100kV Chapter 45

Chapter 45
Going to London
Another Superhuman

“Kathy, what’s wrong with you?”

The little girl trembled. She pulled at Ye Wenxuan’s sleeve and refused to let go, bowing her head and following behind them.

Ye Wenxuan was somewhat helpless: “Just now on the first floor she was really adamant about not taking the elevator, she wouldn’t be claustrophobic would she?”

Xing Yuan frowned: “I feel like it’s not that simple.”

Ye Wenxuan: “She’s trembling.”

He pursed his lips, then bent over and hugged Kathy in his arms, lowering his head to say to Xing Yuan: “Just now I really should have carried you up the stairs, she seems to have been scared stiff.”

“What I would rather like to know is why she was scared to this point.” Xing Yuan’s eyes were sharp: “Just now in the elevator Kathy was not shaking like this.”

Ye Wenxuan pushed him forward: “But now the most important thing is to find her brother, we have enough problems to solve, I don’t want to get involved in any more trouble.” As he spoke, he patted the little girl on the back: “Kathy, what room is your brother in?”

Kathy didn’t speak, only shivering.

“Very good.” Ye Wenxuan said: “I think we have to go to the nursing station.”

He had barely finished speaking when Kathy raised her little face and said, her voice muffled by the mask: “4…240…help…help us…”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t hear clearly: “What?”

“Bring brother…” Kathy grabbed him, her voice hoarse: “…help us…”

A few minutes later, they found Adonis lying in ward 4240.

Kathy’s brother clearly seemed not to be in a good condition, his face was obviously very tired, and he seemed to have just woken up. So he completely had not found out that Kathy had ever left the hospital, and was wary of the arrival of Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan.

“Kathy, did you run upstairs again?” He was sitting cross-legged on the bed, an IV in his right arm. Because he didn’t sleep well, his dark circles were very prominent: “Who are these two gentlemen, did you go bother them?” Because of Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan’s disguises, Adonis didn’t recognize them as the two Chinese people who were hospitalized last night.

Kathy ran to his side and said something in his ear.

Ye Wenxuan instinctively wanted to leave, but Adonis’s expression suddenly changed. He pulled off the needle, and rolled out of bed holding Kathy. As he went past the two people at the door, Kathy urgently pulled at him and whispered.

Adonis stopped and looked at the two of them, quickly saying: “Leave, come with me!”

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan exchanged glances. Xing Yuan said: “I hate trouble, but intuition tells me that if we follow we will know a huge secret.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What a coincidence, I feel the same way.”

The Knicks Private Hospital was not large. There were only three buildings, the tallest with only seven floors, plus a small garden, a parking lot, and a small cafeteria.

Four people sped out of the ward. When they wanted to go toward the elevator, Kathy pulled at Adonis’s clothes: “No…don’t go…”

Adonis decisively stopped moving: “What about the stairs?”

Kathy shook her head.

Adonis: “Where can we go?”

Kathy pointed to the left corridor, and Adonis immediately turned and headed over there.

Ye Wenxuan followed behind them, staring in surprise.

“What does that mean, we can’t go from the stairs or the elevator?” He pushed the wheelchair while whispering with Xing Yuan: “Then Kathy not wanting us to take the elevator before, do you think she has prophetic powers?”

Xing Yuan took his gaze back from the two: “I think…those people they want to hide from, could they be the same as our enemies?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hoh?”

“Just now I saw an acquaintance. Condra Duke, the central force of the Flying Wolves. He always have five or six subordinates with him, and usually doesn’t act alone.” Xing Yuan quickly said: “They’re behind us, and it looks like they are searching the wards. Don’t look back, you’ll seem suspicious.”

Ye Wenxuan controlled his facial expression, while keeping up with Adonis in front of them: “I really didn’t think that you actually had acquaintances in the Flying Wolves?”

Xing Yuan: “Some people want to kill me, of course I have to do some homework to see what the people wanting to kill me look like.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Alright, that’s a pretty good reason.”

The four people walked in the corridor for a while, then Adonis suddenly opened the door to a ward next to him and waved the group inside.

There were a bunch of family members in the ward. When the curtain was pulled, the men and women turned to see four people trespassing, and for a moment were speechless.

Adonis very naturally walked closer and squeezed into the pile of relatives. He put Kathy down by the bed and leaned down to speak with the old man: “Oh, old Hans, I’m leaving the hospital today, so I came over to tell you something.”

Old Hans looked at him falteringly, no one knew if he heard him clearly or not.

“I even brought along the two guys you really liked before, they are also about to get discharged from the hospital, so they came over to give you their blessing.” With that, Adonis waved behind him: “Kids, come and give old Hans a kiss!”

Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan: “…”

Old Hans’s family members: “???”

Just as everyone was stupefied, the door was pushed open again. Two men wearing windbreakers stood at the door and looked inside. Not finding a black haired and dark eyed patient, one of them asked: “Is there an Asian patient here?”

The crowd shook their head blankly.

That white man asked again: “Then is there a little blonde girl in a mask here?”

Before everyone else could react, Adonis pointed at Ye Wenxuan and quickly said: “Oh, there’s only a blonde boy here.”

Ye Wenxuan chewed his gum and gave him an innocent smile.

The two big men had received nothing from their questioning, and immediately viciously closed the door with a bang.

After about a minute of silence, the people in the room finally started moving again.

“Just…what was that just now?” “Oh my god, that man seemed to have a gun…”

“Eh, isn’t the kid wearing a mask that he was talking about…”

Adonis brought Kathy, who had been blocked by the crowd of people, out and left the chaotic room with Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan.

Adonis was still leading the way in front. Ye Wenxuan pushed Xing Yuan, and quietly said to him: “The two of them just now, do you know them?”

Xing Yuan smiled slightly: “I only received a few people’s files from the Brotherhood and the Flying Wolves…unfortunately they are still in the USB disk from yesterday, I haven’t had time to check.

Ye Wenxuan was about to speak when suddenly chaos erupted behind them. He looked back and saw that the two big men who were checking their room just now were back.

This time they were accompanied by several companions. A tall man with a buzz cut was walking in front looking down at his phone. His face was expressionless, and it didn’t look like he was here to see a doctor.

He walked over from the end of the corridor. When they passed a room, the intimidating men behind him would quickly open the door and do a check, their attitude was tough and they were well-trained. Many patients and nurses who were bothered complained, but they never saw any hospital security guards appear to stop them.

Ye Wenxuan’s eyes stayed on that man for a while, and then he began to pay attention to those people’s coats. Their styles were quite similar, inside the coats they seemed to be wearing combat uniforms. It wasn’t very clear, but Ye Wenxuan could determine with certainty that much more than a pistol must be hidden underneath those coats.

Perhaps his gaze was too unbridled. The man walking at the front suddenly raised his head, and the buzz cut man’s line of sight scanned over the people in front of him, finally directly locking onto Ye Wenxuan, who was more than twenty meters away from him.

Ye Wenxuan quickly turned back around. He clenched the handrail of the wheelchair, pushing Xing Yuan to run quickly to the end of the corridor.

“He found me.” He whispered: “He might not know who I am, but he has already seen that I am not quite the same as the people here.” As he spoke, he threaded through the wave of patients in front of him: “There are so many ordinary people here that I can’t act.”

Xing Yuan didn’t turn back. Watching the reactions of everyone in the corridor, he calmly asked: “I still have a few bullets in the gun I used before, how are your gun skills? By the way, how are your fighting skills ranked among your peers?”

Ye Wenxuan coughed: “Both failed.”

Xing Yuan: “Very nice, then the right to use guns is given to me.”

Ye Wenxuan was unwilling: “At least I can electrocute him!”

“There are too many people in the hospital, unless we find a place with no one else and bring them over, then catch them.” Xing Yuan warmed up his wrists, staring at Adonis in front of them: “They’re going to go with the stairs. I have a strong hunch that our first battleground will be here.”

Ye Wenxuan expressed his strong agreement.

The group behind them had already caught up.

By the time Myer’s subordinate Bud kicked open the security door to the stairwell, the four people had already reached the second floor. Adonis heard the sound and immediately looked up, while picking up Xing Yuan’s wheelchair: “Hurry hurry hurry, walk along the wall, don’t go close to the handrail, it’ll be easier to get attacked. Blondie are you okay, forget it, I’ll carry him…”

Ye Wenxuan had his physical strength questioned by someone of the same sex who was still wrapped up in bandages. A vein bulged in his forehead, and he vigorously picked Xing Yuan up, gritting his teeth: “I…can…by…myself——!”

Xing Yuan: “…I feel like I can go by myself.”

With a bang, the person upstairs jumped directly over the handrail, leaping down a couple flights of stairs before landing. After standing steady, he turned half a circle and fell down to the third floor in the same manner. This entire process only took five seconds.

Bud very quickly caught up with the four men. He didn’t recognize Xing Yuan or Ye Wenxuan, his eyes directly locking on to Adonis in the very front, or more accurately, the blonde girl in his arms.

Adonis reacted surprisingly quickly. In the moment Bud was pulling out his gun, he stopped his momentum of going downstairs, turned back, sped past the two men, and with a single move, kicked the gun out of Bud’s hand!

His series of actions was amazingly fast, almost to the point where the naked eye could barely register it. Bud’s strong combat experience kicked in at this moment, he basically began to retreat the moment he took out the gun, but still couldn’t escape the other person’s foot. The pistol was kicked away, and his wrist began to hurt.

It seemed to have been dislocated.

A fierce wind was blowing in his face. Bud took back his inattentiveness, crossing his arms in front of his face in an effort to block Adonis’s almost whirlwind-like second move.

A gunshot rang from above their heads, Bud’s men were catching up.

One against many, Adonis instantly fell into a disadvantage.

Realizing that he wasn’t exposed, Ye Wenxuan slowly carried Xing Yuan down the stairs. While watching Adonis holding a little girl to fight Bud, he said to Xing Yuan: “I suddenly feel that in this gunfight movie we might not be the main character. Look at Adonis, he’s injured and still can fight against five people by himself, he’s stronger than us.”

Xing Yuan’s focus was different: “His speed is too fast.”

“How long does it take a normal person to complete the action of turning, running, kicking, and then kicking again?” Ye Wenxuan casually took something out of his pocket and placed it on the metal handrail of the stairwell, saying, “It didn’t even take Adonis three seconds to do all that.”

Instantly, several gun-toting men above them began to scream.


“Fuck…what happened…”

“Someone’s sneak attacking us!!”

Xing Yuan put down his pistol and looked at him: “I think that soon there will be a legend here, such as that a blonde blue-eyed kid can discharge electricity, or something.”

Ye Wenxuan shrugged and took back the pen in his hand: “So I used a prop.”

Xing Yuan: “A pen?”

“No no.” Ye Wenxuan randomly made up: “This is a new weapon developed by China, it looks like a pen, but it is actually a super-electric wand. When I hold it up above my head and shout ‘Demacia!’ the person across from me should be electrocuted into ashes.”

“…” Xing Yuan was speechless, and began to question the spirits of the staff in the Special Affairs Department.

In the stairwell, a group of big men had been electrocuted, which led to a brief truce between Adonis and Bud, who looked up at the same time and had opposite reactions to the shocking situation.

“Team, te-te-te-team captain!” A big man who had been electrocuted waved his trembling hand: “Th-th-there is el-el-el-electricity…”

Bud frowned: “What?”

The subordinate: “El-el-el-el-electricity…”

“Electricity again…” Bud looked around the stairwell. Looking past Adonis, he saw Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan standing below.

Adonis returned to their side and whispered: “Superpower?”

## chief’s heart today is very tired ##

Myres: “Chief, we were ambushed!”

Brotherhood chief: “How many people did the other side send?”

Myres: “Three men and one little girl.”

Chief: “…How many weapons did they have?”

Myres: “A pistol, an electric wand, and a man with his bare hands!”

Chief: “…”

Myres: “Our men are almost all dead!”

Chief: “…You are the worst terrorists I have ever brought!”

Translator Notes:

[1] Condra Duke – 康德拉·杜克, pinyin kang de la du ke
[2] Hans – 汉斯, pinyin han si
[3] catch them – 瓮中捉鳖, idiom, means to catch a turtle in a jar, make yourself an easy target
[4] Demacia – 德玛西亚, so this is a reference from league of legends, likely from prince jarvan’s cataclysm ability, in which he apparently shouts demacia. i don’t know anything about LoL, so i was very confused about this while reading the first time. pls correct if wrong

Random Notes:

A little over one hour: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm, for 4k characters to 2.5k words. With the end of a CFCS arc, I will be taking a brief break from that story. I’m not sure if I will also be taking a break from this, but ideally I would continue to translate one chapter a week.

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