around them. At the lunch table, Xing Yuan gave Ye Wenxuan a simple account of his matters.

“My mother suffered from depression. After the news was exposed that Xing Jianming had cheated on his second wife, she chose to cut her wrists in the bathtub at home and commit suicide.”

“Before it happened, she had come to my room and touched my head to say goodbye to me. And she warned me that when I grew up, I must stay far away from this unsentimental family.” Xing Yuan’s tone was very calm. He cut his steak while saying: “Later I grew up and found that everything she said was true. The Xing family was truly not a place for humans to stay.”

Ye Wenxuan’s chewing slowed: “At that time…how old were you?”

“Five years old ba, I don’t quite remember.” Xing Yuan was expressionless: “Put away that sympathy and maternal love that’s almost flooding out of your eyes. I don’t have a deep impression of my mother, I was too young then.”

“Alright.” Ye Wenxuan bowed his head to continue eating, while asking: “But your father is such a bastard. No wonder I haven’t found any information online about Xing Jianming’s wife. So right now is the one living at home your stepmother?”

“To be precise, it’s my second step-mother.” He smiled slightly: “My, Xing Yi, and Xing Peiwei’s mothers are all not the same person. How is it, stimulating?”

Ye Wenxuan drank a mouthful of water: “…Truly exciting.”

After the meal, Xing Yuan packed his bags. Ye Wenxuan and the ambassador accompanied him to the airport.

Under the escort of the guards, Xing Yuan walked to the gate and then suddenly turned around. He was wearing a long black windbreaker, only holding a carry-on bag. He stood in front of Ye Wenxuan and pursed his lips.

Stared at by the ambassador and a bunch of staff members, Ye Wenxuan was suddenly a little nervous: “Wh-What’s the matter?”

“There’s a sentence, that I’ve always wanted to say.” Xing Yuan bent down and whispered in his ear: “Thank you very much for coming to England with me.”

“I’ll be waiting for you in China.”

The hot breath blew on his ear. Ye Wenxuan subconsciously touched his hot earlobe and didn’t reply, just watching the other person board the plane with the crew, his mind messy.

Wh-Why did this feeling feel a little strange…

Until the plane took off, Ye Wenxuan was still touching his ear, feeling like the temperature on his earlobe had not gone down.

He couldn’t help but mutter: “F*ck…wait for me to go back, I’ll definitely pay you back for this!”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t go back together with Xing Yuan on the special plane because he still had another task to complete.

After sending away Xing Yuan, Ye Wenxuan hurried to a certain coffee shop in London. He met up with Adonis again according to their agreement.

This time Adonis didn’t bring Kathy along, coming by himself. This way it would be easier for him to escape.

Regarding this unfortunate supersonic superhuman, Ye Wenxuan had already reported his situation with the Special Affairs Department. Officials in several key departments of the department had sat down to discuss with Minister Rowan, and finally arrived at an agreement.

“My country can provide you and Kathy with some political asylum, but accordingly, we will need you to provide more comprehensive information about the SP Institute and detailed data on every other superhuman you have seen.”

“In addition, during the first two years, you will need to wear a monitoring bracelet. Your residence will be provided by us, and your daily activities will be subject to a certain degree of supervision. If you are found to have acted abnormally, our country will immediately deport you and conduct appropriate disciplinary action.”

“But accordingly, under the supervision of our personnel, you can return to normal life as quickly as possible. Kathy can go to school and study, and as long as you don’t reveal your identity, you can live a normal life. If there are some special emergencies, the Special Affairs Department and the military may recruit you as ‘external staff’ to participate in the operation. But for these we can discuss them further later.”

Ye Wenxuan held his phone and read the contents, and then looked up at the person opposite him: “These are the conditions and rights, can you accept them?”

Adonis listened carefully and only asked one question: “Your country doesn’t require me to cooperate with relevant research experiments?”

“The document I received doesn’t have this condition.” Ye Wenxuan unconsciously touched his own hair: “This was also one of the reasons why I chose to actively join my country’s government agency. They think that my achievements in power supply are much more realistic than some cranial surgery experiment.”

“…” Adonis was choked and reluctantly said: “That sounds quite good.”

But when he said this his expression was somewhat difficult, sounding very insincere.

“But…I really didn’t think…that you were actually a Chinese person.” He looked at Ye Wenxuan who had removed his disguise, the vigilance in his eyes lessening quite a bit: “The mysterious Eastern country, I have always wanted to go there since I was young.”

“Then, your decision is…?”

“Kathy said that you are safe.” Adonis took a deep breath and slowly extended a hand: “I trust her. So, I want to trust you once.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him and also reached out his hand, shaking the hand of the superhuman across from him: “Welcome.”

Successfully accepting two superhumans with extraordinary abilities, Ye Wenxuan was in a good mood. He discussed with Adonis the matter of going to China and said that if he and Kathy were ready, they could directly go to the airport tomorrow to leave with him.

The special plane prepared by the Special Affairs Department for Ye Wenxuan would take off tomorrow morning. Adonis and Kathy could use their abilities to avoid the others and secretly follow Ye Wenxuan on this flight back to China.

Adonis didn’t think much, directly nodding in agreement.

“For me and Kathy, it’s definitely that the sooner we can get out of here, the better.”

As he left, he said bluntly: “We are currently in a very difficult situation. The biggest reason is that ‘spies’ have infiltrated everywhere, and some of them don’t even know what kind of institution they are working for, but they still report to certain people what they see and hear. But this brings us disaster.”

Adonis: “So, you must also be careful.”

Ye Wenxuan solemnly said: “I will.”

Having completed the task assigned to him by the Special Affairs Department, Ye Wenxuan felt quite relaxed when he returned. He felt like the sky in London also cleared up quite a bit.

However, this good mood instantly disappeared once he stepped back into the embassy.

The ambassador to the United Kingdom especially waited for him in the office. When Ye Wenxuan was led in, the ambassador solemnly opened: “Xiao Ye…I’m afraid that I may have some extremely bad news to tell you.”

Several secretaries standing to the side also had very unpleasant expressions. The atmosphere in the office made Ye Wenxuan feel a little uneasy.

He involuntarily took back his smile: “Mr. Ambassador, what happened?”

“Just 15 minutes ago, we received a message from back home.”

“The plane that took off this afternoon from the London Heathrow Airport was originally supposed to land in city B. But one and a half hours after takeoff, it lost contact with the ground command center for unknown reasons.” The ambassador gravely said: “Preliminary judgment may have been because of weather, but…other man-made reasons aren’t excluded. Back home didn’t give us a clear message, perhaps it’s just a false alarm.”

A while after he finished speaking, Ye Wenxuan seemed to have just understood what he meant.

He was a little confused, uncertainly saying: “Are you saying that the plane is missing?”

Ambassador: “At the moment we are still looking for it…”

Before he finished speaking, a secretary came in from outside, knocking eagerly on the door: “Mr. Ambassador, I think you need to see this!”

“The news that has just been broadcast online was that an unidentified passenger plane has crashed in an African country. The exact casualties are unknown. Because it’s a war zone, where troops are exchanging fire, war correspondents there could only take a few very blurred photos. I…I looked at the plane in the photo…it seemed a lot like the one Mr. Xing was on…”

Ye Wenxuan’s breathing stopped.

“From here to China doesn’t need to go through Africa, maybe it just looks similar…” He struggled to say.

It’s not necessarily that plane, the information about that special plane was very secret. Besides the military back home, the Special Affairs Department, the British embassy, and several high-level officials at the airport, no one knew that Xing Yuan would return home today.

But inexplicably, he remembered the warning that the other person gave him when he met with Adonis this afternoon.

——Many ‘spies’ have infiltrated all walks of life. Some of them don’t even know what kind of institution they are working for, only reporting to certain people what they see and hear. But this has brought us disaster.

After waiting for over an hour, information came from back home confirming that Xing Yuan’s plane had indeed crashed. But staff over there also said that there seemed to still be people alive on board.

Even though no one responded to the call that the ground command center sent out, about an hour after the internet boiled over about the crash, the Chinese capital received an encrypted message from the plane’s communication device.

[There’s a spy. Don’t send people to rescue.]

This information was sent to several insiders. Ye Wenxuan only found out indirectly from Zheng Xingguo’s call.

“The flight to pick you up tomorrow morning has been temporarily cancelled. Please do not trust anyone around you, as appropriate, until the spy has been investigated.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Including the colleagues from the Special Affairs Department?”

Zheng Xingguo was silent for a moment, and then replied: “Probably including my orders.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I understand.”

He sat in front of the computer, the screen still showing that encrypted message.

That sentence Xing Yuan left behind before leaving seemed to linger in his ears, and then not a few hours later…

The changes came too suddenly, making everyone unable to react.

“Who was it who leaked the information.” He looked at the message and muttered to himself: “Xing Yuan…are you still alive…”

“The plane…where’s the crash site?”

“Wenxuan, this incident has already escalated. The progress of the case can’t be disclosed to unrelated personnel. You should be very clear about this procedure.”

Ye Wenxuan took a deep breath: “What…unrelated personnel…deputy leader, I protected him this whole way.”

Zheng Xingguo didn’t speak.

“If I join this case, would I be able to know the crash site?” Ye Wenxuan seized the chance to chase: “Deputy captain, right now there’s some news online, if I check carefully…”

Zheng Xingguo sighed and interrupted him: “The machine that sent the encrypted message was the fixed communication device on the plane. The coordinates have already been tracked.”

“The crash site is in South Sudan, near Eastern Equatoria.”

Ye Wenxuan closed his mouth. He lowered his eyes, an orb of dark thunder appearing in his palm.

As soon as it appeared, the communication equipment had some problems, and the computer screen flickered. The phone that was still connected to the call started buzzing and crackling frequently.

Ye Wenxuan looked at the deadly weapon in his hand, and after a long time, slowly spoke.

“Counter-terrorism operations team member Ye Wenxuan, code name Mage, applies to travel to South Sudan to help find the plane that crashed and possible survivors. Hope that…deputy captain can approve it.”

## raised a good FLAG ##

Xing Yuan: “When we go back we will get married.”

Then the plane fell down.

Ye Wenxuan: “What to do, I actually don’t feel surprised at all.”

Translator Notes:

[1] exterminating his own family – 大义灭亲, idiom, means to place righteousness before family
[2] hostility – 剑拔弩张, idiom, literally means swords drawn and bows bent
[3] insincere – 言不由衷, idiom, means to say something but mean something different
[4] raised a good FLAG – 竖得一手好FLAG, a pretty common saying, basically a jinx or something, where you say something and it happens later

Random Notes:

About 1.5 hours: 11:30 am – 1 pm, for 4.6k characters to 2.6k words.

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