100kV Chapter 49

Chapter 49
Going to London

Traveling in the Wind and Rain

Ye Wenxuan smoothly took his phone back and smiled with a “hehe”: “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to a meetup.”

But when they really reached their destination, Ye Wenxuan realized that the situation was a little different from what he had expected.

There were way too many people in the Cantel Fifth Square.

“There’s going to be an outdoor concert here.” Xing Yuan took a flyer from someone handing them out and read.

Ye Wenxuan suddenly understood: “No wonder I felt that there were a surprising number of cars going to Cantel yesterday.” With that, he edged closer to Xing Yuan: “Rock and roll? Which band…”

Xing Yuan’s expression was a little strange: “Xia Yanbin.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan immediately remembered that time he caught the two men having a private conversation at the hotel, and his expression instantly turned gossipy: “Oh oh oh, that Xia Yanbin ah…”

“…What kind of expression is that.” Xing Yuan threw the flyer into the trash, his expression dark. “I remember that I told you there is not the least bit of relationship between me and him.”

“Well, I didn’t say anything. Don’t be in a hurry to explain yourself.” Ye Wenxuan watched his actions and rubbed his chin: “What’s this called, some people are destined to meet?”

Xing Yuan: “You can shut your mouth now.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Don’t be like this ma, it’s fate!”

So when they arrived at the designated location and saw Xia Yanbin walk down from the RV, the scene became very awkward for a moment.

Ye Wenxuan pointed at the other person, completely flabbergasted: “Xia…Xia Xia Xia…”

“Mage?” Xia Yanbin looked at them: “These disguises are actually not bad, I couldn’t recognize you guys at first glance.”

Xing Yuan confirmed in Ye Wenxuan’s place: “Little sister?”

“Come in to talk.” Xia Yanbin looked around alertly. He moved to the side to let the two people in and closed the door before taking off his sunglasses: “You finally arrived. Make yourselves comfortable, in half an hour I will be holding a concert, and we can leave afterward.”

“No, you wait a minute…” Ye Wenxuan asked in confusion: “I want to confirm again, what’s your code name?”

Xia Yanbin: “Little sister ah.”

“A name as cute as Little Sister, how could it not be a girl?!”

“Who told you the code name has to match the person himself.” Xia Yanbin said matter-of-factly: “Plus, with a name as cute as Little Sister, of course it must be a boy.”

Ye Wenxuan’s expression right now was very similar to Xing Yuan’s expression earlier.

I never thought that you were actually this kind of rock star!

Xia Yanbin: “Stay here. I told my manager that you are my fanclub heads here in the UK. He doesn’t know that I work for the Special Affairs Department, don’t expose me.”

He left right after he finished speaking, leaving behind two people showing different facial expressions but both cursing mentally.

After a while, Xing Yuan asked: “What’s a fanclub head.”

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his face hard: “The fanclub’s leader.”

Xing Yuan scoffed: “Being a fanclub head for him, truly too demeaning.”

Outside the RV, the crowd’s cheering became louder and louder. The music gradually built up, and a clear, penetrating voice started howling with the drumbeat.

After the initial shock, Ye Wenxuan finally stopped being conflicted about the difference between the code name and the real person, turning to observe the interior of the RV.

This rock emperor really was quite luxurious.

Before long, Xia Yanbin’s manager opened the door.

This manager had seen Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan previously but hadn’t come into contact with them. And these two people now had some simple disguises on their faces, so he didn’t discover that in this car was the former Xing group president who had dominated headlines around the world for a full three days.

“Hello, I am Xia Yanbin’s manager Zhang Mingjie. You can call me Jie ge or Ah-Jie, either works.” Zhang Mingjie pushed up his glasses and handled the document in his hands to the two: “This is the propaganda plan for Xia Yanbin’s trip this time to the UK. You can take it back to read it over, and then publicize accordingly.”

When he wasn’t paying attention, Xing Yuan removed his hand from the handle of the gun hidden under his clothes and Ye Wenxuan silently waved away the ball of lightning in his hand. The two pretended to calmly take those papers, as if their guarded state before completely didn’t exist.

While rock music blasted outside, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan pretended to look through the thick publicity plan, and Ye Wenxuan fully expressed his worship for the rock emperor. Xing Yuan couldn’t bring himself to pretend this way, so he just started discussing with Zhang Mingjie how to best commercially package stars, as well as various means of marketing.

Zhang Mingjie was uninterested at first, but very quickly crowded Ye Wenxuan to the side, himself sitting with Xing Yuan on a sofa. As he spoke, his hands waved passionately.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He was a little speechless and simply decided to greet the two and get out of the RV, diving into the crowd and watching the singer on the stage wantonly jump around.

The rock emperor Xia Yanbin turned out to be his colleague “Little Sister.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…This sour happiness.”


Over four hours later, Xia Yanbin’s concert in Cantel ended. Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan mingled into their staff team, following them back to London overnight.

But Laura’s power here, as expected, wasn’t small.

Less than an hour after the motorcade left Cantel, they began to encounter the first wave of attacks from unknown perpetrators.

At this time Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan were still mingling on the staff bus. Their motorcade wasn’t very low-key on the road, and when bullets shot from over 100 meters away burst the tires of several cars in succession, the two men immediately became alert.

“What’s going on, seems like a flat tire.”

“Oh, this hateful prank…”

The band members and dancers in their bus were quietly muttering to each other. Ye Wenxuan sat next to the window, and looking cautiously everywhere outside the window, he whispered to Xing Yuan: “Not only us, several other personal vehicles also had their tires shot.”

The driver opened the door and went down to check it out. Xing Yuan leaned over and looked out Ye Wenxuan’s window: “That car to the right behind, the man and woman who came down aren’t weak.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I thought they were just a normal couple.”

But after all he had received some special training, and after a couple glances he also identified the difference. Then his nerves immediately became tense.

“One group is blocking the road, and the other group has mixed in as ordinary people.” He frowned and pondered: “But how did they find us?”

Xing Yuan: “Get off first.”

With a ding, Ye Wenxuan’s phone vibrated. He took it out and glanced at it, and found that it was a message from Xia Yanbin, who was in the RV in front of them.

Little sister: [I’ve been exposed.]

“It’s Little Sister.” Ye Wenxuan vaguely said: “They investigated him.”

The two mixed into the staff group getting off the bus, and Ye Wenxuan saw the door of the RV open and Zhang Mingjie jump out. He immediately went forward: “Where’s Xia Yanbin?”

“Eh? In the car.” Zhang Mingjie was confused and apparently didn’t know why he asked this.

Ye Wenxuan: “I’ll go check on him.” And immediately ran off.

Because of his injury, Xing Yuan couldn’t run, so he just stayed back to talk to Zhang Mingjie: “Xiao Zhang, we’ll trouble you to call the nearest police station and tell them that we encountered some terrorists.”

Zhang Mingjie: “…Hah?”

Xing Yuan changed his method of attack: “Xia Yanbin’s anti-fans in England are planning to kidnap him and indecently assault him, we’ll trouble you to report to the police.”

Once he heard that there were “anti-fans”, Zhang Mingjie didn’t stop to think, immediately pulling out his phone.

In the RV, the Xia Yanbin who was about to encounter an “anti-fan” attack, was speaking with Ye Wenxuan: “This is very easy to guess. I’ve been active all the time in London lately, and then suddenly ran to Cantel. Plus, my identity is sensitive, they will definitely guess that you would hide with me.”

As he spoke he pulled out a case from beside his feet. After opening it, he pulled out some guns and placed them on the table: “But to find the correct people from that group of staff of mine, how could we not let them waste a bit of effort.”

Ye Wenxuan picked up a gun and looked at it: “Are you preparing for a gunfight?”

“The guns are just as a backup.” Xia Yanbin’s eyes were a little bright: “I have long wanted to see Mage’s skill.”

The two men smiled tacitly.

Zhang Mingjie just happened to come back in, and seeing the two people fiddling with a table of weapons, he was dumbstruck: “You you you…where did you get so many guns?!”

Xing Yuan followed behind him and caught the pistol Xia Yanbin threw over.

Xia Yanbin: “For the bigshot to protect himself.”

Zhang Mingjie: “Don’t pretend to be deaf! What are all these…bb guns?”

Xing Yuan: “Any sniper rifles? Give me one.”

Xia Yanbin: “No need, your Mage will make a big move later.”

Zhang Mingjie collapsed: “Bin Bin! You are a public figure, even if there are anti-fans wanting to disrespect you, you still can’t blatantly pull out guns ah! So how did you get this box of weapons through security?!”

Xia Yanbin was confused: “Anti-fans?”

“I told him that those bandits outside are your anti-fans.” Xing Yuan took the gun apart to take a look, and then looked up: “I hear gunshots, they came.”

“I’ll go to the passenger seat. The line of sight there is a little wider, makes it easier for me to act.” Before he even finished speaking, Ye Wenxuan had already first jumped out the door.

Xia Yanbin followed right behind wearing a mask and a cap. Carrying two guns, he patted his manager: “Xiao Jie Jie, just obediently stay here. I will go cameo as a driver.”

Zhang Mingjie was in a flurry: “Don’t call me xiao Jie Jie…no, wait, what are you guys doing…I’m a little confused…”

The other man who had been left in the car, Xing Yuan, pulled open a small window on the wall, slightly tilting his head to observe the situation outside.

“No headset.” He disgruntledly covered his left shoulder, where there was still some slight twinges of pain.

After 10 pm, the sky became darker and darker, and while everyone was unaware, storm clouds slowly gathered.

Xia Yanbin’s motorcade was forced to stop in a very subtle location. On both sides were fields, in the northeast were some hidden mountains. There were no villages nearby, and once the sun set it appeared particularly desolate. In the moonless night, a street lamp every few tens of meters on both sides of the road was the only source of light.

At this point, a group of jeeps quietly lined up across the road on the east and west side, blocking off a few dozen cars in the middle. Much like bandits preparing to rob on the road.

In addition to the rock emperor’s motorcade, there were several personal vehicles that were forced to stop. A group of people stood outside, nervously gathering together to ask about the situation.

Xia Yanbin’s RV stopped in front of the bus. He chased the driver out, telling him to go to the bus, then pulled Ye Wenxuan to sit in the cab. He pulled out a telescope from under the seat and handed it to him: “All my people are now back in the cars. Out of the remaining people, probably 80% of them are fake passersby. Do they really think I’m blind.”

Ye Wenxuan took the telescope: “So we have been surrounded.”

“I heard that Pipilu permitted you to use your abilities on a large scale.” Xia Yanbin said: “A lot of our colleagues at the ministry must have encountered some unknown resistance, or Pipilu wouldn’t be so violent.”

“Yes.” Ye Wenxuan remembered the superhuman he met earlier and somewhat vaguely said: “I will need to go back and ask Pipilu some more about my ability. In short, this trip abroad has really refreshed my worldview.”

The members of the Brotherhood who blocked the road in front of them fired their guns into the air, signaling for all the people in the cars to come out.

Because of Xia Yanbin’s command, all of the people in his motorcade didn’t move. Only those personal vehicle owners got out of their cars and raised their hands, very cooperative.

“Didn’t you hear me? Everyone get out for lao zi!” The leader patted the car in front, hooking his finger behind him: “Those five, if you don’t move, my men will come help you.”

Behind him, team members jumped out of the car one by one.

Once this group of people appeared, Xia Yanbin and Ye Wenxuan could tell something was up. The former realized with an “oh”: “High voltage insulating clothing? They came prepared ah.” As he spoke he patted the colleague next to him: “Mage, they’re all insulated, can you still do it?”

Ye Wenxuan blinked: “I’ll try.”

Then he pulled out that pen he used before, tapped one end of the pen on the window, and casually asked the driver: “Do you feel like ‘demacia’ or ‘god of thunder give me power’ is more handsome?”

Xia Yanbin: “Both are…” horrible.

His ridicule hadn’t left his lips when the rest of his words were jammed in his throat by a thunderbolt.

With a huge roar, a thunderstorm poured down.

Everyone standing outside was instantly soaked. That little captain jumped in shock, not even noticing the cigar in his mouth falling the ground: “Thunder…sh*t, this won’t be that mystery weapon f*cking with us, would it?”

“Boss, can the insulated clothes…block lightning…”

“You actually think that they can call lightning ah, go grab the people!”


But they very quickly discovered, this group of people really could attract lightning, and using those insulated clothing to ward off lightning, was really f*cking useless.

On the remote roads on this rainy night, thunder masked the sound of gunfire. Those vicious bandits couldn’t even reach their target’s face, already laid out over the ground silently.

Some Chinese people wearing raincoats got off the cars and changed their tires, and under the shocked gazes of those private vehicle owners around them, they slowly set off.

The heavy rain gradually spread from the suburbs of Cantel to London.

On this day, almost half of Great Britain was covered in rain. Thunder roared within the rolling black clouds, so loud that even towns in France across the channel could hear it.

## from disdain to worship takes only a single lightning bolt ##

Ye Wenxuan raised his pen up high: “God—of—Thunder—give—me—power—”

Xia Yanbin: “Wow, so delusional…” so horrible oh.

A lightning bolt struck, killing all the bandits.

Xia Yanbin: “So…so handsome! So awesome! Mage da da, I want to give birth to a monkey for you! I want to crazily cheer for you!”

Translator Notes:

[1] meetup – 面基, commonly referring to internet friends e.g. gamers meeting up offline, in this case since ye wenxuan and little sister only know each other through code names
[2] some people are destined to meet – 有缘千里来相会, idiom, means that there are some people fated to meet each other, no matter how far apart they are, usually to describe lovers
[3] matter-of-factly – 理所当然, idiom, means proper and expected as a matter of course
[4] cursing – 日了狗了, slang for goddamn it. literally means fucked a dog. apparently it’s just a euphemistic way of saying 被狗日了 (fucked by a dog), and the first dude to use 日了狗了 was trying to protect his male ego by saying he’s the one who initiated it and not the dog
[5] fanclub head – 粉头, the reason why xing yuan is confused is bc 粉头 is abbreviated from 粉丝团的头 (head of the fanclub), and the two characters together don’t really have any meaning in this context. there’s no good translation for it besides the literal one, so the meaning of his question is kind of lost in translation
[6] guarded state – 剑拔弩张, idiom, means a state of hostility, daggers drawn
[7] sour happiness – 酸爽, basically means that it’s so sour it’s good, enjoying something through the pain?
[8] horrible – 挫, i don’t really know what this means in this context, the meaning is like obstructed, failing, oppressive, or something
[9] disdain – 不屑一顾, idiom, means disdain something as beneath contempt
[10] worship – 趋之若鹜, idiom, means a mob scrambling madly for something unobtainable
[11] da da – 大大, hard to explain, basically like calling someone daddy, like in this case mage daddy
[12] cheer – 打CALL, apparently adapted from japanese, basically like fanatically cheering while waving lightsticks, think the commonly seen crazy fangirls at kpop concerts

Random Notes:

Almost two hours: 5 pm – 7 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.8k words.

This chapter actually took forever. There were a bunch of actual translator notes this time to explain some of the things that are lost in translation.

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