100kV Chapter 44

Chapter 44
Going to
Returning to Knicks Hospital

Half an hour later, Xing Yuan watched Ye Wenxuan come out of the supermarket, aimlessly sorting out his shirt collar while occasionally picking at his short golden hair.

That’s right, in order to disguise himself, this guy just went nearby to buy some clothes, a blonde wig, and that essential pair of boring glasses.

He changed into a long sleeved shirt and pants full of the hip hop style, drew a few strokes on his face, and then calmly put on a wig and his glasses. He instantly transformed himself from a lazy Asian handsome man into a vibrant foreign teenager.

Xing Yuan looked at those glasses with disgust: “I bought you some contacts, throw away those trash glasses.”

Ye Wenxuan shrugged: “I don’t care.”

Putting on some blue contacts, Ye Wenxuan took a selfie and felt like even he almost couldn’t recognize himself anymore.

After finishing up with himself, he started messing around with Xing Yuan.

Their clothes were long caked with dirt, Xing Yuan was now wearing a cheap shirt and cotton trousers bought from that small supermarket, and a pair of ordinary sneakers on his feet. Ye Wenxuan then added some eye-catching freckles to his face with some makeup, and then finally stuffed some contacts on him, hiding those trademark blue eyes.

Ye Wenxuan shaved that head of hair into a buzz cut, and then looked at the ugly man in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

The man in the wheelchair was morbidly pale, with freckles on both sides of his nose and fresh whiskers growing under his thin lips. His hair was very short, his forehead wrapped in bandages, and his clothes were all the most basic ones bought from a street stall. If people in the Xing group walked past him, they probably wouldn’t be able to recognize that this was their boss.

At least Ye Wenxuan originally thought so.

But when he was pushing this person outside and walked a few steps, he found that even if his face was painted a hundred times uglier, just with that explosive physique and excellent temperament, while walking along the street there were still beautiful women casting ambiguous gazes over.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“You’re even sitting in a wheelchair, with a pile of freckles on your face and a bandage on your head, how could there still be people throwing glances over at you?” He really couldn’t understand, passing through the noisy streets while pushing the wheelchair toward the hospital.

Xing Yuan pulled Kathy along, raising his eyelids: “I am also very upset.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This guy’s skin is really quite thick.

The three people passed by the several jeeps parked along the road, and Ye Wenxuan casually turned to glance at them.

There was no one in the cars, he hadn’t faced off against the Flying Wolves’ mercenaries before, so he didn’t know if there were any of their people outside on the lookout.

But it didn’t matter, even if they did find them, Ye Wenxuan believed that he could still bring Xing Yuan out and safely retreat.

He didn’t find someone to help send the child back, instead returning to the hospital with Xing Yuan after some disguise. Ye Wenxuan and Xing Yuan had discussed previously, if they really encountered the Flying Wolves mercenaries, they would take advantage of an opportunity and capture one to ask the situation. This was also a good choice.

Xing Yuan had thought for a bit, and thought that this was feasible.

As they walked into the hospital, the two began to observe silently.

Ye Wenxuan chewed some gum and said quietly: “Hey, look at that man in front on the right, his left hand is wrapped in such a large cast, isn’t that suspicious?”

Xing Yuan looked over: “That person just has a normal fracture.”

Ye Wenxuan: “He could have hidden a sniper rifle in there?”

What kind of sniper rifle can you hide in a cast ah, Xing Yuan simply was too lazy to spit.

Then Ye Wenxuan said again: “Ah, the person behind him is walking so wobbly and weirdly, you can tell at once that he isn’t a good person.”

Xing Yuan: “…You can’t discriminate against a polio patient coming to the hospital.”

“It could be a pretense ah.” The young man pushing the wheelchair argued: “He’s pretending to be a patient to see a doctor, that way he wouldn’t arouse our or the hospital’s vigilance.”

“Even though there’s some truth in what you say.” Xing Yuan’s mouth twitched: “But why do I feel…that your tone seems to be particularly excited.”

“I won’t hide from you, this is the first time I’m facing this kind of situation, the type that’s often shown in spy movies.” Ye Wenxuan bent down and said quietly in his ear: “My boss says that I don’t have to keep hiding, I am a little excited…”

Xing Yuan glanced at him: “I thought you already went through this once at the Red Rose Clubhouse.”

Ye Wenxuan choked: “Please don’t expose me, thank you.”

Kathy pulled on Xing Yuan’s hand for some reason: “Don’t go…elevator…”

“Take the stairs?” Ye Wenxuan pushed the wheelchair toward the elevator in the middle of the lobby: “Baby, I am not Hercules, I cannot carry someone as big as your milk dad up the stairs ah.”

The trio stood at the elevator door, and Kathy agitatedly knocked on Xing Yuan’s elbow, sound coming from behind the mask: “Don’t go…don’t go…”

Ye Wenxuan wrapped her small fist in the palm of his hand, warning: “Girl, I am not your brother, so I have no indulging mentality. If you knock on his wounds again, I will throw you right here, do you understand me?”

Even though he was smiling slightly, there was not a trace of a smile in his eyes. Kathy shrank back and didn’t say anything, but also no longer resisted.

Ye Wenxuan then looked down at Xing Yuan’s elbow: “Does it hurt?”

Xing Yuan stiffly said: “…No problem.”

“What’s wrong, you’re not used to other people caring about you?” Ye Wenxuan looked at his expression: “Honestly, I feel like the sick version of you right now…”

His playful words hadn’t left his mouth when the elevator door in front of them opened. Two or three people slowly strolled out from inside. One of them knocked into Ye Wenxuan’s shoulder while walking past, shoving the second half of his sentence back into his throat.

Ye Wenxuan: “Well…”

“How are you walking, are you blind.” That person looked back at him and said, “Little radish, go home and drink some milk.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan quickly grabbed Ye Wenxuan’s hand, and rubbed his wrist to appease him. Ye Wenxuan shook inexplicably and then looked at him strangely.

Xing Yuan: “Let’s go, the elevator door is about to close.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Hu.”

Until the elevator door closed, that tall man who had just come down was still dissatisfied.

“F*k, laozi feels especially unhappy when seeing that kind of blonde radish with smooth and tender skin. Those kinds of little white faces can’t do anything but hook up with women.” He cracked his knuckles and said heavily, “Boss, if we’re not in a hurry, I’ll go back up and give him…”

The person walking in the front turned and kicked him, and that strong man let out a cry of “aiya”: “Boss, why did you kick me!”

“What did we come here to do?”

The strong man: “…Find…find those two Chinese people.”

“We haven’t even found them, and you’re preparing to first expose ourselves?” The Flying Wolf little captain was frustrated: “If Mr. Myers knew, he would definitely get rid of you with one shot.”

That man rubbed his thigh where he was kicked: “Hey, is that Mr. Myers really that terrible, I saw that you, boss, and a few of the other captains were all quite afraid of him.”

“The direct subordinate of the current leader of the Brotherhood, his words count throughout the entire organization, and he holds a large amount of resources in his hands. The most important part is that his own fighting skills are also very strong, once he defeated an entire group of combat soldiers from the middle Eastern government forces by himself. When the armies over there hear his name, they cower in fear.” The little captain said earnestly: “Don’t mess with him, our Flying Wolves can’t deal with him, and even more so can’t afford to mess with the Brotherhood behind him.”

That strong man was still very unimpressed, only muttering a couple words.

The Myers the Flying Wolves little captain was speaking about was leading several of his own men to speak with a doctor in the corridor on the fourth floor in the hospital.

“The Knicks Hospital is very large, we have many Chinese patients here, I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to find the person you want.” The doctor was a little impatient: “I’m just a surgeon who is only responsible for seeing patients, but this does not include handling bed arrangements for all the patients. Please don’t ask me further about things I’m not familiar with.”

“You f*cker…”

Myers waved his hand and stopped the anger of his subordinate, smiling slightly: “Sorry sorry, then can I ask, if I want to find someone, who would it be best to ask?”

“You can ask those nurses in the hospital department.” The doctor’s expression cleared up slightly, pointing in a direction: “I still have a few patients who made appointments, I will leave first.”

Several people watched him leave, and that short man gloomily said: “Sir, he was really too rude.”

“He’s just a little inconsequential person, don’t care too much about him.” Myers swept his gaze over the row of rooms in the corridor: “Such a little place, and he was only here yesterday, it should be very easy to look for him. Singh, is there anything from the Flying Wolves?”

That little guy named Singh said: “It would be good if they’re not messing around, sir, why do we have to go around with those scum? I get annoyed once I see them.”

Myers sneered: “They’re not that bad, sometimes they’re somewhat useful.” As he spoke, he patted another man next to him: “Bud, go get a random nurse and ask her if there are any Asians on this floor.”

Bud nodded and silently walked away.

Singh watched him walk far away, and said quietly: “This brother usually doesn’t say anything at all, I’m also annoyed with him.”

Myers looked at him: “If you have the skill, you say it in front of him?”

Singh shrunk his neck: “No skill.”

Myers: “Then shut up.”

The group of people walked and spoke, quickly walking to the lounge in the fourth floor.

This place was connected to the elevator room. Some patients and relatives were huddled together, all staring at the little digital display on the side, apparently waiting for the elevator.

As Myers passed by, the elevator on one side opened on this floor.

Ye Wenxuan pushed Xing Yuan out of the elevator, followed by the little tail called Kathy.

Myers casually glanced over and just happened to meet Xing Yuan’s gaze. The two people looked at each other for an instant, and then looked past each other in the next second, turning back around and continuing to walk.

The two people moved further and further apart in different directions. Xing Yuan’s eyebrows were tightly furrowed. Ye Wenxuan saw this and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Xing Yuan shook his head: “Nothing, maybe I overthought it.”

Ye Wenxuan pondered: “You feel like that group of people just now were weird?”

“It’s just a feeling for me.” Xing Yuan raised his hand and pressed on his forehead: “I basically have an intuition for danger, and just now that man gave me a very dangerous feeling.”

Ye Wenxuan restrained his impulse to turn back, only accelerating his pace: “After we send Kathy back, let’s go check him out again.” He looked down at the little girl who was always staying by their side, and only then found the other person’s difference: “Kathy?”


At the other end of the hospital elevator, Myers touched his chin and looked somewhat confused.

Several of his subordinates exchanged glances behind him and patted Singh in unison. He hardened his scalp and walked forward: “Sir, what’s wrong?”

Miles: “Ah, there’s some things I don’t understand.”

Singh: “Well, maybe we can help you think about it?”

“Singh ah, I just saw a little girl.” Myers squinted and thought: “I always feel like she looks very familiar, as if I have seen her somewhere.”

Singh froze: “Ah?” Little girl?

“Just now when she saw me, she even hid from me, as if she was afraid of being seen.”

He took out his dagger in distress and began to turn it around in his hands: “I must have seen her somewhere…”

Behind him several subordinates looked at each other.

Suddenly one of them said with an “ah”: “Sir, she seems to look a little like…what Master Archer showed you before…one of the people in those photos, I was with you at that time, and I also saw them.”

Myers heard him, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“It’s the person Master Archer was looking for!”

“I really didn’t think that I could have this kind of harvest in such a poor countryside area.” Myers laughed: “Let the brothers seal off the hospital entrance, and the Flying Wolves continue to find the Asians. You guys, come with me and get the little girl.”

the author has something to say: at present, two groups of people are pursuing the gong and the shou: the brotherhood and the flying wolf club. the latter is the vassal of the first one, with weak abilities, basically cannon fodder.

## reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance ##

Ye Wenxuan: “Xing Yuan, look, the man walking over from over there is very suspicious!”

Xing Yuan looked over: “He just has a broken arm.”

Ye Wenxuan: “The big bellied person behind him, he’s obviously a man pretending to be a pregnant woman, he must be a Flying Wolf person!”

Xing Yuan: “People just have a bigger beer belly…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Abominable, the Flying Wolf people really hid very deeply!”

The Flying Wolf members rubbed shoulders with Ye Wenxuan: “Abominable, we’ve searched for so long, where are those two Chinese people hiding!”

Translator Notes:

[1] calmly – 从容不迫, means calm or unruffled
[2] ugly – 磕掺, apparently is slang from northern china, means that you look ugly or bad
[3] really couldn’t understand – 百思不得其解, idiom, means to remain puzzled even after much thought
[4] sniper rifle – 把狙, so it seems like 狙 is an AWP in terms of cs:go terminology in chinese
[5] argued – 振振有词, idiom, means to speak forcefully and with justice
[6] radish – 小萝卜丁, what’s funny is that in chinese the louboutin brand is also basically translated into this
[7] cower in fear – 闻风丧胆, idiom, means to turn terror-stricken
[8] Singh – 辛格, pinyin xin ge
[9] Bud – 布德, pinyin bu de

Random Notes:

About an hour: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm, for 3.7k characters to 2.5k words

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