100kV Chapter 39

Chapter 39
Going to London

Knowing that there were mines buried in these woods, the two’s moods were not as relaxed as they were before.

“Right now, there are small drones flying above our heads, who knows how many mines buried beneath our feet, and even a group of terrorists behind us toting guns, and who knows when, they’ll just suddenly pop out and sweep a barrage of bullets over us.” Ye Wenxuan sighed: “These days are getting harder and harder, president Xing, sacrificing my life for you is really not cost-effective.”

Xing Yuan pursed his lips. The corners of his mouth were blown dry and cracked by the wind, his forehead was covered in sweat. He just silently used a tree branch to poke his way forward.

He held Ye Wenxuan’s wrist in one hand, and after a long time, he said: “Don’t be afraid, we can get out.”

Ye Wenxuan was choked, and wanted to say, “I am not afraid,” but for some reason those words were stuck at his throat.

The palm holding his wrist was slightly hot, and seemed like it wouldn’t let go no matter how much he shook his arm. Xing Yuan always walked in front of him, keeping him firmly behind him.

From this, you really didn’t know who was protecting who.

Ye Wenxuan was somewhat awkward: “Hey.”

Xing Yuan: “En?”

“Since we have the USB now, we should be able to return home?”

“You can go back.” Xing Yuan explored the path ahead while saying: “I still have to wait a few days.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…What else are you doing.”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond, and after a while, Ye Wenxuan realized: “You haven’t come forward all this time to clarify that you are still alive, could it be that you want to let everyone think that you are dead, so that those two-faced people will reveal their true selves?”

Xing Yuan still didn’t respond.

Ye Wenxuan crossed his arms and followed, whispering: “Ai, Xing boss is probably angry right now that his thoughts have all been guessed.”

Xing Yuan: “Hey, you almost done.”

Ye Wenxuan cupped his ear: “The wind is too big, what did you say?”

Xing Yuan: “You’re relying on your little bit of superpower, and have no fear, huh?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ai, isn’t it…”

He still hadn’t finished speaking when Xing Yuan suddenly froze imperceptibly in front of him, and then he turned back and threw the man behind him on the ground. He rolled two and a half turns while hugging him in his arms, and then crashed into a big tree.

Ye Wenxuan almost hit his head on the tree: “F*k, what are you doing…well…”

His cry of pain was covered up by an even bigger explosion, and a loud bang broke in the ears of the two men!

A mine!

Ye Wenxuan was pressed on the ground by Xing Yuan, smoke and dust flying into his head face-first. His entire face and head was covered in dirt and broken leaves.

After the loud noise, the forest fell silent again.

Not caring about his dirty face, Ye Wenxuan fumbled around and hugged the body that collapsed on top of him. After a long time he finally found his voice: “Xing…Xing Yuan…you…are you all right…”

The very close explosion had caused him to briefly have tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms. Ye Wenxuan breathed slowly and gradually sat up, one hand feeling the nose of the person on top of him.

The breath was weak, but still alive.

“Xing Yuan, hey…quickly wake up, don’t close your eyes…”

Ye Wenxuan tried to hold up his own head, and his eyesight gradually recovered. He immediately held up the man in his arms, bowing his head to quickly check on his injury.

Xing Yuan was lying face down on top of him, his eyes tightly shut. The corner of his forehead was cut by the flying debris, blood flowing down on his face, it looked quite scary.

But much more serious was the already mangled back and left arm.

Ye Wenxuan froze for a moment, and then touched his back with a trembling hand.

Xing Yuan was motionless, only letting out a soft grunt when he touched the wound.

Xing Yuan was shocked by the shock wave into a short coma. Ye Wenxuan leaned over to look at his injuries, while whispering: “Xing Yuan, you have to stay awake, you can’t fall unconscious. Xing boss, president Xing, I beg you…”

The fingers paralyzed on his leg shook slightly. Xing Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, all the muscles on his body tensing.

He used one hand to attack the person under his body, and the other to help himself jump up. Ye Wenxuan avoided his attack and quickly said: “Xing Yuan, see who I am, I am Ye Wenxuan!”

Xing Yuan’s movements slowed.

His blue eyes were cold and guarded, his posture half crouched on the ground changing from attack to defense. Finally he couldn’t hold himself up any longer and fell to the ground.

Ye Wenxuan immediately came forward to hold him: “Are you still dizzy, do you recognize me?”

Xing Yuan opened his mouth, holding his arm in one hand.

“It’s a smart mine that can be remotely controlled, and the other side will know when it was activated.” Pushing himself up with the injured hand, Xing Yuan leaned on Ye Wenxuan and blinked with effort: “Quickly walk, the Brotherhood will definitely find us.”

“Can you run like this, don’t move randomly, give me your arm.” Ye Wenxuan didn’t allow him to refuse his arm and placed his entire person on his own shoulder.

Xing Yuan: “I can go myself…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Shut up, stand still.”

Xing Yuan: “Mines…”

Ye Wenxuan suddenly turned his head and raised his outstretched right hand, his five fingers spread out. “Xing Yuan, cover your ears.”

Xing Yuan tightened his hand on his shoulder: “No, you’re crazy!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Cover, your, ears.”

He clenched his fingers into a fist and in that instant, countless ionized threads flew from his fingers in all directions, spreading out once they made contact. They converged and separated, gradually weaving into a thin and dense electricity grid.

In only two minutes, the grid formed on the surface of the ground, covering all of the forest within two kilometers.

“I should have done this long ago.” Ye Wenxuan’s eyes turned cold, and his right fist suddenly opened. Xing Yuan could clearly see a blue and purple current flashing away from his palm, falling into the ground, and disappeared.

Ye Wenxuan lowly muttered: “Explode!”

Besides the few inches of ground under the two people’s feet, the electricity grid covering the entire forest suddenly crackled, and countless fuses were broken or blown open by the current. The ring of mines the Flying Wolves had buried around the estate were all collectively detonated!

Boom——boom boom boom——!

This was even more terrible than an earthquake, the sky filled with smoke and tree bark. Xing Yuan coughed for a while, and then covered Ye Wenxuan’s ears with his hands.

Ye Wenxuan’s eyes moved, and he turned his head to look at him.

“You’re angered too easily.” The other person’s forehead was still bleeding, but his expression had calmed down.

In the distance the sound of explosions was still continuing. Xing Yuan bowed his head and met that pair of shining eyes.

“Your superpower is your trump card, and unless as a last resort, this trump card should never come out.” Xing Yuan said quietly: “Keep the biggest trump card until the end, and no matter where you use it, this condition is the way to win.”

Ye Wenxuan’s right hand was still hanging in the air. He pursed his lips: “If I don’t do this, we will soon be in a disaster.”

Xing Yuan: “The Flying Wolf and the Brotherhood knowing your power is the actual disaster.”

Ye Wenxuan took back his hand and quietly said: “I know, I will try to control myself.”

As the two talked, the noise around them gradually quieted down.

“All of the mines should have been cleared, and I just heard the sound of humans somewhere in the northwest, probably a Flying Wolf member happening upon a mine explosion.” Ye Wenxuan helped Xing Yuan forward, while asking: “How are you, can you hold on?”

Xing Yuan quickly walked through the forest with his help: “Small injury, not a big problem.”

If he hadn’t checked the wound on his back, Ye Wenxuan would probably also have been fooled by this Mr. President’s flying steps.

But now was not the time to stop and argue with him, so Ye Wenxuan didn’t say anything even though he knew he was lying. He helped him along while finding the path forward, beginning a new round of escape.

He also placed two “police cordons” behind him, each line stretched across the dense forest, the two lines hundreds of meters apart. Once someone chasing behind them crossed one of these “police cordons,” high voltage electricity would instantly bake them into ashes.

Having just experienced a series of hundreds of mines, there should be no courageous animals in these woods, so Ye Wenxuan was not worried that his “cordon” would be mistakenly triggered.

Sure enough, when they were barely able to see the highway ahead, hundreds of meters behind them, there were several screams far in the distance, and then the high-pitched screaming suddenly stopped.

Xing Yuan gasped: “I don’t even need to ask, just looking at your expression I would know. It must have been you putting something back there.”

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his nose: “They forced me too tightly, no way, I am still very angry.”

“The car is here.” Xing Yuan struggled to point forward: “The key is in my pocket, you drive, my left hand…has a little blood loss.”

When they got on the car, Ye Wenxuan grabbed the steering wheel and executed a 270 degree turn to drive the car onto the road. As he was adjusting their direction, a second wave of screams came from the forest.

Xing Yuan’s back was injured, so he could only lie face down in the back seat. He flipped through the first aid box in the car with one hand while turning to look out the window: “How many of those things did you put down in the end?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Just two. The first one is to catch them off guard, the second one is to deliberately confuse them. Now they definitely won’t dare to make big moves to chase us, and we will have some more time to escape.” With that, he stepped on the accelerator: “Hold the armrest, I’m going to start speeding.”

“Quickly.” Xing Yuan bit one end of a bandage, quickly wrapping it around his shoulders: “I saw a small drone coming this way.”

The off-road vehicle sped toward the road like an arrow.


Our view turns to the other side, the first floor lobby of the villa in the estate of Wilson Buck.

Several mercenaries holding loaded guns stood in a row, facing the sofa in the middle of the hall. One of them hesitated to open his mouth, and then was secretly poked by the person next to him, so he retreated.

After a few minutes, several small team captains’ intercoms rang at the same time. They looked at each other and picked them up.

“Head, the east woods…the ground was blown downward five or six meters, all of the mines were exploded, and the brothers burying the mines…were all killed.”

“Boss! There’s a ghost in this forest! The third team is all…all dead…bodies covered in smoke…I don’t dare to touch them ah…”

“Report captain, small drones number a157, a158, b263, and b265 have followed the suspected target heading southwest. Initial confirmation that the suspected target is driving a black SUV with an obscured license plate. There were at least two men in the vehicle, still unclear whether or not it’s the people we are looking for.”

“The brothers in the northeast and southeast are still chasing, we will definitely be able to catch those Chinese monkeys!”

“The second and fourth teams suffered heavy casualties in the woods, we were attacked for unknown reasons!”

Several people in the hall frowned more and more tightly, and finally someone couldn’t hold back, going forward to the person on the sofa: “Mr. Myers, this matter is not quite right, I think you should also already have found out.”

The person sitting on the sofa was a tall strong white man with short brownish-red hair, deep eye sockets, and a tall nose. It seemed like his entire person was full of explosive power.

Hearing his words, Myers Lake opened his eyes and said to that person: “Where’s Wilson Buck?”

“He was shot in the leg and passed out.”

“Wake him up and find someone to test him.”


“Four people, actually made such a big fuss. Five Flying Wolf mercenary teams actually still couldn’t catch them.” Myers leaned his head back on the sofa and said to himself, “Is the other side really so strong, or is your group of trash too incompetent?”

Isn’t it because you came really at a good time, and all of the elite members of the team ran to receive you. A certain small captain stood there, his heart indignant.

“Mr. Myers, the camera on the drone didn’t get anything useful, but my people sent back a few photos. I think that you will have a new view of the situation after looking at them.”

“Oh?” Myers reached out: “Let me take a look.”

A subordinate handed over a computer. The flying wolf captain connected his own phone, and sent a few photos over.

Myers opened the file and swept his gaze over the pictures.

The picture showed several dead Flying Wolf mercenaries.

The dead man’s skin was peeling off, his entire body charred. A few of them were still burning. The picture was extremely bloody, but the person looking at it didn’t care, his gaze even warming with a little cheerfulness.

“Well…what is this, these people were electrocuted to death?”

The little captain’s expression was strange: “It’s like they were hit by an instant of high-voltage electricity, two dozen people were electrocuted together. This was the first wave.” Then he switched photos: “Another 120 meters west, this was the second wave.”

The second photo showed even more people dead, and their situation was about the same as the ones before.

Myers finally stopped leaning back on the sofa. He slightly leaned forward, his eyes fixed on the display: “Is there a high-voltage wire buried in the woods of this estate?”

“Previously we set up mines around the area, and we didn’t see a single wire.” The captain continued to go through the photos, hesitantly saying: “Yesterday…at Westminister University, two of our snipers on the top floor died. Their death…was a lot like these.”

the author has something to say: saying that the gong is unlucky, it’s probably because…he is the first person to explore the “nuclear power chrysanthemum”? such dedication! [actually not!]

## about xiao shou’s boyfriend strength  ##

Ye Wenxuan: “My gong…is really delicate oh~”

Xing Yuan: “I did that to save you, and you actually talk about your own life-saving benefactor like this?”

Ye Wenxuan: “No no, I still have to prove it with practical action.”

Then he picked up Xing Yuan in a princess hold.

(Heavily injured) Xing Yuan: “…”

(Legs trembling) Ye Wenxuan pretending relaxation: “Baby, leave everything to me.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing boss was already disdainful of talking to his little shou.

Translator Notes:

[1] sacrificing my life – 卖命, it’s more like working really hard, throwing one’s life in for
[2] angry – 恼羞成怒, idiom, means to fly into a rage out of humiliation
[3] mangled – 血肉模糊, idiom, means badly mangled or mutilated, literally means when the blood and flesh are hard to distinguish
[4] stopped – 戛然而止, idiom, means to come to an end spontaneously, in this case electrocuting to death 
[5] catch them off guard – 出其不意, idiom, means to do something when least expected
[6] Myers – 麦尔斯, pinyin mai er si

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9:30 am – 10:30 am, for 4.1k characters to 2.7k words

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