100kV Chapter 47

Chapter 47
Going to London
The Superhuman’s Information

The rain was getting stronger, and thunder rumbled.

Adonis seemed quite familiar with this place. He took the group around the back of the cafeteria, easily opening the lock on the back door, and then quietly broke in.

After entering Ye Wenxuan was still cautious, he held a bundle of lightning in his hand, squinting to look around.

It looked like a fruit and vegetable pantry.

“This is the fruit and vegetable warehouse behind the staff cafeteria. There’s a slightly smaller one next door, but there’s no back door.” Adonis sat down against the wall by the window. Shaking off the water on his body, he opened: “Very few people come here besides the delivery men and the cook. We can have a chat here first.”

“I’ll re-introduce myself, Adonis Barron, American, supersonic superhuman.” Adonis adjusted to give Kathy a more comfortable position to sleep. She had been carried over the whole way and still didn’t wake up, sleeping quite soundly.

Adonis thought for a bit, and first expressed his sincerity: “Adonis this name is one that I temporarily borrowed. Seeing that we’re still currently fugitives, it’s not convenient to disclose my real name.”

Ye Wenxuan let out a breath, he also didn’t want to really expose everything honestly to this unknown guy, so he said: “Real name is inconvenient to disclose, you can call me Tom Siris, my ability is controlling lightning.” After speaking, he pointed to Xing Yuan: “This is my brother, you can call him Jerry Siris, this guy doesn’t know how to do anything.”

In front of people Xing Yuan still had that cold icy appearance, he only glanced at Adonis: “Hello.”

Adonis didn’t care about his attitude, only saying: “Your ability…did you only recently get it, and you haven’t been discovered by others?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Why do you say that?”

Adonis raised a corner of his mouth and smiled: “Daring to use it so rampantly, I guess that it’s only this possibility.”

The two Chinese men exchanged glances. Xing Yuan asked: “Why?”

Adonis seemed to be mulling over his words. He looked out the window at the pouring rain, and slowly said: “In this world, there are always some…things that humans can’t explain happening beside them. I don’t know why the first superhuman appeared, but I met him once, and not long afterward, I heard that he had committed suicide.”

Ye Wenxuan blinked. For a moment, he couldn’t understand what he was trying to express.

Xing Yuan held down his restless hand and signaled for Ye Wenxuan to listen patiently.

“Every time a new superhuman appears, unless he does his best to hide it, he will definitely be found. If found, the best outcome would be to be incorporated into a department in the government, or to join a strong and reliable organization. Only then can you protect your personal safety. Even if you lose some freedom in the process, it’s harmless.” Adonis continued: “But if the government is extremely corrupt, or there are some other conspiracies, then you could only consider yourself unlucky.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Are there…a lot of superhumans in this world?”

Adonis: “As far as I’ve seen, there’s probably six or seven.”

“Then, Kathy?” Xing Yuan pointed to the girl in his arms: “Those guys in the hospital were looking for her, and when we were sending her back, she made some extraordinary predictions.”

Adonis looked at him: “You’re not mistaken. Kathy is also a superhuman.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Predictive ability?”

“It’s just a short-term prediction. She’s too young, and also chronically malnourished, her ability is weak.” Adonis gently touched the girl’s hair: “Two years ago, her father was in a car accident. At that time Kathy was in the car. This car accident took away her father’s life, but also gave her the ability to predict danger.”

Ye Wenxuan thought of him only being viciously split by thunder. Previously he had felt that he was very unlucky, but now he suddenly felt fortunate.

“Wait a minute.” He looked at the two people: “You aren’t siblings?”

Adonis nodded: “With the identity of brother and sister, we can avoid a lot of trouble.”

“You just said, the best case scenario is to join a strong force to protect yourself.” Xing Yuan probed: “But I see your situation is not too good, so you…belonged to the kind of scenario that wasn’t as ideal?”

Adonis fell silent for a moment, and then raised his hand and took off that hat that he had always been wearing.

“I did seek protection from the US government before and spent some time in the special affairs department.” He sighed: “My country, despite its many political conspiracies, still has human rights. I agreed to let them do some harmless experiments, and they provided me with a good environment to live in.”

Ye Wenxuan involuntarily thought of himself. His current situation was very similar to Adonis’s original circumstances.

However, in the past half year he joined the Special Affairs Department, whether it was the head of the counter-terrorism operations team, or the chief of the Special Affairs Department Rowan, they didn’t bring up any of these conditions. This was one of the reasons Ye Wenxuan had a very good impression of the Special Affairs Department.

At this time, under the dim light through the window, Ye Wenxuan could clearly see Adonis’s appearance after removing the cap.

His head was shaved, several sinister scars on his head. Ye Wenxuan leaned forward, and could see the stitches left behind from up close.

He gaped: “This…what the f*k?!”

“It’s cranial surgery.” Adonis pointed to the scars on his head: “These weren’t from my country’s scalpels. Half a year ago, I went to the Middle East with my colleagues. There, they were killed, and these are the mementos left behind from that place.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” He swallowed thickly, and felt his own head chill.

Xing Yuan: “What did you encounter?”

Adonis: “I don’t know if you have ever heard of the SP Institute.”

The two men shook their heads, and Adonis explained: “It’s an underground base especially for research on superhumans. I don’t know exactly where they are, but they have hidden sentry posts all over the world. The SP lab has a group of scientist madmen who hunt for superhumans for live research, as if…they want to crack the law that gives superhumans abilities, to create more superhuman warriors.”

“…” Even though this matter was very serious, Ye Wenxuan still couldn’t control his speechlessness: “Such a delusional dream, they’ve seen too many Marvel movies.”

“I also think so.” Adonis sneered: “But even so, they really have captured a group of superhumans, and the experiments are still ongoing.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at his head: “They…what did they do to you?”

Adonis calmly said: “They opened my skull and wanted to see how my brain was different from the average person.” As he spoke, he tapped on the scars on his head: “This was one of those experiments. Sorry, I think it’s enough to just show a small part.”

Ye Wenxuan shivered.

Xing Yuan followed: “You were captured, didn’t the US government do anything?”

Adonis: “At first I didn’t know, but later when Kathy and I escaped, I checked the news and understood. ‘I’ had already died in the war six months ago because of a local regime riot.” He faintly said: “All of my personal identification was completely written off, contacting my previous colleagues led to another group of people chasing me, and once I used my superpowers, I would be once again followed by some ‘spies’ who I wouldn’t be able to shake off. It’s simply infuriating.”

“If I haven’t misunderstood, the US government where you worked before isn’t clean?” Ye Wenxuan furrowed his eyebrows: “I haven’t heard of the SP Institute, how powerful is it?”

“I don’t know.” Adonis: “But it’s enough for me to be unable to find a place to live safely.”

This information made Ye Wenxuan feel somewhat uneasy. He looked at Xing Yuan with inquiries in his eyes. Xing Yuan inexplicably immediately understood his thoughts.

Clearly the Brotherhood and the Flying Wolves were hunting them down, but in the middle of chasing them, they turned to chase down two escaped superhumans. What was the link between the two organizations and the SP Institute? What role did they play in this whole situation?

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t think of the answer, but there was no doubt that the Brotherhood and the SP Institute were in contact with each other. That meant that if he wantonly used his power in front of these people, he would likely attract the attention of the SP Institute. Then, even if he disguised himself, how many people who could control lightning were there? His identity would be exposed one day.

And if he was really found…

As he pondered, he asked: “Adonis, speaking of this, how did you get caught at first? In theory, you have supersonic speed, ordinary people can’t even catch you.”

Adonis was leaning against the window watching the movement outside. Hearing this, he paused for a bit, and then said: “When the rebels and the government forces were fighting, there was a child trapped under the ruins. I went to save him, and he stabbed me with a needle.”

Seeing Ye Wenxuan frown, he gently added: “Later I found out, that wasn’t some little child. He could change the age of his body at will. One second he would be a child who could barely walk, and the next second he could become a thirty-something year old muscle man.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan was simply stunned: “There’s such a wretched ability?”

Xing Yuan: “What about Kathy?”

Adonis looked at the little girl in his arms: “She is another victim of the SP Institute. The partner who was protecting her before died during our escape. That person was my friend, and I was told to take her.”

Xing Yuan: “You…”

Adonis apparently didn’t want to talk further about this matter. He pointed outside: “They are exchanging fire with the security guards, it seems like they found out we escaped.”

Ye Wenxuan’s brain was now filled with those hellish scenes of experimental abuse. Hearing his words, he wanted to get up, but was pulled back by Xing Yuan next to him.

Xing Yuan was much calmer than he was. His blue eyes constantly stared at Adonis, saying deliberately: “We do not know you, telling us such important information, are you not afraid that we will abandon you and tell others?”

Adonis looked back at the two of them.

“From our contact so far, with your caution, you wouldn’t do anything uncertain.” Xing Yuan continued: “You endured and told us all of this, do you want to get something from us?”

As soon as this remark came out, the originally still harmonious atmosphere immediately became tense.

Outside the gunfire was becoming more and more intense. Ye Wenxuan frowned. He pressed a hand on the ground, and lightning visible to the naked eye passed down to the ground and dissipated outside, rapidly expanding through the rain-soaked ground and arriving in front of the hospital in a flash.

There was a not-quite-fair fight going on, but because of the arrival of the lightning, both sides were caught off guard.

And in this small fruit and vegetable warehouse, Adonis opened his mouth: “I do have some plans.”

“I’ve already mentioned Kathy’s ability. With her predictive ability, we have experienced countless twists and turns, and managed to escape from the base and the following hunts.” He looked down at Kathy, and faintly said: “Just now, she told me, please trust you guys, you can help us.”

Ye Wenxuan slightly raised his eyebrows: “What can we help you with?”

Adonis: “We…need a place to live safely.”

The hand around his wrist tightened slightly, and Ye Wenxuan tacitly closed his mouth. Xing Yuan said: “I think you can also see, we still have not established a sufficient relationship of trust between our two sides. Even if we are willing to think of ways…do you really not feel the least bit of suspicion?”

Adonis’s throat moved, his answer was of course no.

The rain outside was getting lighter, and the sound of gunfire had not been heard for a while.

Adonis asked: “Where are you going to go now?”

“We also have some problems on us, and before the danger is lifted, I can’t speak directly.” Xing Yuan said: “But we can first establish an alliance, and then when the tail behind us is cleaned up, we can negotiate with peace of mind.”

“An alliance is fine, but please show me some sincerity, and not just some rhetorical agreement.” Adonis coldly said: “My whereabouts have already been exposed, I can’t stay here for long.”

Xing Yuan smiled: “With all due respect, we have no way to determine whether your previous words are true or false. In my view, it is very likely that you are acting as bait for some organization, and you are just as skeptical of our identity. As such, it’s better to take a step back for now.”

“Leave a form of contact, and in three days at the latest, we will get rid of our troubles and see you again in London.”

Adonis considered it for a moment, and finally nodded: “I will set the time and place.”

Xing Yuan: “Okay.”

And when the alliance between the two was established, Adonis brought Kathy to leave first. Ye Wenxuan finally came back to his senses: “…He left just like that?”

“A partnership that has no trust, I believe that it would be a pain for both of us.” Xing Yuan leaned his left shoulder against the wall and turned to look at him: “What are you thinking about, you’ve been absent-minded since earlier.”

“Oh, I’m thinking about that superhuman’s head.” Ye Wenxuan somewhat listlessly said: “He never put his hat back on, so my attention was on the scars on his skull.” As he spoke, he rubbed his arms: “Damn, I have to properly ask about it when I get back.”

Xing Yuan: “You never heard of it before?”

Ye Wenxuan leaned his head on the wall: “If I heard of it, would I still dare to run over here.”

the author has something to say: supersonic man and kathy are not biological siblings, this world’s superhumans are still very few (⊙▽⊙)

## there is a wu ke in the crowd ##

Adonis: “Actually, I have always been hiding a secret.”

Ye Wenxuan said nervously: “What secret?”

Adonis pulled down his hat: “I didn’t tell you, I am actually a Wu Ke!”

Ye Wenxuan looked at his bright and shiny bald head: “Ah! You’re actually a Wu Ke! Could it be that because your running speed is too fast, the friction between your hair and the air burned off your hair?!”

Adonis: “…No, you thought too much.”

Xing Yuan: “Little idiot, go home, don’t lose face all over the place outside.”

[wu ke = bald, a lot of people should know this joke ba (⊙▽⊙)]

Translator Notes:

[1] restless – 蠢蠢欲动, idiom, means beginning to stir
[2] harmless – 无伤大雅, idiom, means a certain defect is not a big deal
[3] delusional – 中二, means chuunibyou but I will probably just start translating to delusional instead of chuunibyou
[4] tacitly – 心领神会, idiom, means to understand tacitly, know intuitively
[5] wu ke – 吴克, name of a guy I think, a child who was bald and got viral
[6] joke – 梗, according to Baidu this is slang for 笑点, which is like a joke or punchline

Random Notes:

About 1.5 hours: 12:45 pm – 2:10 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.5k words

Hello everyone, and welcome back. My apologies for leaving for so long, much longer than planned. There were a combination of factors that led to this: interviews, traveling, finals, and a lack of motivation to translate for some reason. But during my break I have re-gathered my enthusiasm for reading novels and will be continuing to translate, hopefully building up a backlog so my releases can be consistent at one chapter a week on Saturdays. Happy holidays!

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