100kV Chapter 48

Chapter 48
Going to London
Rest in Cantel

“Xing Yuan.” Ye Wenxuan looked sideways at the man next to him: “Do you think…what he said was true?”

“It’s hard to say.” Xing Yuan unzipped his coat and looked down at his left shoulder: “You are the first superhuman I’ve seen. Just from our conversation earlier, organizing the information that they told us, there are probably a few distinct points.”

“First, there are other superhumans in this world. Second, besides the superhumans who have already been granted asylum in government agencies, there is still another group or several groups of powers who are secretly capturing people like you, and the purpose is obvious…probably wanting to dissect superhumans, find out how you mutated, and see if they can mass produce superhumans.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Please don’t use that casual tone to talk about cranial surgery, thank you.”

Xing Yuan: “Third, some of the persecuted superhumans have already fled, and during their escape, some of them may have been killed or injured. Fourth, some of you have entered this research organization, and even helped them catch you guys.”

“And fifth, the Brotherhood and Flyings Wolves who are chasing you have probably mixed in with them.” Ye Wenxuan muttered, turning to go help him: “What’s the matter, does your wound hurt?”

Xing Yuan exhaled a breath: “It seems like it’s bleeding again.”

Ye Wenxuan untied the bandage and looked at it: “It’s okay, there’s not much blood. The medicine is all in the car, let’s also leave.”

When they went out Xing Yuan found that the rain outside had stopped but the sky was still clouded over. Ye Wenxuan put him in the wheelchair and pushed him forward: “Just now I took advantage of their shootout to release a bit of electricity, let’s go, go take a look.”

Xing Yuan was still thinking about what kind of concept “release a bit of electricity” was, and when they got to the hospital entrance and saw the “dead bodies” foaming at the mouth all over the ground, he suddenly had the absurd thought of “as expected”.

Seeing that he was constantly looking at the several uniformed unconscious men next to the police car, Ye Wenxuan touched his nose: “When I can’t see the target, my lightning will carry out an indiscriminate attack. But the good news is that they only passed out, they’ll wake up automatically after 20 minutes or so.”

Xing Yuan’s mouth twitched.

The big hospital building was silent, who knows where everyone had run off to. On the street in front of the building, there was already no one who could still stand up besides them. Ye Wenxuan looked around and tied all of the terrorists’ hands and feet together before dragging a smaller man back.

Xing Yuan pushed his wheelchair himself and looked down at the man: “Flying Wolf?”

“En.” Ye Wenxuan pulled out the pendant hanging around that guy’s neck and said: “They’re all Flying Wolves. That Brotherhood symbol that we saw in the staircase isn’t on any of them.”

“…They actually really withdrew.” Xing Yuan didn’t think that they would retreat so simply: “They may still be in the building. Mr. Bodyguard, have you seen that drone, it’s going to fly over.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t even lift his head. Thunder roared in the sky and heavy rain fell again. The drone couldn’t continue to operate, shaking and swerving around in the wind a few times, it finally quiveringly flew into the distance.

“That direction is…the highway to Cantel. They really withdrew.”

“Let’s go.” Xing Yuan grabbed the hand that Ye Wenxuan left on his wheelchair: “Be careful, see if we can follow behind them.” With that, he glanced at the man they were dragging behind them: “You want to bring him?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Maybe we can pry out some information from his mouth.”

Xing Yuan: “He doesn’t look like a little leader, I guess that he wouldn’t know much.”

After the two people tied up the captive and threw him into the back row, Ye Wenxuan was still driving. Xing Yuan handled his bleeding wound while being responsible for staying alert. They raced like the wind, and finally saw a few familiar jeeps in the horizon.

At this time, there was more traffic on the road, and when their SUV shuttled through the cars, it was not very obvious.

A few hours later, Ye Wenxuan followed behind the jeeps and slowly arrived in Cantel.

Before entering the city, Ye Wenxuan was first surprised by the nearby traffic.

“I remember that Cantel wasn’t as famous as Jaya ah, I didn’t expect that it would be so busy here.” He didn’t dare follow too closely and stopped in a very busy street. He watched the other side’s motorcade stop next to a villa while patting the steering wheel: “Are terrorists all so rich now, they even have a villa to live in when they go out?”

Xing Yuan looked around at the surrounding buildings and bowed his head to search on his phone for a bit: “That is the well-known wealthy lady Laura Tyrone’s property in England, it seems that she is also involved with the Brotherhood.”

“Oh, I know that lady.” Ye Wenxuan touched his chin: “Before when I was still working as a designer, my colleagues in the womenswear department would roast her everyday, saying that she would design her clothing styles herself, and her taste was very strange. The custom-made women’s clothing she required to be made was so ugly you couldn’t even look at it.”

After determining the other side’s destination, they found a nearby hotel. In the evening, when there were fewer people around, they brought the captive into the room.

During this period of time, Xing Yuan was constantly making calls with a bunch of different people. He didn’t avoid Ye Wenxuan, so the latter also randomly listened in, it was all discussing the situation and family affairs back home.

As he listened he pondered, this Xing boss seemed to have left himself a way out back at home. Now the two forces were competing with each other, and he was controlling it from afar in England. This rather had quite a feeling of hidden strategizing—if he didn’t look at his unfortunate appearance from his still unhealed injury.

Ye Wenxuan called the British Embassy and sent some messages to several Special Affairs colleagues, and finally felt much more relaxed. Sitting on the bed, he looked down at the Flying Wolf captive huddled on the ground. He simply rolled off the bed, took out that pen, and approached that man.

“It’s trial time. Mr. Prisoner, do you know the rules?” He deliberately deepened his voice: “No shouting or screaming, don’t try to lie, answer whatever I ask.”

That man hoarsely said: “Who are you?”

Because of Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan’s disguises, this person could not tell that they were the targets they were pursuing in this operation.

Ye Wenxuan used the pen to poke him, disgruntled: “I’m the one asking questions. What’s your name?”


“How many people did the Flying Wolves send out this time?”


The pen with a slight trace of electricity poked his shoulder, and Tony was suddenly electrocuted twice. Ye Wenxuan coldly said: “When I ask, you better take it seriously.”

There was a hint of horror in the captive’s eyes: “Electricity…it’s you…”

Ye Wenxuan electrocuted him again: “How many people came?”

“…” Tony’s entire body was twitching, and seeing that pen slowly moving toward his lower body, sweat covered his whole body. He wanted to scream, but Ye Wenxuan beat him to it: “If you dare to shout, I will let you taste the feeling of incontinence.”

Tony: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Are you able to chat with me now?”

“We…had 58 people.” Tony’s face was covered in sweat, his eyes staring unblinkingly at that pen.

“What about the Brotherhood?” Ye Wenxuan asked: “What task did the two teams have, why do you want to catch that Chinese and the blonde girl.”

“Bro…Brotherhood only brought ten or so…”

Once he started speaking, Tony’s performance was quite cooperative. He started lisping from the electrocution, and took half a day of trembling to get a little better.

“The employer in China said that they would take care of the bodyguards around the target, and the Xing group’s traveling team also had their men. We originally didn’t pay too much attention to it, but then the Brotherhood people said that there were people checking on them. When they found out they let us know, and only then did ten or so Brotherhood members come over.” Tony gasped: “Mr. Myers from the Brotherhood was sent over to solve the situation. They are very interested in the mission target and the employer.”

Xing Yuan, who was originally standing next to the window, finished his call. Hearing his words, he found a chair and sat down.

“They wanted to expand their business in China, where there are very few terrorist forces. They were thinking about infiltrating and wanted to choose the right person between the target and the employer.” Tony continued: “Mr. Myers is quite bullish on the employer, so he was constantly urging us to move faster, but…you guys…used those special weapons…” He had some fear in his eyes, mumbling: “30 or so of our teammates were electrocuted to death, and Mr. Myers also said, he wanted to catch you alive and seize your secret weapons.”

Xing Yuan glanced at the “secret weapon” crouching to the side. The latter was still holding that pen, casually spinning it around: “What about the little girl?”

“I don’t know…really, the order was made by Mr. Myers, we were just following his command, I…don’t electrocute me…”

Ye Wenxuan asked a few more questions and Tony stuttered out some answers. It was clear that he didn’t know many things.

Ye Wenxuan looked at Xing Yuan, and the latter made a “my turn” gesture. So he conveniently retreated, and when Xing Yuan finished questioning him, Ye Wenxuan tapped the pen on Tony’s body and the latter once again was electrocuted unconscious in fear.

“I contacted the embassy, they told me some bad news.” Ye Wenxuan waited for the captive to pass out and said: “Just last night, there was a terrorist attack in London. At least eight dignitaries were attacked, and several other guests who were going to the royal princess’s birthday dinner encountered various situations. This matter turned into a big deal, Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police all came out, and even mobilized many police resources in several nearby cities.”

Xing Yuan sharply replied: “So to say, the cities near London are lacking police manpower?”

“Bingo. Just now Tony also said, Myers had assured them that the Brotherhood would make some sort of mess in London.” Ye Wenxuan snapped his fingers: “This is probably the reason they dared to be so rampant.”

“The bad news from the embassy is that because London and the surrounding cities are under martial law, they won’t be able to come to Cantel to pick us up. But there is also good news, they will pass along the information about the Brotherhood and the Flying Wolves to the British police, presumably that group is also in a state of disarray…”

Just as he was speaking, there was a sudden knock on the door and Ye Wenxuan alertly swallowed the words he was about to say. He was about to get up when Xing Yuan waved: “It’s Cherno, I let him send something over.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Oh.” He had really forgotten about Cherno.

Cherno came to deliver a laptop as well as two portions of dinner.

He basically left right after putting the things down, and when he went out he even conveniently carried out the captive lying on the ground. Ye Wenxuan stared at the closed door for a long time until Xing Yuan placed the dinner in front of him: “What are you looking at, you finally were fascinated by my muscular bodyguard?”

“…” Ye Wenxuan showed an expression of losing his appetite and moved a chair over to the table. “I was just thinking, he carried the guy out just like that, not even afraid of being seen by passersby.”

During dinner, Xing Yuan finished setting up the new laptop, inserted the USB, and began to quickly browse through the contents inside.

Ye Wenxuan looked over and his eyes suddenly lit up: “Yo, crime evidence!”

Xing Yuan looked for a while and finally revealed a cold smile: “Sure enough, it’s him.”


The next day, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan woke up in the same bed. Their posture was somewhat strange, the two people were both pressing on the other’s vital point, it could be seen that they were sleeping very alertly.

Xing Yuan removed the gun in his hand pressed against the other’s temple and threw it on the bedside table, then looked down at the pen near his lower body, his expression inexplicable.

The culprit didn’t feel ashamed at all, cheekily pretending that nothing had happened. He slowly took away the “super electric stick” and yawned: “Morning, what time is it?”

“That’s how you greet your roommate?” Xing Yuan felt slightly better and sat up in bed, feeling cold sweat rolling down his spine: “Sleeping in a bed with you is truly taxing both mentally and physically.”

After washing up, Ye Wenxuan asked: “You smoothly got the USB, what are your following plans?”

“I was originally preparing to go see what the Brotherhood really wanted to do, but now that Cherno has already arrived, I’ll just leave it to him. Once the Brotherhood moves, we will know.”

Xing Yuan put away the USB that he was playing with and stood in front of the window to open the curtains slightly, looking toward the villa opposite them: “I’m guessing that they want to attract a group of wealthy capitalists, not neglecting money or connections. If this deal goes through, they could earn a lot.”

Ye Wenxuan was in the middle of a struggle with his hair. He roughly grabbed at it twice and then started tying it up, looking like a dog had messed with it. After tying it up, this guy once again picked up that blonde wig and tried to put it on over that mess of hair.

Xing Yuan really couldn’t watch any further, hooking two fingers toward him: “Come over, give me the wig.”

Ye Wenxuan readily followed: “That guy is called Myers right. When they came to Cantel, the first thing they want to do should be search for your whereabouts. Is that woman named Laura powerful?”

His left arm was injured, so Xing Yuan bit the hair tie and with one hand, smoothed out his hair. “Most of her assets are in Germany and Turkey, and a portion in Africa, but…in just a little Cantel, her influence alone is enough.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Understood, in a moment I’ll draw a few more strokes on my face. How about we try some African refugee makeup this time?”

Xing Yuan was too lazy to talk to him, pulling at his braid. Ye Wenxuan almost fell over, and finally no longer joked around.

Cherno sent information to Xing Yuan over the phone from time to time reporting on Myers and his subordinates’ movements. Ye Wenxuan witnessed the working state of professional bodyguards, and very wisely lazed around to the side.

Until Xing Yuan began to pack up, he languidly nestled in the sofa: “Are we leaving.”

“En.” The man closed the laptop: “In five days, with my men helping in the background, those jumping clowns should all be completely exposed.”

“Are you finally ready to reappear in public?”

“First go to London, I want to meet with the UK ambassador as soon as possible. If the meetup goes well, I will probably call for a press conference after returning home and make a public statement.” Xing Yuan said: “But it’s still a long way to London, even though I ordered Cherno to keep an eye on the Brotherhood, it’s hard to say what changes could occur on the road.”

Ye Wenxuan smiled: “Ah, for this, I happen to have some method.”

He turned his phone around to let Xing Yuan read the information on the screen.

Little sister: [How many did you electrocute to death?]

Mage: [Didn’t count, ten or so ba.]

Little sister: [Tch, too few.]

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan coughed drily: “Look below, the last few.”

Little sister: [I arrived in Cantel. If you are escaping, I can provide some assistance.]

Mage: [Time, place.]

Little sister: [10th at 4:30 pm, Fifth square, license plate number XXXX, report code name when arriving.]

the author has something to say: i want to quickly mention, ye xiao shou is equivalent to a nuclear power plant, he can generate electricity for five cities at the same time, but that can only last for a short period of time, it’s not that he’s the equivalent of five nuclear power plants, that would be too much ( ̄□ ̄;)

## harmo♂nious morning greetings ## 

Ye Wenxuan: “Do you know how it feels to wake up to a gun to your head?”

Xing Yuan: “Do you know how it feels to wake up to a pen that can generate electricity poking your d*ck?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wow, how stimulating!”

Xing Yuan: “F*ck off.”

Translator Notes:

[1] tied up – 五花大绑, very specific way of tying, tying together the two arms behind the back and ringing the rope around the neck
[2] Laura Tyrone – 萝拉·泰伦, pinyin luo la tai lun
[3] hidden strategizing – 运筹帷幄, idiom, literally means devising battle plans in a tent, probably referring to the literal meaning right here
[4] culprit – 始作俑者, idiom, means the originator of an evil practice
[5] readily followed – 从善如流, idiom, means readily following good advice, willing to accept other people’s views

Random Notes:

About 1.5 hours: 12:30 pm – 2 pm, for 4.6k characters to 2.9k words.

I love their interactions. It only gets better from here.

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