100kV Chapter 46

Chapter 46
Going to
Temporary Alliance

Ye Wenxuan held up his pen, lowering his eyelids to cover the excitement and vigilance in his eyes: “So, we are the same kind?”

“I haven’t heard of your name, you’re a previously unexposed superhuman.” Adonis quickly said: “Do you know Mario?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh, that plumber that hits mushrooms every day?”

Above their heads, Bud coldly opened: “Shoot, do your best to keep them alive.”

When he had just said “shoot”, Adonis held Kathy and crouched, and by the time he finally finished speaking, that man wearing a knit cap had already disappeared.

Upstairs, the team members were waiting to raise their guns to shoot when they suddenly saw a blur in front of them, and then a strong force on their chest. Seven or eight people just flew out like this and only came back to their senses when they collided with the wall, they had been kicked flying by someone.

Bud: “Damn, what’s going on?!”

“Team…team captain, his speed is too fast!”

Adonis’s figure reappeared next to Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan. He pulled at Xing Yuan: “Take advantage of this time to quickly go!”

Even though Adonis had already admitted that he was a superhuman, the two were still slightly shocked by his miraculous speed. But their reason quickly came back, and Ye Wenxuan held up Xing Yuan with Adonis’s help, beginning to fly down the stairs.

Bud: “You want to leave? No way!”

Kathy: “There’s…people…”

The girl hadn’t finished speaking when the three men had already stopped at the same time.

In the stairwell on the first floor, four men in combat fatigues were blocking the door, either standing or squatting. They looked coldly at Ye Wenxuan and the rest, who had rushed down from the upper floors.

Without exception, all four of them carried RPG rocket launchers on their shoulders.

Bud’s gloomy voice came down from upstairs: “You can all stay here.”

The three of their faces changed slightly.

“This is England, and a hospital!” Adonis said loudly: “Do you want to be chased down by the British police?!”

Bud coldly said: “Fire.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Damn, laozi can’t bear it.”

A crackling current originated from the exit on the first floor, carefully and tightly connecting into a net. In a flash it expanded and spread upwards, entangling around everything alive that it touched. High intensity current flashed through the body, and within seconds they were electrocuted from inside out, already dead until they could no longer be any more dead.

Ye Wenxuan snapped his fingers, and the power grid was removed.

The four men at the entrance lost the support from the grid, falling to the ground. Those four rocket launchers were picked up by Adonis at a breakneck speed before they crashed into the ground, and then he carefully placed them on the ground.

“Manipulation of the current…” Adonis knelt down, looking down at Kathy.

Kathy hugged his neck, whispering: “Headache…”

“Don’t use your ability anymore.” Adonis touched her hair: “Sleep for a bit, we will be safe when you wake up.”

Kathy: “Well.”

On the other side, Xing Yuan leaned over to pick up a pistol on the ground, and then threw it away.

Ye Wenxuan: “No bullets?”

“En.” Xing Yuan removed the magazine and looked inside, and then put it back: “The pistol model isn’t the same, this one is more advanced than the one I used earlier.” With that, he walked a few steps while supporting himself on the wall. He stopped next to a big man lying face down, unbuttoned his coat, and began to look through the man’s belongings.

“The equipment is much better than those people we met earlier.” Xing Yuan: “I suspect…these people are either elite mercenaries within the Flying Wolves, or are not even Flying Wolves at all.” With that, he pulled out the dagger on the man’s waist, cut open the man’s top a bit and ripped off the cloth. He began to look him up and down to see if there were any special tattoos.

Ye Wenxuan crouched down next to him, one hand pressed on the man’s neck: “…He’s dead.”

Xing Yuan looked at him: “You weren’t trying to kill them earlier?”

“I originally just wanted to make them unconscious.” Ye Wenxuan screwed up his eyebrows: “I’m still slightly unable to control my strength well, so when I saw the rocket launchers, I unconsciously used a little too much power.”

He couldn’t help but say: “I feel like…there still is a bit of a psychological burden. It’s fine if they’re terrorists, but if I can’t control myself, and affect the innocent…”

He didn’t really know what to say, with a little frustration on his face. Xing Yuan pressed on his furrowed brow, calmly saying: “Look at his shoulder blade, there’s a tattoo.”

Ye Wenxuan looked down and saw a black ink tattoo.

Xing Yuan: “This mark is from the Brotherhood, they really came to pursue us, you didn’t kill the wrong person.”

His gaze passed Ye Wenxuan and looked at Adonis, who was still standing on the first floor.

The latter held the little girl, silently watching the two of them. He neither fled nor came closer, standing at a more appropriate safe distance. It seemed like he was waiting for the two of them to finish talking.

“This…Mr. Adonis.” Xing Yuan spoke: “I think we need to talk.”

Adonis’s gaze remained on the two of them, and Xing Yuan could see a thick sense of inquiry from his eyes.

Hearing him, Adonis nodded: “Let’s find a safe place, I also have something to ask you.”


Right now was not a good time to chat. Even though the fight in the stairwell was over in a flash, the sound of gunfire and screams spread very far. Not only the passing doctors and patients heard, but the group with Myers searching the wards also heard it.

“They’re downstairs, seal the entrance.” He brought the phone slightly away from his ear, waving at the people next to him: “You can first leave behind those Chinese people. That blond girl with a mask, and her partner, we must catch them.”

His men heard his order and left. Myers stood by the window of the hallway and looked outside. The men he had brought were blocking several entrances and exits of the hospital with guns. Someone tried to force their way out and was shot in the leg by a big man, the scene suddenly becoming more chaotic.

“That is Dr. Mario’s lost experiment, Myers, you can’t let them die, but some damage is inevitable. I estimate that Dr. Mario wouldn’t care.”

The male voice in his earpiece brought Myers back to his senses. His expression was solemn and respectful, deferentially saying: “Master Archer, leave it to me.”

“No need to promise so soon, I hear that there are other people around her.” That man smiled: “If the person around our little friend also escaped from Dr. Mario’s place, then that would be a big deal. Look at the situation and take the opportunity to retreat, and let the Flying Wolves that bunch of trash go to send themselves to death.”

Myers was confused: “Huh? They only have three adults!”

“Being able to escape from Dr. Mario’s place, is not easy.”

Master Archer said gently: “I don’t want to lose a right-hand man, Myers, send over their pictures and then you can bring the Brotherhood men to continue to chase and kill Xing Yuan. As for this little girl…”

“I have already passed the message to Dr. Mario, people will come to deal with them. But this time Mario owes us a favor, and that’s already enough.”


Archer: “Myers, know how to choose.”

Myers gritted his teeth: “Okay, I understand.”


Hospital first floor, public restroom, men’s bathroom.

Ye Wenxuan came back from the door, shaking his head toward the three people behind him: “The people in the lobby should have all been brought under control, I just caught a glimpse of them going through the rooms. They will probably soon find us here.”

As he spoke, they heard the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer to their door.

“The windows are all covered by stainless steel bars.” Adonis tested the strength of the bars with a single hand, lowering his voice: “Do either of you have a way to tear them down?”

Xing Yuan let out a breath: “If I weren’t hurt, I could probably try.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at the bars set on the window frame, each piece at least two centimeters wide, his mouth twitching: “How would you try?”

Xing Yuan: “Looking at your expression, I know that you are imagining in your head me using my bare hands to remove the bars.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ya, that picture is really so beautiful I dare not to think about it.”

Adonis: “…Gentlemen, can we wait to chat later.”

Right as he spoke, the bathroom door was opened vigorously from the outside.

Two big men with guns walked in, and their eyes immediately lit up when they saw them. Just when they wanted to raise their guns and shout, the blond teenager closest to them suddenly snapped his fingers.

The two mercenaries fell to the ground.

“Since the window doesn’t work, let’s just leave through the main door.” Ye Wenxuan turned to look at Xing Yuan: “This time I didn’t miss, they should be unconscious for ten or so minutes.”

Xing Yuan put down his pistol: “There’s progress.”

The three men cleaned out the equipment on the two mercenaries. Adonis casually stuffed one of the grenades on the man’s waist to Ye Wenxuan, and the latter held it like a hot potato: “Brother, I feel like we can travel more simply…”

Adonis pulled the mercenary’s jacket apart and fished out the pendant on his neck, looking at it: “You don’t know how to play with these?”

Clearly.” Ye Wenxuan held the grenade and indicated to Xing Yuan to take it away. He glanced at that pendant and paused slightly: “Oh, that symbol is the Flying Wolves’ sign.”

Xing Yuan also saw it, he had long expected it. He just looked at the grenade Ye Wenxuan handed over: “You didn’t learn this?”

“Learned.” Ye Wenxuan: “I threw it twice, and almost killed the teacher teaching me. Then the class was canceled.”

“…” Xing Yuan silently took the grenade: “Sometimes I really can’t understand how they were fine with sending you over to me.”

“When I came, they also didn’t say that they would let me be involved in dangerous actions. This is my first mission, and at first they said that I would only be helping from the side.” Ye Wenxuan spread his hands, also quite aggrieved: “Who knew that in the end, the only bodyguard left by your side would be me.”

Xing Yuan sighed: “Then I’m truly sorry.”

“I will deal with the men outside.” Adonis handed Kathy over to Ye Wenxuan: “Kathy likes you a lot, please help me take care of her for a few seconds.”

Ye Wenxuan hesitatingly took the girl: “Well…my honor?”

He had just picked up the girl when the person in front of him basically disappeared out of thin air. Ye Wenxuan held his breath: “He’s gone?”

Xing Yuan walked to the door and carefully looked outside: “He’s fighting outside.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Coming and going like the wind, he almost scared laozi.”

“With you as an example, I think it’s no surprise that there are a few more superhumans.” Xing Yuan pondered: “His ability…maybe it’s using the wind to move himself quickly, or fighting with supersonic speeds like a Marvel hero?”

Ye Wenxuan became interested: “Oh, Quicksilver ah, you also watch Marvel?”

Before Xing Yuan could answer, the person they were discussing had come back.

Adonis threw the gun he was using on the ground while casually saying: “Quicksilver is my idol, and the target I’m determined to learn from and replace.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him: “So your ability is super speed?”

“Basically. This way, let’s go.” Adonis brought Kathy back into his arms and left the bathroom with the other two: “If my eyes don’t have a problem, you seem to be able to control electricity.”

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan saw a few mercenaries collapsed on the floor, and when they got to the lobby, there were even more people lying on the ground.

Xing Yuan looked around: “Where are the hostages and the wounded?”

Adonis said: “They ran. Outside there are police from the town of Cain, but their strength isn’t enough, they not only are busy evacuating the hostages, but they also need to guard against the bandits in the building. Let’s be more subtle, and they should ignore us.”

Ye Wenxuan followed behind him and glanced over those people on the ground. He found that they were all fatally shot with a single bullet, and couldn’t help but feel a slight chill: “You killed them all?”

Adonis turned to look at him: “Conveniently.”

Ye Wenxuan: “We have a vendetta with them, you killed well.”

“There are police out there, it’s not convenient for me to bump into that group of people.” Adonis said: “Two options. One, split up to act. I can take Kathy around their line of sight, and after everyone safely gets out, we can meet outside the town. Second, there is a hidden location behind the hospital, we can hide there and first discuss a bit.”

Seeing that there were still remnants of the Flying Wolves mercenaries and members of the Brotherhood in the hospital, Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan discussed a bit and still decided to first hide and take the chance to do in a few more of the other side’s men.

After all, a dozen or so officers wouldn’t be able to stop these armed fellows at all.

When they found the back door of the hospital, the three men bent slightly and took advantage of the cover from the open-air promenades and trees to quickly run toward a small canteen behind the hospital.

As soon as they ran out the door, Adonis was a little surprised: “It’s raining?”

Right now it was just past 8, the sun had just begun to hide behind the clouds. The sky was darker and darker, sporadic drizzle drifting down.

Xing Yuan looked at Ye Wenxuan, who mouthed toward him “drone.”

Apparently, he was preparing for the other side to use drones to spy on them.

## who is the fastest man in the world ##

Adonis: “My power is supersonic speed, I am the fastest in the entire world!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Che, you’re not as fast as my lightning.”

Adonis: “Pei, I am the fastest man!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Let’s try it then?”

Adonis: “Come on!”

Xing Yuan: “The world’s fastest ♂ man this kind of name, there are actually people competing for it?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” If you remove that symbol we can still be friends.

Ye Wenxuan: “Alright, you’re the fastest, I won’t fight with you for being a fast man.”

(Not understanding) Adonis: “???”

Translator Notes:

[1] Archer – 阿奇尔, pinyin a ji/qi er
[2] hot potato – 一枚烫手山药, pretty funny, this means like a scalding yam
[3] clearly – 显而易见, idiom, means obviously, it goes without saying
[4] as an example – 前车之鉴, idiom, means to learn a lesson from the mistakes of your predecessors
[5] Quicksilver – Marvel hero with super speed, I personally would have thought of The Flash first but he’s DC comics
[6] armed – 荷枪实弹, idiom, just means carrying a loaded firearm

Random Notes:

About an hour: 11:15 am – 12:15 pm, for 4k characters to 2.6k words.

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