100kV Chapter 37

Chapter 37
Going to London

Perhaps Ye Wenxuan’s voice was too high just now, a “dong” sound suddenly came from the wall across from the bed. Someone scolded in English: “Are you not letting people sleep!”

The room fell into silence for a moment. Ye Wenxuan reached out for the cell phone that the other person had placed on the beside table. He poked his finger at the port and in probably less than a minute, the phone was fully charged.

He casually pressed the power button and waited for a moment, and then looked at the time on the screen.

It was already past one in the morning.

Xing Yuan personally saw his speciality of “charge for a minute, talk for two hours,” and barely resisted clapping in praise: “En, a humanoid charger?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Lao zi is a humanoid nuclear power plant.”

He threw the cell phone back at Xing Yuan, then lifted his foot and kicked the bed: “Hey, scoot inside a little.”

Xing Yuan squinted at him: “Why.”

“To find you, I’ve been running around for an entire day, I’m about to die from sleepiness.” Ye Wenxuan said: “Previously I’ve saved you so many times, giving your life-saving benefactor a sleeping position, isn’t that proper?”

Xing Yuan: “If you’re tired go sleep next door.”

Ye Wenxuan lifted up his eyelids: “Didn’t I tell you, I locked myself out.” As he spoke, he kicked the foot of the bed again: “Why do I feel like the bed in your room is bigger than mine, my room has a single bed.”

Xing Yuan moved to the side: “Don’t need to compare, the bed in the two rooms are the same. You feel like they’re different because you envy me, and subconsciously think that my things are better than yours.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wrong, I just unilaterally think that you must have chosen a luxury single room.”

As he spoke, he raised his long legs and crawled onto the bed. After he lay down, he found that it really was no different from the single bed next door.

“…” After a moment of silence, he threw the dagger under his butt to the ground and said: “It’s a little crowded.”

Xing Yuan: “Nonsense.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Move inside a little bit more, I’m almost going to fall down.”

Xing Yuan didn’t move at first, but then moved a few more inches inward.

Five minutes later, Ye Wenxuan turned his head: “Can I open the window, two big men lying on a bed, I’m almost dying from the heat.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

That wasn’t it, after a while, Ye Wenxuan’s voice sounded again: “I suddenly remembered a thing ah, where did Cherno run off to?”

Xing Yuan really couldn’t bear it anymore. He turned and faced Ye Wenxuan, reaching out a hand and covering the lower half of the young man’s face.

“If you don’t want to sleep, then trouble you to get off the bed and sit on the stool, we don’t need to squeeze onto a bed.” He leaned over to the other person’s ear and gloomily said: “But if you still want to lie here, shut up and sleep honestly, do you hear me?”

Ye Wenxuan poked a finger on that palm, a trace current springing out of his fingertip like a small snake. Xing Yuan only felt like there was something rushing out from his palm, and just as he became alert, half of his body was already paralyzed.

Ye Wenxuan poked a finger on the back of his hand, and laughed: “How is it big boss, comfortable?”

Xing Yuan: “…Comfortable your sister.”

Ye Wenxuan electrocuted him again: “Trouble you to be more polite to my sister. You never say dirty words in public, but are actually such a stinky hooligan?”

“Ye Wenxuan.” Xing Yuan gritted his teeth: “You try to electrocute me again…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Do I not dare to try?”

So Xing Yuan was electrocuted again.

“Don’t let me…catch your ponytail.” The paralysis of his limbs made him unable to even move his fingers. Half of Xing Yuan’s face was trapped in the pillow, and the two eyes revealed shone with a cold, icy blue.

Ye Wenxuan took advantage of this person’s rare moment of weakness, and turned to come close and admire his eyes, and really also wanted to touch them.

After a moment, he sighed: “These are really the most beautiful eyes I have seen in my twenty or so years.”

Xing Yuan said nothing, and only stared at him coldly with those eyes.

But Ye Wenxuan was simply not afraid, he poked here and there, and finally even opened Xing Yuan’s messy pajamas, using his hands to touch that eight pack of abs that made him envious.

Xing Yuan: “…Hey, if you keep touching, I’m going to report you for sexual harassment.”

Ye Wenxuan sat up, and taking advantage of the fact that this person couldn’t move, especially cheekily responded: “If you have the skill you also touch ah.”

Xing Yuan tried to move his finger, but gave up.

“So, Cherno and Liang Haoying haven’t returned for this long, did they go out to do some bad things?” Ye Wenxuan reached his hand over and stroked Xing Yuan’s blue eyes across his eyelids.

Xing Yuan was silent, meeting his gaze for a few seconds.

Ye Wenxuan moved back: “You still don’t trust me.”

Xing Yuan raised a corner of his mouth, but there was no smile in his eyes: “If it were you, if you met a stranger who had just sexually harassed you, would you trust him?”

Then he would probably kill him directly. Ye Wenxuan pretended he didn’t hear this sentence, and said: “You have a lot of trust in Cherno.”

“Your natures are different.”

Ye Wenxuan frowned: “Where are we not the same?”

Xing Yuan: “He can go die for me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“If I made him pull out a gun and kill himself, he wouldn’t hesitate.” Even though he couldn’t move and was lying on his side on the bed, Xing Yuan still seemed to be more imposing than Ye Wenxuan sitting cross-legged on the side.

He said: “He can go die because of a word from me, can you?”

Ye Wenxuan was silent for a moment: “He is your dog, I am not.”

Xing Yuan smiled self-deprecatingly and was about to speak, but Ye Wenxuan suddenly leaned over again, and said in a low voice very close to him: “But the things that he can’t do, I can do.”

As he murmured, the wind began to blow outside the window.

In this dark night, most of the people in Jaya are still sleeping, and were unaware that the sky outside was covered by dark clouds.

The wind began to howl, thunder gathered in the clouds, and sometimes let out a hair-raising roar.

A ray of lightning suddenly exploded outside the window, startling the guests in the Matt Hotel. Questioning voices and cries sounded in the corridor, the walls were too thin, so the two men in the room heard them very clearly.

From Xing Yuan’s perspective, Ye Wenxuan’s side was facing the window. Lightning lit up half of his body, and also allowed him to see the other person’s expression.

His eyes were shockingly bright.

Outside the window, the wind was wild, the thunder and lightning plummeted, and a storm was about to hit.

“What Cherno can’t do, I can do. The people he can protect, I can also protect.” With the roar of the thunder in the background, Ye Wenxuan slowly leaned down, and lightly said in his ear: “But, in order to protect one of you, why do I have to spare no effort to chase you abroad, and when you question me, I still have to smile and reach my face over to give you to slap for fun?”

He sneered: “Xing Yuan, if it weren’t for the order of the Special Affairs Department, why do you think?”

“Is your life worth more than anyone else’s? So many people died at Westminister University because of you, did you care?” Ye Wenxuan’s voice was very light, but it seemed louder than the thunder outside the window: “Before you question the character of others, please see clearly what kind of person you are, and whether you have the qualifications, the right, to question a person approaching you in good faith.”

Xing Yuan’s breathing stopped.

Outside the window, a bolt of lightning suddenly cut through the sky, and rain poured down.

Afterward the two people did not talk. Ye Wenxuan seemed unafraid of Xing Yuan finding trouble for him, he was really too sleepy. So he just kicked the other person inside, grabbed the only pillow on the bed, and fell asleep.

The paralysis of his body for a few dozen minutes.

When his four limbs regained consciousness, Xing Yuan didn’t move much, just turning over from lying on his side to lying on his back.

His gaze was still to the outside of the open window, the rain was drizzling down, as if the miracle creator had gone to sleep. Even the lightning and thunder had started waning.

“Can manipulate the lightning, call the wind and rain…” His eyes slowly moved from the lightning outside to the sleeping young man next to him, muttering: “Then, the lightning in Westminister this morning was also because of you.”

His life was not more precious than others, but wearing the Xing family name, and also as the eldest son, he was destined to live a life more difficult than the average person.

If he could choose…

Xing Yuan raised a hand, and rubbed his brows.

Unfortunately, not everything can be “chosen” at will.


The next morning, after the rain cleared, the power system near the older areas were urgently repaired. About an hour later, the nearby power supply gradually stabilized.

Sasha helped Ye Wenxuan open the door with a spare key, while looking for some topics to chat with him about: “This morning I watched the Jaya morning news, and experts said that this rain was particularly strange. Our power failure here may also be related to the lightning.”

Ye Wenxuan casually nodded.

Sasha looked at the man next to him, and wanted to flirt, but then felt like the two men were both very handsome. She couldn’t choose, and finally asked Ye Wenxuan: “Or should I help you back to the room?”

Xing Yuan glanced at her: “I’ll help him, you can go.”

The girl was somewhat regretful, and then grabbed Ye Wenxuan to chat a bit more, before turning to go downstairs.

Ye Wenxuan still particularly playfully kept his eyes closed, pretending to wave in the direction of the corridor: “I can’t see, so I won’t send you.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

When they both entered the house, Ye Wenxuan immediately opened his eyes: “What are you still helping me for, let go.”

Xing Yuan smiled slightly: “I saw that you were quite invested in performing.”

“The audience is already gone, what performing.” He ran a hand through his hair, and went into the bathroom to pack up the toiletries. “What are you planning to do next, are you going to find whoever that is?”

Xing Yuan leaned sideways on the doorframe of the bathroom and casually said: “Go find Wilson.”

“Oh, to get that investigation material you were talking about.”


It’s not me saying.” Ye Wenxuan brushed his teeth and vaguely said: “What kind of era is it now, will you die from sending an email? You still have to go personally in the flesh, were you electrocuted silly by me?”

Xing Yuan was unmoved: “If it were a day ago, I could do that.”

“Wilson is also a person who seeks benefits above all else, or else the ‘Black Gate’ wouldn’t be so successful.” He calmly said: “I’m currently in a very dangerous position, and if he has defected temporarily, it would not be surprising in the least.”

Ye Wenxuan: “You mean that if you don’t personally make a trip, your friend would very likely turn around and help the Flying Wolf against you?”

Xing Yuan grunted.

Ye Wenxuan spit out his mouthful of toothpaste, and turned to look back at him: “It seems that your ability to make friends is also not great.”

“The people in this circle are basically all like this.” Xing Yuan heard his taunt, but didn’t think it was strange: “I’m not sure if Wilson will betray me, but I’m also not going to go to Red Rose that kind of place to try my luck.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What do you want to do?”

Xing Yuan: “His private estate is not far from the city of Jaya, I want to directly go be a guest.”

If he was talking about sneaking around the bodyguards, breaking the security system, knocking the beautiful mistress unconscious, then throwing Wilson into the study and letting Cherno place a gun to his head, that could be considered “being a guest” in Xing Yuan’s mouth.

Then everything was really quite wonderful.

Except for Mr. Wilson Buck, who was held at gunpoint.

“Hi, my dear friend, what are you doing here.” Wilson showed a smile that was even uglier than crying: “I thought that we were friends, if you wanted to be a guest at my house, you can actually use a gentler way.”

Xing Yuan sat at the table on the other side, entertaining Ye Wenxuan with Wilson’s collection in the wine cabinet.

“This bottle was one that my friend Wilson took down for $50k at an auction the year before, taste it?”

Ye Wenxuan watched him take out the bottle, which was still stained with some soil, and said very enviously: “Give me a glass…no, a mouthful, I’ll just taste a sip.”

Ye Wenxuan opened the bottle: “What can you taste from a sip.”

“I also don’t want to.” Ye Wenxuan watched him pour the wine, and hooked a glass with his fingertips: “When I drink I get drunk very easily, and once I’m drunk I’ll start lightning and thunder. En, you saw that scene.”

Xing Yuan’s pouring action paused, and then he smoothly placed the glass already filled with wine back in front of himself, and casually picked up the bottle on the table filled with cold water, pouring a glass of cold water for Ye Wenxuan.

“Drink this ba, it’s good for your health.” He said naturally.

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

## Xing boss in the little theater is silly ##

Xing Yuan: “This bottle is the Wilson manor’s ultimate treasure, a ’82 year bottle of Lafite!”

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh oh oh! Make sure to give me a glass!”

Xing Yuan: “Come, I’ll open it to let you see.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Just see?”

Xing Yuan [taking out cold water]: “Lafite is for me to drink, for you…come, quickly try this ’82 year cold water!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I’m telling you, you recently are more and more in need of electrocuting.”

Translator Notes:

[1] unilaterally – 单方面, I think it means he just always thinks that?
[2] your sister – 你妹, basically just a cuss term
[3] stranger – 非亲非故, idiom, not really a stranger, but basically someone unrelated to him either as a relative or as a friend
[4] waning – 偃旗息鼓, idiom, means to cease, to give in
[5] it’s not me saying – 不是我说, kind of confusing, but I think this means something like he’s saying it, but other people would agree with him
[6] silly – 逗比, apparently slang for a silly but amusing person

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9:30 am – 10:30 am, for 4k characters to 2.6k words. This is one of my favorite chapters, YWX really giving XY a piece of his mind. Also my wordpress formatting has changed for some reason, the separators no longer go across the page. Strange.

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  1. Xing Yuan’s definition of ‘being a guest’ sounds very fun. Of course, Wenxuan using his awesome human nuclear plant powers is even better~ He’s definitely gonna get a big scolding from the SAD when he gets back though XD

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