100kV Chapter 38

Chapter 38
Going to London

Xing Yuan didn’t wait for Ye Wenxuan to get angry, turning his head in Wilson’s direction and saying: “Wilson, I do really want to believe in our friendship.”

Wilson hurriedly nodded: “Our friendship is eternalmore solid than gold, and long and happy!”

These three idioms were more and more comical, he even used his lame Chinese to shout it out. The several Chinese people present all had different expressions after listening to his exclamations.

Ye Wenxuan burst out laughing: “Xing Yuan, I just found out that this fellow was actually your old lover ba hahahaha——”

A vein popped in Xing Yuan’s forehead: “Cherno.”

Cherno was holding a gun pointed at this poor Englishman’s forehead, and tapped the muzzle twice on the other person’s head.

Wilson cried: “Lighten up, lighten up! Xing, I know what you came for, can you be a little nicer to me!”

On the other end, Liang Haoying came back from searching the study: “Boss, I found five safes. This room’s structure is not quite right, I suspect that there is a hidden door behind the bookshelf.”

Xing Yuan asked: “Can you open the safes?”

Liang Haoying: “They need voice, fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition.”

Several people turned to look at Wilson together.

Cherno opened the safety bolt at the back of the pistol with a click.

Wilson yelled: “Wait! Wait, Xing, I didn’t say that I couldn’t give you that information!”

“Really.” Xing Yuan raised his eyebrows: “But when I came here, why did I see that there were twice as many armed bodyguards around your estate than usual, and there were even many strange drones flying around in the air? I even heard them say that if they saw a blue-eyed Asian male, they needed to immediately bring him back alive.”

“In addition, my other friends secretly told me that you have already made a statement in public to break off relations with me, could it be that they all lied to me?”

Wilson’s sweat flowed like the rain, and he whispered: “Xing, you shouldn’t have come.”

Xing Yuan leaned forward slightly: “What?”

Wilson: “They forced me, forced me to use that information to bait you in…”

“My investigation into the Brotherhood was discovered, and they approached me the other day and threatened me with the entire Buck family.” He gasped and said with difficulty: “That is the Brotherhood, not some sh*tty Flying Wolf club. The Brotherhood people are all veritable murderers, Xing, I could only make a deal with them.”

Ye Wenxuan suddenly stood up. He passed through the crowd and stood by the window to look outside.

Wilson continued: “Hannah is my baby, they put a chainsaw to her neck, what else could I do…”

“My men pointed a gun at you, but I didn’t see you immediately surrender.” Xing Yuan: “Wilson, calm down, I don’t have much time.”

Wilson: “Okay, I’ll try to calm down…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Xing Yuan, we have to go.”

Beside him, Liang Haoying looked out of the window, his expression gradually darkening: “The bodyguards have moved. Some of them are different, well, I smell the smell of a mercenary from their bodies.”

Even though the situation was not quite right, Ye Wenxuan really wanted to spit at this big bodyguard brother he had barely seen a few times: what f*king dog nose do you have, you can even smell other people from two floors away.

“It should be that the monitoring failure alarmed them.” Xing Yuan got up from his seat and walked around the desk. He walked up to Wilson: “Five years of friendship, you’re not planning to continue?”

Wilson’s throat rolled: “Xing…”

“Do you still remember what you said to me during the riots in Turkey.” Xing Yuan leaned down, staring at him: “You said, afterwards we would be lifelong brothers, and you wanted your future daughter to recognize me as her godfather.”

Wilson’s facial muscles trembled: “I did say…”

Liang Haoying quickly pulled out his gun: “Boss, if we don’t leave I’m afraid it will be difficult to escape.”

Ye Wenxuan had already left the window: “You still expected him to remember your past friendship? He sold you long ago.”

“I know.” Xing Yuan faintly said: “It’s not like I haven’t been sold by others before.”

He said: “Wilson, it’s only a matter of time before the Brotherhood is annihilated. Do you dare to make a big gamble?”

“Big gamble…” Wilson looked at him, looking very different from the panic and alarm just now. There was some shrewdness in his eyes: “What’s the gamble?”

Xing Yuan said in a low voice: “Bet that I win.”


Three minutes later, the door to the study was kicked open, and a tall white man in combat fatigues first entered the room. Holding a gun in both hands, he first swept a glance across all of the hidden corners of the room.

However, in the study there was only Wilson, who was tied up in a chair with a piece of tape on his mouth.

The white man cursed. He walked over to tear off the tape on the other person’s mouth, then grabbed his neck: “Where’s the people?!”

Wilson’s face immediately became liver-colored.

White man: “Speak, where did the people run off to!”

One of his men behind him said carefully: “Boss, you are pinching him, people can’t speak.”

Flying Wolf small captain: “Son of a bitch, who asked you to speak, shut up!”

The man immediately went silent.

Wilson coughed and squeezed out a sentence: “To…the north gate…ran…”

The little captain looked down at him and released his hand after a while. He casually pointed at two people: “You two, stay here and watch over him. If this guy does anything funny just directly kill him. Everyone else, follow me to go after those slippery Chinese people!”

A group of people noisily left again.

Leaving only two little men with machine guns.

Wilson was still holding his neck and coughing. He coughed more and more severely, as if he wanted to cough up his entire lung.

One of the Flying Wolf members went up and kicked him: “Don’t cough! If you make lao zi annoyed, I’ll shoot you to death later!”

Wilson flipped to the ground along with the chair: “Cough cough cough——”

“Lao zi told you to stop…well…”

A strong static electricity sprang down the carpet to the feet of the two people. The talking man’s tongue knotted, rolling his eyes and falling to the ground.

The other person was no better off than him, falling facedown to the ground.

Wilson: “?!!”

Those people who had come in had all looked down on him. Those ropes tied to his body were actually all slip-knots.

He struggled to untie the rope, and then crawled to the bookshelf. After groping his way to the panel and carrying out a series of identification procedures, the wall in front silently slid to the sides, revealing a small space inside.

It was the hidden room that Liang Haoying had discovered before.

At this time there were four people sitting and standing in the hidden room. Ye Wenxuan was sitting cross-legged on the ground, one hand pulling at the carpet under his feet. He seemed very interested in that plush fabric.

A large piece of water stain wet the carpet from his hand all the way to the outside of the study. The other people all stood half a meter away from him in the dry zone, each showing a desire to protect their safety.

Xing Yuan leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed. After the door opened, he looked up: “Brother, your appearance is really not great.”

“Bullshit, I almost got strangled to death.” Wilson’s voice was hoarse: “Hurry away now.”

The crowd of people no longer said any more nonsense, smoothly cleaning up and leaving. At the door, Xing Yuan turned back and looked at Wilson standing in the study. He held a USB with two fingers and lightly waved at him: “Brother, see you.”

Wilson waved him away.

The two groups of invaders went further and further in opposite directions, and when one of them returned, Xing Yuan had already run far away.

In the study on the second floor of the private villa, Wilson put on his gloves, pulled a pistol out of the drawer, and shot the two people on the ground.

“I really didn’t think, in this world there would really be superhumans with heaven-defying powers.” He sat back in his chair, pointed the gun at his own thigh, and shot himself in the leg.

“With…this kind of person to help…this big gamble…maybe we can turn the tables…”


On the other side, Cherno and Liang Haoying each left in a car, and managed to lure a few small drones near Wilson’s mansion and more than half of the Flying Wolf mercenaries hiding near the estate away.

Xing Yuan wore dark glasses to cover his eyes, drilling into the woods outside the estate with Ye Wenxuan.

“If we can escape, you really could learn from what I did before, pretend to be blind and try out that kind of feeling.” Ye Wenxuan walked while teasing: “Or let’s go dye your hair blond, and then buy a pair of fashion glasses. Your blue eyes and Asian face is too eye-catching.”

“Don’t joke around.” Xing Yuan glanced at him in warning and then secretly pointed behind them: “See, what is behind us.”

The two people leaned behind a large tree. Ye Wenxuan looked back and sure enough found a small drone flying through the tree branches, but it did not find them.

He watched the drone fly away, and wanted to sigh: “In the end, how many Flying Wolf people are ambushed near your brother’s villa ah. This is the sixth drone we saw today ba, in order to deal with you, the Flying Wolf this group of terrorists are really bleeding.”

Wilson Buck’s estate was located in the suburbs, with few neighbors and only a few rough roads passing through. The estate was surrounded by golf lawn or woods, which were usually designed to prevent outsiders from breaking in by mistake. There were even many security guards arranged all over the place. From every aspect, it could be said that this place was deserted.

And now this place was occupied by the Brotherhood and the Flying Wolf club. Cherno and Liang Haoying’s car had attracted most of the firepower, so Xing Yuan and Ye Wenxuan hid in the woods, heading over to the west under the shade of the trees.

Near the west side, far away from the road in the estate’s watched areas, there was a car already prepared. They just needed to get there and drive away.

The two men spoke, and had already walked most of the way.

“Do you know where all this money came from.” Xing Yuan pulled his wrist to walk faster, threading through the trees: “I had speculated before that it should be someone from the Xing family sponsoring them.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What kind of sponsorship, money? Or arms?”

Xing Yuan turned to look at him: “Maybe both.”

Ye Wenxuan showed an appearance full of excitement that “your family was actually selling arms and was caught by me”, and felt that he had made another leap forward in his task.

Xing Yuan: “But even if you know, there’s no evidence, so it’s not at all useful.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I guess that you will definitely reveal it to me?”

Xing Yuan: “Very sorry, you guessed wrong.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Don’t refuse so quickly ah, how about you consider it some more?”

He opened his mouth and wanted to continue speaking, when Xing Yuan suddenly stopped walking and pulled him to a stop.

“Wait, don’t move.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately stopped, cautiously asking: “What’s wrong?”

“Left foot…slowly bring it back a bit.” Xing Yuan lowered his head and pulled down his sunglasses, staring at the ground.

Ye Wenxuan looked down along his line of sight.

At first he didn’t see anything, but after looking more closely, he found a clue.

Ye Wenxuan held his breath and slowly pulled back his left foot, his voice somewhat dry: “This is…a tripwire, they actually buried mines here.”

Xing Yuan did not speak. He carefully bent down, brushing the leaves and weeds beside their feet to the side, revealing the barely noticeable wire.

Then he picked up a branch and tried to follow it to the end of the wire. Soon the two of them saw a buried mine in the ground half a meter away.

“It was buried underground, I can’t tell what kind of mine it is.” Xing Yuan said quietly: “Thankfully it’s a tripwire type, if it were a pressure-triggered mine that would explode once we stepped on it, we would definitely have been blown up.”

Ye Wenxuan stood still, not daring to step around randomly: “If I knew about this earlier, it would have been better to just follow Cherno and Liang Haoying to drive out.”

Xing Yuan continued to carefully use the branch to clean up the ground and confirm the safety of the rest of the surrounding area, while saying: “They must have already been fighting there. The mines did not detonate, we should still be safe.”

“The Flying Wolves were afraid that we would sneak away through the woods, and these mines were probably what they used to block the estate. Once we detonate the mines, the mercenaries in the manor would be able to hear it. By that time we would really be stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Ye Wenxuan also picked up a branch while he was speaking. He had received some special training, and his technique was still somewhat professional. Not long afterward, he removed some of the soil around the mine and gradually revealed the murder weapon below the ground.

“Well, it looks a little like a US-made M16 anti-personnel bouncing mine.” He observed while saying: “It might also just be an imitation. This thing can be detonated in midair, specifically to blow up people’s upper body. The range of damage is more than 30 meters.”

Xing Yuan: “You know a lot, can you break it down?”

Ye Wenxuan pulled back the branch: “It’s best not to try. If it has some preventative measures, such as a M26 hand grenade underneath, we wouldn’t want to live.”

## Wilson’s worrying Chinese level ##

Wilson said fondly in his lame Chinese: “Oh, Xing! Could you have forgotten our days of forever?”

Everyone: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “President Xing, originally this was your real lover?”

Cherno put away his gun and bowed down with Liang Haoying: “Sister-in-law good!”

Flying Wolf club members: “We caught a key individual! Guys, we can use him to directly hold Xing Yuan hostage!”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “Please change the idiom to ‘working together’, thank you!”

Translator Notes:

[1] eternal – 海枯石烂, idiom, means until the end of time
[2] more solid than gold – 情比金坚, idiom, means love is more solid than gold (not friendship)
[3] long and happy – 百年好合, basically a wedding greeting, may you live a long and happy life together (also not friendship)
[4] armed – 荷枪实弹, idiom, but basically means carrying loaded firearms
[5] protect their safety – 明哲保身, idiom, means a wise man looks after his own hide, put one’s own personal safety before matters of principle
[6] heaven-defying – 得天独厚, idiom, means blessed by heaven, favored by nature
[7] joke around – 贫嘴, basically indulging in idle gossip and silly jokes, chattering endlessly
[8] deserted – 人迹罕至, idiom, means off the beaten track
[9] blown up – 凶多吉少, idiom, means inauspicious, disastrous
[10] could you have forgotten – 蓝道泥已经忘记窝们辣些, it’s actually really funny bc these characters are all wrong, they just sound kind of like the Chinese translation of this
[11] working together – 协力同心, idiom, means working together for a common cause, compared to the original idiom of staying together forever in the context of romance

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 12:45 pm – 2 pm, for 4.1k characters to 2.7k words.

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