100kV Chapter 41

Chapter 41
Going to London
Protect Your Sapphire

Xing Yuan used one hand to open the magazine and look at the bullets: “Don’t go to Cain. Let’s take a shortcut and go directly to Cantel.”

Ye Wenxuan hit the steering wheel: “Do you really think you’re Iron Man? It would take at least five and a half hours to get to Cantel, we will first find a clinic.”

“It’s too late.” Xing Yuan said deeply: “The drones have always been testing our route. They will find it out soon, and the towns along the way are too small. Just by finding someone and asking they would know whether a stranger came by.”

Ye Wenxuan pursed his lips: “Where are your two bodyguards?”

Xing Yuan looked at the cell phone next to him: “No reply, presumably they’re still not out of danger.”

Ye Wenxuan whispered a curse, driving almost like a whirlwind.

Xing Yuan: “Go to Cantel, listen.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t speak. After a long time, he only grunted.

But the situation didn’t cooperate.

An hour later, Xing Yuan fell into a coma.

By the time Ye Wenxuan found out, Xing Yuan’s entire body had slipped under the back seat. Ye Wenxuan shook from shock, slamming on the brakes. When he came back to his senses, he had already jumped from the driver’s seat to the back.

Luckily there was enough space inside the SUV.

Ye Wenxuan propped one hand on the seat, looking down on Xing Yuan. His eyes were closed, his forehead covered in cold sweat. Ye Wenxuan gently touched his cheek with a hand and was suddenly shocked by the heat.

“Fever.” He muttered, patting Xing Yuan on the face with the back of his hand.

“Xing Yuan, don’t sleep, you have a fever.” Ye Wenxuan came to his ear and whispered: “Can you hear me? President Xing? Boss Xing? Old hooligan?”

The other person had no response.

Ye Wenxuan used one hand to lift his eyelids, and then carefully lifted him up to the seat. Tearing open the bandage strapped around his chest and looking at the wound, Ye Wenxuan helplessly took back his hand: “No, I can’t handle this.”

On the other side of the road, a small drone caught up. Ye Wenxuan caught a glimpse of it from the back seat and quickly retreated to the driver’s seat, starting the engine while snapping his fingers with his right hand.

Fifty meters away, the drone made a shrill buzzing sound. A thumb-sized lightning ball adhered to its flight control system, a powerful current burned the internal circuitry, and the drone fell from the sky, smashing to the ground into a pile of scrap metal.

Ye Wenxuan didn’t look back. He took out his cell phone to search for Cain, while quickly driving the car.

“This time…even if we wanted to go to Cantel we can’t.” He gripped the steering wheel and said to himself: “I’ll go find a hospital..Xing Yuan…you hold up for me…”


Dozens of kilometers away, on another road, several Jeeps were smoothly driving.

Miles threw the drone controller that had already lost signal to the person sitting in the copilot seat, leaning back and musing to himself.

The Jeep’s spacious backseat was still somewhat too tight for the extraordinarily large man. Miles’s two legs leaned against the back of the two front seats, and after a while he kicked the back of the copilot seat: “How many more drones do we have?”

The operator was in the middle of debugging another drone, replying: “Not many, there are three more deployed right now, and five more in the back, but they still haven’t been assembled.”

“Assemble them all. That’s right, let them add some insulating material on the drones, some kind of plastic rubber or something.” Miles said: “I remember that two of them had ammunition, deploy them all and let them look for them.”

The small Flying Wolf captain driving the car hesitated: “Mr. Miles…”

“Oh, I know what you’re worried about.” Miles saved his hand: “Rest assured, as long as they haven’t entered Cantel, even if there’s an accident on the road, the British police will not send out anyone.”

He laughed: “Half of Wilson Bick’s estate was blown up, of course the neighbors would call the police when they heard. It’s been so long, but not a single policeman had rushed over, why?”

The small captain tightened his grip on the steering wheel: “It must be the means of the Brotherhood…”

“The royal princess’s birthday party is coming.” Miles said meaningfully: “If at this time anything happens to the royal family or the dignitaries, the London police must be under a lot of pressure, and would deploy a large portion of their police force from everywhere to ensure the security in London.”

“With the scarcity of police force, keeping an entire city safe is already very laborious. They have no time or energy to pay attention to small towns like these.”

“Why did Mr. Miles keep Wilson Bick?” The Flying Wolf captain asked quietly: “He heard many of our conversations.”

Miles scoffed: “The Bick family is a noble family, very useful, not to mention he also built the ‘Black Gate.’ If it was put to our use, it would bring us a considerable fortune.”

With that, he placed his foot on the open window, his body occupying the entire back seat, and then pulled out a dagger to play with.

“Going to this step just to deal with these Chinese people, I really don’t know what the boss is thinking.”

“But, if we can really find some new secret weapon, this deal would be worth it.” He stared at the dagger dancing between his fingers, and slowly smiled: “I hope that these people won’t let me down.”


At this time, the “secret weapon” Miles was talking about was racing the car wildly down the road.

As the sky darkened, Ye Wenxuan had to concentrate on driving, in case he accidentally missed the signs to “Cain Town” along the road.

“Town of Cain…town of Cain…Knicks Private Hospital…” Ye Wenxuan pulled onto a side road, keeping an eye on the roadside signs while looking down at the coordinates on his cell phone at the same time.

“Town of Cain…that’s it!” Ye Wenxuan turned the steering wheel, turning right onto the asphalt road into this not very small town.

Here, the number of vehicles gradually increased. Along the road he could see children running and playing everywhere. The surrounding buildings also showed hints of those in a big city, no longer with the country style that he had seen on the road.

This dusty off-road vehicle didn’t attract much attention from the town residents. Ye Wenxuan drove five or six streets further, and finally found a sizable private hospital.

Because it was late, there weren’t many people at the door.

Ye Wenxuan observed the surrounding situation, and still chose to park the car in front of the hospital. After all, Xing Yuan was too tall. If Ye Wenxuan parked too far away, he might not even be able to get him into the main entrance of the hospital.

Before getting out of the car, he looked down at the bloodstains and dust on his clothes. Thinking that he couldn’t get these traces out anyways, he simply got out of the car and went to the backseat to carry the unconscious Xing Yuan out on his shoulder.

“Well…” He bent over from the weight. After staggering a bit, he quickly propped himself up on the car: “You…are really too f*king heavy…”

Xing Yuan’s eyes were still closed, lying on his back ignorantly.

Ye Wenxuan carefully slung him up higher a bit, and finally started hobbling toward the hospital door. He hadn’t walked very far when their miserable appearance immediately attracted cries from passerby.

Several men came over to ask if he needed help. Ye Wenxuan nodded gratefully: “My big brother is injured, please help me carry him in.”

A group sloppily carried him into the emergency room. Ye Wenxuan wanted to follow them over, but was pulled away by a nurse: “Sir, you are also injured, come with me to see a doctor!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah?”

The nurse pulled him in another direction: “Your ears are bleeding!”

Ye Wenxuan touched it and found out that his ears had started bleeding again.

“But…my big brother he…” He pulled at his left arm and turned to look at the emergency room: “My big brother hasn’t woken up, I’m worried.”

“Don’t worry, I will ask the head nurse to help you watch over him. Ai, you child really, just worrying about your big brother and not even noticing your eardrum injury.” The nurse treated him as a little boy who didn’t know anything, educating him.

Ye Wenxuan finally took back his line of sight. He still felt anxious but just smiled helplessly: “Sorry…I was just…too scared.”

The nurse considerately didn’t keep speaking, just pulling him up to the third floor to find a doctor to help him check his injury.

His condition was really not very serious. After blood flowed from his wound, the blood had clotted into a paste in the wound. As long as it didn’t touch water and he didn’t use headphones, it would basically be able to heal by itself.

But the doctor still prescribed him some external medication.

By the time Ye Wenxuan got the medicine and came back downstairs, Xing Yuan had already been rolled into the operating room.

“In addition to large burns on his back and left shoulder, there are a lot of pieces of debris stuck in his flush. It must have been very simply cleaned up before, but some of them were buried too deep and you may not have found them.” The head nurse briefed him outside the operating room: “The wound is slightly infected, but the patient’s physiological functions are stable. Don’t worry too much.”

Ye Wenxuan’s gaze was locked on the door to the operating room, and he nodded silently.

While Xing Yuan was undergoing surgery, he still some other things to do.

Driving the SUV out from nearby the hospital, Ye Wenxuan first turned a circle around the town of Cain and investigated the terrain. Then he found a relatively more hidden place and parked there.

Looking out into the night from the window, Ye Wenxuan leaned sideways in the driver’s seat. He held a cigarette but didn’t light it, biting it to think about everything that had happened earlier.

Along the way from Wilson’s estate, he had destroyed a total of three drones and had not seen them since. He also didn’t know whether they had really left them behind. But those things were like flies, making every effort to follow him, making it so that Ye Wenxuan was already starting to feel some doubts.

He always felt that something was spying on him in the dark.

Of course, it may also be a result of overexcitement.

Calming down a bit, he pulled out his cell phone and sent a message to Cannibal Flower and Little Sister.

Mage: [The Flying Wolves are tightly following, can you support?]

A few moments later, Cannibal Flower didn’t show any movement, but it was actually the previously always silent Little Sister who sent a message.

Little Sister: [Please describe the details.]

Mage: [We are now in the town of Cain, northwest of Cantel. Mission target was injured by mines and is undergoing surgery, and the Flying Wolves may soon find us. If we don’t use my abilities, we may not be able to escape the tracking.]

Little Sister: [Received, I will try to find a way head over.]

Little Sister: [Mage, Cannibal Flower is currently seriously injured and in a coma, I am also in a very dangerous situation. It is very likely that you won’t be able to receive my support in time. In brief, please be prepared to face the Flying Wolves and the Brotherhood alone.]

Ye Wenxuan’s breathing slowed, and he sat straight up from his seat.

Little Sister: [Someone leaked the identity of the members of the action team, possibly by insiders. I’m not sure whether this matter has anything to do with the Xing family’s case, but of the first group of people to be attacked, there really were our people.]

Little Sister: [Be sure to ensure the safety of the mission target, he holds some evidence of the Xing family’s crimes. If you encounter real difficulty, let him give you the evidence, no matter with what method.]

“Crime evidence…” Ye Wenxuan muttered. Then he seemed to have remembered something, crawling into the backseat and rifling out a metal USB from the pile of drone wreckage.

This was the thing that had fallen under the seat when Xing Yuan fell unconscious.

“This…should be it ba?”

At this point, the phone shook again.

Ye Wenxuan put away the USB, and then fished over the phone to take a look.

Little Sister: [The British police are unreliable, if you encounter a large-scale siege, electrocute them to death.]

Ye Wenxuan: “…” This little sister is really blunt, but he likes it.

After finishing his communication with Little Sister, Ye Wenxuan thought for a bit, and still made an international roaming call.

Five beeps later, the call went straight to the encrypted channel, where someone picked up.

“Hello, I am Mage.” He didn’t mention any names, just vaguely asking: “I heard something happened at home, so I called to inquire. Is it safe at home?”

At the other end, a low and deep male voice said: “Some bumps, but the bones are not injured. Outside is much more dangerous than at home, Mage please be careful.”

It was Zheng Xingguo’s voice.

Ye Wenxuan let out a breath: “That is good, I contacted Little Sister, and heard that Cannibal Flower encountered a problem.”

“You are in more danger than her. Please make sure you are safe while protecting the sapphire.”

Ye Wenxuan was stunned for a while before he realized who he was referring to by “sapphire”.

He opened his mouth and spat out a word: “…Received.”

Thousands of kilometers away in China, Zheng Xingguo looked through the glass at several seriously injured patients lying in the isolation ward.

His eyebrows heavily wrinkled, and with his phone right next to his ear, he barely moved his lips, his voice transmitting straight down through the microphone.

“I allow you to use your capabilities on a large scale while on a mission abroad, but there are two things to keep in mind. First, there must be no indiscriminate killing of innocents. Second, remember to disguise yourself. You are not the only superhuman in this world, if you are discovered, you cannot be yourself.”

Ye Wenxuan instantly understood. He took a deep breath, and then repeated that one word: “Received!”

Zheng Xingguo finally said: “Go to the embassy to ask for help.”

When he returned to the hospital it was already late at night, but Ye Wenxuan could still feel his blood boiling in his veins. He had to stand in a corner and take a few deep breaths to slowly settle down.

## china’s new weapons ##

Miles: “Sly Chinese, what new weapon have you invented?”

Zheng Xingguo: “None ah, we are a peace-loving nation. (⊙▽⊙)”

Ye Wenxuan: “That’s right ah, we never bully other countries. (⊙▽⊙)”

Xing Yuan: “We are particularly law-abiding. (⊙▽⊙)”

Miles: “Then how did my trash subordinates die?”

Minister Rowan: “Well, they did too many bad things, and were punished by God. (⊙▽⊙)”

Ye Wenxuan: “How miserable. (⊙▽⊙)”

Translator Notes:

[1] Knicks – 尼克斯, pinyin ni ke si
[2] deep – 沧桑, means like full of vicissitudes, so deep in like the mature/profound sense?
[3] superhuman – 异能者, I don’t know if I’ve translated this before, but I’ll say it’s superhuman

Random Notes:

A little more than one hour: 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm, for 4.2k characters to 2.7k words. I recently found a site that gives titles to each chapter, so I will be adding those in italics under the title, like you can see for this chapter.

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