100kV Chapter 50

Chapter 50
Going to London

He Needed To Change

Ye Wenxuan never put away that pen in his hand. He would sometimes tap the tip of his pen on the window, and that light “dong dong” sound was like it was connected to the roaring of the thunder outside. Often, when there was a tap of the pen here, outside there would be a rumble of thunder.

The creator was indifferent, slowly knocking to a beat.

With every knock, Xia Yanbin, who was responsible for driving, couldn’t help but hold his breath. And when the rumble of thunder quieted, he would gradually let out the breath.

“This really is…terrifyingly handsome…” His gaze fell on the road in front of them, but his attention had long been distracted, only muttering: “Seeing is believing. If I didn’t personally witness it, even if you beat me to death I still wouldn’t believe that someone could actually call the lightning.”

Those thugs had long been electrocuted into dregs. Since then, they encountered three more waves of failed attacks.

Because of the heavy rain, methods like laying mines and long range sniping couldn’t be implemented, but that group of people who came close to Ye Wenxuan suffered a miserable death. The Brotherhood was at wits’ end, and could only watch as Xia Yanbin’s motorcade bumpily but steadily made its way toward London in the wind and rain.

At this time, because of the information the embassy sent to the police at Scotland Yard, the Brotherhood’s involvement in carrying out terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom was confirmed, and it was no longer possible for them to act as rampantly as they did before.

Contrary to Xia Yanbin’s excitement, Ye Wenxuan frowned the entire time.

His attention was split, dealing with the men blocking the road while still thinking about the information provided by another superhuman back in the small town of Cantel.

If those people are sharp enough, they will always be able to find me eventually. Ye Wenxuan looked up at the rolling thunderclouds in the sky, thinking.

Once he used his ability, besides the painless static electricity traps, all of them involved the imposing sounds of thunder. It was impossible for him to hide his identity.

Then, rather than hesitating and hiding, it was better to just use his power in an open and aboveboard manner.

After the initial excitement and fear from getting his superpowers, his experience joining the Special Affairs Department had given him a preliminary idea of how to move forward. Being surrounded by companions who struggled for the country gave him a sense of mission and honor. And at the same time, suppressed those restless kinds of thoughts to the bottom of his mind.

But they didn’t disappear, only being pushed to the side because of his restraint and control.

When he was dispatched to follow Xing Yuan to England, he began to use his ability frequently. That kind of pleasure of being able to control the force of nature made him immersed in it, almost causing him to lose himself in his power.

Ye Wenxuan had subconsciously felt that his recent state of mind was not quite right. This may be related to his own lightning attributes, or may be because this was his first mission, and he unconsciously felt some anxiety and uneasiness.

It was not until Adonis brought him information of the SP Institute that he finally woke up.

“I lost myself in my power.” He said in his heart.

“I have powers that transcend that of ordinary people. I can control their lives, I can decide whether it’s clear or gloomy in the sky above their heads. So I began to be complacent, looking down on ordinary people, belittling my opponents, and treating my companions…very impatiently.”

“There was nothing wrong with what Xing Yuan said at that time. That overwhelming power obscured my sight and began to fill me with self-confidence and arrogance, over-inflating my ego. If I continued to be so reckless…” Ye Wenxuan reflected, spinning the pen in his fingers and in the end, placing the tip of the pen against the glass.

Outside the window, a snake-like bolt of lightning slashed across the night sky, illuminating the side of his face.

“Maybe…I should make some changes…” He muttered to himself, watching the sheets of rain pouring down outside.

In the RV, Zhang Mingjie huddled in a corner, frightened by the pounding of the rain on the roof.

Xing Yuan opened the window, his eyes roving over the sky filled with thunderclouds.

“Hm…” He squinted, sizing up the sky while facing the wind: “Is…it my illusion. The sound of lightning is getting louder and louder.”

Zhang Mingjie shivered, hugging a pillow: “My god, this thunder is horrifying…what did you just say?”

Xing Yuan: “Nothing.”

Heavy rain blanketed the entirety of England for a whole day and a half. The flooding water the motorcade passed through had already reached halfway up the wheels. When they reached London, the storm still had not ceased.

“This rare thunderstorm has caused the London Underground to completely shut down. Most traffic has been disrupted, and the number of facility breakdowns in the city caused by the rain is continuing to increase…In addition, six sets of navigation communications equipment in Heathrow Airport have been damaged by lightning, and all flights in and out of the airport have been suspended…”

The signal of the radio in the car was finicky, and Xia Yanbin would reach out to adjust it every now and then. Ye Wenxuan rolled the window down a little, feeling the wind and rain whistling outside the window.

“You dare to turn on the radio during a thunderstorm, are you not afraid of being struck by lighting.”

Xia Yanbin was completely unconcerned: “What would I be afraid of. You’re sitting right there in the passenger seat, would I still be struck to death by lightning?”

“Oh, I say, Little Sister ah.” Ye Wenxuan looked at him, and suddenly became spirited: “Speaking of which, I have seen you twice in London previously.”

“Oh?” Xia Yanbin held the steering wheel, glancing sideways at him: “I heard that you were originally undercover near the mission target to protect him. People like us are more special, and I was also not in a position to ask Pipilu about you. When there is no task, we don’t have much to do with each other, there’s nothing wrong.”

After that, he said quite narcissistically: “But it’s not strange for you to have seen me, lao zi is so famous, very few people don’t know me.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan now discovered that this superstar Xia Yanbin was a narcissist. He raised a corner of his mouth: “Huaxia Hotel 29th floor, I went to scout the terrain, and heard your affectionate confession to Xing Yuan.”

Xia Yanbin started coughing violently. His hand slipped, and the RV swerved in an ’S’ shape on the highway.

Ye Wenxuan: “The next afternoon, that hesitating look in the revolving restaurant, hehe, it even got on the headlines.”

Xia Yanbin: “…”

“Not…that…” He raised a hand and furiously wiped his face, drily saying: “I was also just doing it for the mission, I am innocent! Speaking of which, damn…lao zi lowered myself to play as his wife, and Xing Yuan that bastard actually didn’t even look at me, and even had his assistant pull me onto the blacklist, telling the boss of my company that I was sexually harassing him! F*k, lao zi likes beauties with chests flat as an airport, if Pipilu didn’t stop me, lao zi would have spit on him!”

The more he spoke the angrier he got. In the end he fiercely slapped the steering wheel, the car horn blaring loudly.

Ye Wenxuan: “Hey…calm down!”

This sound made the others who had finally relaxed their spirits suddenly become tense again, thinking that they had encountered another “anti-fan” attack. Even Xing Yuan in the RV couldn’t help but raise his pistol, looking outside the window for a long time.

It turned out to be a false alarm.


It was already early morning the next day when they arrived in London. Xia Yanbin let his manager call the drivers behind him, and the convoy full of staff started driving slowly toward the hotel. The RV turned a corner and drove slowly in another direction.

As mentioned in the broadcast, the streets in London were filled with water. The water covered their feet, and above their heads lightning was still flashing. All the residents were basically huddled at home, waiting for the storm to leave.

After passing through a certain intersection, several black cars slowly followed them, surrounding the RV in the middle.

During their journey Ye Wenxuan swapped seats with Zhang Mingjie, going back into the RV cabin to help Xing Yuan untie his bandages and change his medicine. Then the two men sat together, chatting intermittently until they were surrounded by the cars, and Xing Yuan immediately sat up straight.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Wenxuan also gathered to the window and looked outside: “It’s alright, it’s the people from our embassy.”

Xing Yuan swept his sharp gaze across the cars: “I hope that there are no ‘traitors’ inside.”

“Your mind is too heavy, it’s too tiring to always doubt everyone.” Ye Wenxuan shook his head. He slipped the pen he kept playing with in his hand into the pocket of Xing Yuan’s coat, smiling: “Here, I’ll give you a secret weapon.”

Xing Yuan looked down: “You finally abandoned your super electric stick?”

“No~no~no~” Ye Wenxuan shook his finger: “Given your majesty’s insecurity, I’ll just bear the pain and give it to you. You can use it to defend yourself in a key moment.”

Xing Yuan pulled the pen out of his pocket: “When I’m caught, I’ll use it to write ‘surrender’ on a white flag?”

Ye Wenxuan looked at his movements, a smile constantly playing on his lips: “Believe me, it is a true ‘super electric stick’. When you encounter an attack, take off the cap, poke the other person with the tip of the pen, and maybe it can save your life.” After that, he added: “But be careful not to poke the pen at your own people. This thing discriminates against neither friend nor foe, and has no on/off button. It electrocutes whoever it touches.”

Xing Yuan paused his move to take off the pen cap: “I thought the pen was just a smokescreen, aren’t you the one actually generating electricity?”

Ye Wenxuan snapped his fingers: “I just tried out the ability to save a large amount of electricity into a small object.”

“But it’s impossible for a pen to really be an electric stick.” Xing Yuan frowned and looked down at it: “Sending this to people is too risky.”

“Okay, if you don’t want it, you can give it back to me.” Ye Wenxuan shrugged: “I haven’t given this to anyone else, I only gave one to you.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Do you want it or not?”

In the end Xing Yuan still held on to that pen and didn’t return it to Ye Wenxuan.


Ye Wenxuan: “What’s up?”

Xing Yuan stared at him, probing: “You…seem to have changed.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked.

He waited for Xing Yuan to continue, but who knew that this guy actually just stopped talking, instead carefully observing the pen in his hand.

After waiting for half a day, Ye Wenxuan couldn’t help poking him: “Why did you just stop halfway, where did I change?”

Xing Yuan looked at him and smiled.

Not that kind of cold smile, mocking smile, or sneer that he showed before. This slight smile seemed to have more warmth.

“Much calmer and steadier.” He tapped the tip of the pen between Ye Wenxuan’s eyebrows and smiled: “Your temper isn’t as heavy as before, but you’re still a little fierce.”

Ye Wenxuan stared at him: “…Is that a compliment?”

Xing Yuan: “Just take it as me praising you ba.”

“Alright then.” He scratched his face, and somewhat awkwardly said: “That…I feel like you also…”

Before he finished speaking, the RV suddenly braked.

They arrived.

Xing Yuan: “What do you feel?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I…”

Xia Yanbin patted the door from outside: “Hello, hello, are you guys busy? I’m going to open the door, I’m really gonna open the door, has everyone put their clothes back on?”

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan covered his face, powerless: “Nothing…let’s get off…”

Their destination was indeed the embassy.

Those cars accompanying them all stopped at the side. When Ye Wenxuan came out, he saw a team of uniformed Chinese men getting down from the cars.

“They’re the secret guards in the embassy.” Xing Yuan followed him out the car, whispering: “It seems like someone at the embassy told them to escort us into the city.”

When they arrived at the embassy, the storm was still raging. Staff members ran out of the building, handing out umbrellas for them.

“Thank you.” Xia Yanbin avoided that person and secretly asked Ye Wenxuan: “Great sage, when are you preparing to take back your magic?”

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his temple and said tiredly: “I also want to end it earlier, but if the rain stops right when we arrive in London, I’m afraid that some careful people would guess that it was caused by a superhuman. This rain…will continue for two days ba.”

Xia Yanbin smoothly said: “Understood. This is just England encountering a rarely seen once-in-a-century thunderstorm. This has not a dime of relationship with our people, I know this business very well.”

Xing Yuan rubbed his ears next to them, pretending he didn’t hear anything.

The meeting with the ambassador and several consulate officials in England went very smoothly because of the prior care from the Special Affairs Department.

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan sat face to face with those people on the couches in the meeting room. Hiding the part about superpowers, Ye Wenxuan reported everything he saw while on the road to the ambassador, and then automatically moved back slightly. He nestled back on the sofa and began to act as a part of the scenery.

Xing boss next to him took up the conversation and began to talk.

The ambassador to the United Kingdom talked with Xing Yuan for over two hours, giving Ye Wenxuan a headache from all their talk. He hadn’t slept well for the past few days, and had also released his powers on a wide scale. He had long been completely exhausted.

In his ears he could hear those people discussing the connections between the Xing family and a few senior government officials. Ye Wenxuan’s sleepiness erupted, the words afterward becoming more and more blurry.

After a moment, he finally closed his eyes and fell asleep on Xing Yuan’s shoulder.

The several people talking stopped.

A staff member in the consulate moved: “I’ll bring this gentleman to rest in a room.”

“No need.” Xing Yuan restrained his own movement and lowered his voice: “These days everyone’s nerves were very tense, and we could only relax after we got here. Let him sleep a little longer.”

After he said that, he turned to look at the ambassador: “My apologies, I know this is a bit of a gaffe…”

The ambassador smiled slightly and waved his hand: “It’s nothing, he’s very good.”

After this little episode, the crowd all shared a little chuckle and no longer looked at the young man laying on a certain person’s shoulder, beginning the second round of talks again.

## from this point forward, change myself ##

Ye Wenxuan: “I am too irritable, this is not good, this is not good…”

Xing Yuan: “So what?”

Ye Wenxuan: “I need to cultivate my body and mentality. To be a good person, it is best to be calmer.”

Little bandit: “Let’s go guys, catch that surnamed Xing, and directly kill the other trash!”

After a bolt of lightning, all of the little bandits were immediately blasted to coke.

Ye Wenxuan doing some tai chi: “Trash or what…I’m not angry…I am very calm…”

Xing Yuan: “…With all due respect, I really can’t tell.”

Translator Notes:

[1] seeing is believing – 百闻不如一见, idiom, means seeing it once is better than hearing it a hundred times
[2] at wits’ end – 捉襟见肘, idiom, literally means pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows, means unable to make ends meet
[3] lost myself in my power – 得意忘形, means so pleased as to lose one’s sense of measure
[4] completely unconcerned – 满不在乎, idiom, means couldn’t care less, unperturbed

Random Notes:

About 1.5 hours: 10:30 am – 12 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.7k words.

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