100kV Chapter 40

Chapter 40
Going to London

Next to him another team captain interjected: “That day a lightning bolt also came down, lao zi’s men were so scared they couldn’t even hold their guns steady. Good thing that no one broke their toes!”

Miles rubbed his chin: “High voltage electricity…lightning…well, what are all these things…”

“Could it be that the Chinese produced some sort of new weapons?” He was still puzzled, holding the computer to look through those pictures over and over.

The last one was a video a few seconds long, which was captured by that drone when following on the road before it had been shot down.

In the video, two men opened the car doors and hurriedly turned onto the road. Miles reached out to press the pause button and then squinted, carefully attempting to identify the faces of the two men in the video.

“Nope, the lighting is bad and it’s too far away. We can only see half of a profile, Chinese people all basically look the same. Without any front facing photos, I can’t distinguish them.” He put the computer aside and reached into his jacket, pulling out a cigarette: “Didn’t you say there were two other people, were they caught?”

“They’re all escaping in completely different directions, my two teams are chasing them.”

Miles shook his head: “Chasing what, just directly blow them up with a missile.”

That little captain’s face twitched: “Sir, this is England, not the war zone. We will get in trouble.”

“I thought you were already in trouble a long time ago.” Miles glanced at him and then stood up: “Those two going west, where are they approximately now?”

The little captain immediately said: “The drone is following behind them, it saw them going in the direction of Cantel. Along the way there are more than a dozen towns, each one not large.”

“From the video, one of them is quite hurt, so they will have to stop and find a place to treat him on the way.” Miles smiled: “I have some interest in their secret weapons. Pack up, let’s go and play with them.”


Just as Miles had speculated, Ye Wenxuan turned in when he arrived at the nearest town.

Xing Yuan was already a little out of sorts, but he still knew that now was not the best time to stop: “Here…is too close to the Bick manor…”

Ye Wenxuan swept his eyes over the surrounding buildings while searching for the small town clinic: “Don’t fall asleep, how do you feel now, can you still feel your back?”

Xing Yuan: “I won’t die…”

However, after he circled around the town once, Ye Wenxuan found nothing. He simply got out of the car to find someone to ask.

That person was first shocked when he saw him, and after hearing his question, he said: “Well, Dr. Eni doesn’t have a clinic, she sees patients in her home. Our town is too small, you have to go to a bigger town for serious illnesses.”

Ye Wenxuan pursed his lips: “Then do you sell medicines here?”

“Yes, but…” That person kept a safe distance from him, saying: “You don’t look too good, do you need me to call the police?”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t understand, vigilantly saying: “What?”

That man pointed at his ear: “Your ears are bleeding, and on your face, well, and your clothes have a lot of blood…I want to know what happened to you…”

Ye Wenxuan now understood and touched his ear, feeling a piece of wetness.

He brought his hand in front of him and indeed saw a lot of blood. Ye Wenxuan speculated that it was from the shockwave hitting his eardrums when the mine exploded. He looked down at his crumpled shirt that was covered with dirt from the explosion. The front was also covered in blood from Xing Yuan when he had been pushed down by him.

Presumably his face was also similarly tragic.

This man across from him most likely thought he was an escaping fugitive and was both sympathetic and wary, seemingly ready to turn around and run away.

Ye Wenxuan helplessly put down his hand: “I…was robbed earlier…”

“Oh, that’s really…” That person looked at the direction he came from: “Are you a traveler? There’s very rarely misbehaving hooligans around here, what did they do to you!”

Perhaps it was because Ye Wenxuan’s typical Asian relatively thin body type didn’t attract the local’s disgust, and his body was covered in blood and messy clothes, so at one glance it looked like he had just been bullied.

The kind-hearted young man took him to the pharmacy, which naturally caused a cry from the pharmacy boss. Together, they persuaded him to call the police immediately and pointed him in the direction of the town police station. Ye Wenxuan bought some first aid to stop bleeding and pain, and took some bandages and disinfection gauze. Then he thanked the two people, and said that after treating his wound he would immediately call the police.

“Dr. Eni went to Cain, where there are hospitals and clinics. It’s only a short distance from here.” The pharmacy owner finally said: “If you have any emergency, you can go to the private hospital there to take a look. Bleeding in your ears is not a joke.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Thank you.”

He borrowed the bathroom in the shop to wash his face, cleaning up the blood on his body. Then he took the bag of medicine and left town.

After walking around the vicinity a couple times to make sure no one was tracking him, Ye Wenxuan finally walked back to the SUV parked in the forest.

When he approached, he found that the back door of the car was half open, and Ye Wenxuan immediately tensed his muscles.

He slowly condensed a blueish-purple lightning ball in the right hand hanging to his side, slowly approaching while watching for movement nearby.

The woods were quiet with occasional birdsong or insect calls coming from the grass and branches.

Beyond that, there were no signs of humans.

Ye Wenxuan walked to the car and glanced inside.

Xing Yuan was lying down sideways in his seat, looking down at what was in his lap.

He forcefully let out a breath and took back the lightning ball, walking over and patting the car: “Can you get up?”

Xing Yuan looked up at him and answered with a hum.

His face was scarily pale, the blood from the wound on his forehead wasn’t wiped off, and along with the blood still seeping from his left shoulder and back, he simply could not look any more miserable.

But at least he was still sober.

Ye Wenxuan: “Isn’t your back hurt, lie down facedown.” And then he saw the object on the other person’s leg and his gaze sharpened: “This…isn’t this a small drone that was flying around Wilson’s house before?”

“It was following behind us…I guess it wanted to come over and take a video of something.” Xing Yuan struggled to speak. He gasped a few times and then said: “I saw it, and then shot it down along the way.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at the obvious scratch on the drone’s propeller. It was hard to imagine how this sick man had brought it down with a gun.

But this sick man was still not being well-behaved. Xing Yuan hung his head to play with the thumb-sized camera in his hand. The lens was shattered by the bullet. He handed the cracked lens to Ye Wenxuan: “I have seen some drones will have ammunition installed, and the controller can shoot them remotely.”

Ye Wenxuan casually replied: “Oh, then good thing the Flying Wolves we met were poor, and couldn’t afford those kinds of high-end goods.”

While Xing Yuan was still talking, Ye Wenxuan patted him on the other shoulder: “Turn around, I’m going to take a look at your injury.”

Xing Yuan looked at the medicine he brought over and silently turned halfway around, showing his wide shoulder. Ye Wenxuan carefully picked off his already ripped up top, revealing the large explosion wound on his back.

Even though he was moving very lightly, he still inevitably touched the wound. Xing Yuan grunted, the camera in his head falling next to his foot.

“Seeing that you still have the energy to raise your gun to shoot down the drone, this little injury shouldn’t be much.” Ye Wenxuan disdained him for not quietly lying down even with his injury, and regardless of his pained grunts, he continued: “You did shoot it pretty accurately, one shot into the heart?”

Xing Yuan gritted his teeth, cold sweat dripping from the corner of his forehead and falling to his chest: “I have long…wanted to say…which one of us is more like a hooligan…”

Ye Wenxuan gave him a simple clean-up and bandage, and then went to look at his injured shoulder. Xing Yuan’s entire body was full of sweat, and only after the person next to him finished examining both his back and shoulder wounds, he finally slowly exhaled a breath.

Ye Wenxuan stared at him for a moment and casually picked up a bottle of alcohol at his feet, getting into the car: “Lie down and don’t move, raise your head, I’ll check out the wound on your head.”

“I can do it myself.” Xing Yuan moved his head and reached out to take the bottle of medicine: “Let’s go, the drone exposed the direction we’re going. We can’t stay here any longer.”

Ye Wenxuan: “I can deal with them.”

Xing Yuan screwed up his eyebrows: “Your problem really…”

He turned to look at Ye Wenxuan, who looked calmly back.

“Ye Wenxuan, when you received the order, didn’t the boss of the Special Affairs Department give you some advice?” He slowly sat up, looking at the youth next to him with a hint of disapproval: “Your ability gives you the illusion of invincibility, it gives you confidence. But sometimes this self-confidence can be inflated, and you will become arrogant, overconfident, and contemptuous toward others. These problems can be fatal at critical moments.”

Ye Wenxuan and he huddled together in the narrow back row, their four eyes meeting, their breaths basically in each other’s faces.

“I really didn’t think that you would still be a life coach for me.” He said: “But, when those words are used on your own body, I feel like that would be more appropriate.”

Xing Yuan frowned: “I don’t want to quarrel at this time.”

Ye Wenxuan met his gaze and then got out of the car a moment later: “What a coincidence, I don’t want to either.”

He threw the gauze, bandages, and painkillers together to the back row, and then went back to the driver’s seat and started the engine: “I just asked someone, there is no hospital near here. The nearest one seems to be in the town of Cain. Let’s go there first, you need a doctor to look at your injury.”

As Xing Yuan slowly dealt with the wound on his forehead, he glanced at him: “My injury isn’t a problem.”

After a moment of silence, when they were once again on the road, Ye Wenxuan said: “Your move, saved my life.”

“I thought that you wouldn’t be this kind of person.” He faced forward, tapping his finger on the steering wheel: “I have some changed views on you.”

Xing Yuan’s hands paused: “What kind of person am I?”

Ye Wenxuan casually said: “Cold blooded, stubborn, old-fashioned, doesn’t take human life seriously kind.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

“Oh, you still have a second personality, then I will also comment on that.” Ye Wenxuan gave him another blow: “The second kind…insidious, cunning, morally ambiguous, not a good person at all.” As he spoke, he looked up in the rearview mirror at the man: “If in the manor just now you had nowhere to go, according to the second personality, I guess that you would have immediately surrendered and joined the Flying Wolves. Seizing the most benefits for yourself in the face of adversity, and using all of the people around you to live to the end.”

The two men met gazes in the rearview mirror.

A moment later, Ye Wenxuan looked away: “I didn’t think, that you would save me.”

“Maybe this time I didn’t look at you correctly.” He whispered: “I apologize for the things I said sarcastically before, but I still think that some of your actions are very, very inappropriate.”

Xing Yuan pressed his wound and clenched his lips, lightly saying: “Your instincts were right.”

“I really am that kind of person. If at that time you weren’t there, I would have considered going with them. It’s not the Flying Wolves that kind of trash, but rather the Brotherhood behind them.” Throwing the blood-stained gauze and bandages into the bag, Xing Yuan continued: “I have always believed that only by living can I drag all the people who hurt me into hell, and only by having the power and money, can those goals come true.”

“Money and power can solve a lot of things, such as if someone pays someone to murder me, then I can also just pay double the price, and let the people coming to kill me turn back around and murder their employer. But that is extremely dangerous, it’s not completely certain, and I won’t try it easily.”

“Power can change everything. Before…I have always believed that.”

Ye Wenxuan deeply inhaled, pressing the accelerator to the bottom with one foot.

The vehicle suddenly sped up. Xing Yuan quickly grabbed the handle, barely managing to not hit his injured back on the seat.

“But people can change.”

“I…even though I’m not a good person.” He whispered: “But I still hate to kill the innocent, and also hate treachery.”

If they said they would bring him out, and afterward ate their words, and then made another promise later, who would still believe them?

“Sometimes, I really don’t know what the meaning is to send so many people to come save someone like you.” Ye Wenxuan looked at him from the rearview mirror: “I thought, with so many people fighting to protect them, even if it wasn’t someone who had made outstanding contributions to the community, it would at least be someone who knew gratitude and cherished life.”

“I don’t mean to taunt you, after all you said it yourself, you aren’t a good person.”

Xing Yuan opened the window, pointed the muzzle outside, and whispered: “Probably because…I have other uses.”

He pulled the trigger, and a dozen meters away, a small drone closely following behind them fell to the ground and was crushed.

Fortunately, there were no other vehicles on this road, or else it would cause a traffic accident.

Ye Wenxuan looked back to the road: “Good shot.”

the author has something to say: in my view, after getting a superpower, the first thing you must master is not how to dominate and defeat the enemy, but how to control yourself, and not just casually use this power.

strong powers can be addictive, and can also skew the rules and perceptions of the society. whether they become a hero or a villain is only a momentary decision.

ye wenxuan chose to join the special affairs department, and that in itself is also in hope that he can let himself use his abilities in the right way.

the gong also has flaws, and is also slowly correcting them, but it’s impossible for him to become a perfect person. right now, the little shou is still in the stage of being fearless because of his power.

## today the little gong is also very pitiful ##

Ye Wenxuan: “Wow, you vomited blood.”

Xing Yuan [devilishly charming smile]: “No matter, I can still play ten more!”

Ye Wenxuan poked a finger in the wound on his back.

Xing Yuan fell to the ground.

Ye Wenxuan: “Smile again for me to see?”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Translator Notes:

[1] still puzzled – 百思不得其解, idiom, means to remain perplexed despite much thought
[2] Cantel – 坎特尔市, I really don’t like city names bc idk if I’ve already translated it before to something different. lmk if there’s any conflict
[3] Eni – 艾妮, pinyin ai ni
[4] Cain – 凯茵镇, pinyin kai yin
[5] one shot to the heart – 一发入魂, not sure exactly what this means, like one round of gunshots goes into the soul/spirit, guessing that just means really accurate
[6] morally ambiguous – 三观薄弱, 三观 basically means like how you see the world or how much you value things

Random Notes:

About one hour: 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.8k words.

Extra Note: thank you all for your patience! it has been an entire month since i last posted that there would be a brief hiatus. it was much longer than i originally planned, from a combination of being busy with a lot of things and with a lack of motivation to translate. i have started getting back to translating, but will likely be picking up slower. this most likely means that there will at least one chapter of cfcs a week, not always two as before, at least in the beginning. one chapter of 100kv will be translated every week. thanks for all of your support! 🙂

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