100kV Chapter 36

Chapter 36
Going to London

Ye Wenxuan’s eyelids jumped, and then he saw a black shadow roll out from beneath the bed. The lightning in his hands suddenly shot out, and that black shadow simply did not have any time to react, immediately getting caught.

With a crisp “pa” sound, that high intensity static electricity directly hit the other person’s body, without anyone being able to prevent it!

Cherno grunted and his body shook. Then he quickly got down on one knee, enduring Ye Wenxuan’s move with difficulty.

“Cherno?” Ye Wenxuan sat on the chair and slightly leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees. He recognized the other person’s face under the light: “He’s actually here, you two can communicate?” As he said this, he felt a bit of bad taste in his heart: “You really trust him enough, you threw off me and Zhang Qingxue, but let him follow you.”

But even like this, when Cherno was electrocuted, Xing Yuan was not worried at all, which made no sense.

He was just thinking about how in the end these two people were related when Xing Yuan had already pointed at the big man on the ground and said: “This person, I can reintroduce to you.”

“Eisen Cherno, a dead soldier I brought back from the Black Gate. He is a trained combat weapon, and recognizes only one master in his life. If the master he needed to protect died, he would immediately slit his throat.” Xing Yuan indifferently said: “If it were you, with two unidentified suspicious people on one side and your own dead soldier on the other, which one would you choose?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Isn’t that just nonsense.

But then he immediately remembered that bit of conversation in the Red Rose Club when the waiters holding the platters were whispering and saying that they wanted to go back to gamble in the place behind the “door”.

As he thought this, he asked, “Black Gate…what is it?”

Xing Yuan snapped his finger: “A question for a question, we will both consciously try to treat each other a bit more frankly, what do you think?”

Ye Wenxuan hesitated for a moment, but still nodded.

Xing Yuan seemed more satisfied. He waved casually at the big man not far away: “Cherno, you first go to find Liang Haoying.”

Cherno: “Servant…”

Xing Yuan frowned: “What else do you have?”

Ye Wenxuan waved his hand at him: “He suffered from some strong static electricity from me, I estimate that now his legs are still paralyzed. You let him recover for a bit.”

Xing Yuan looked at Cherno. The other person was half kneeling by the bed, his head hanging, and his right hand on the ground was trembling.

Sure enough, after ten or so minutes, this big dead soldier moved and limped out with difficulty.

Ye Wenxuan watched him leave while thinking about another matter in his heart: after Liang Haoying left that office he never appeared again, could it have been for another reason?

Just as he was thinking, Xing Yuan had already opened his mouth: “On the first day here, I took a trip to the Red Rose Club.”

“The boss of the clubhouse is my friend, a naturally dissolute wastrel, and for some reasons that you know I asked him for a dead soldier.” Xing Yuan calmly said: “The result was that night, Wilson told me that someone had snuck into his territory and gone around.”

Ye Wenxuan touched his nose: “…Oh?”

“And even knocked out an Asian employee who hadn’t been on the job for very long.” Xing Yuan looked at him: “But what a coincidence, there’s a monitor in the staff lounge, but you walked too hurriedly, and didn’t see it on top of the cabinet. Even though the picture shot by the surveillance wasn’t very clear, the body shape and appearance could still roughly be seen.”

Ye Wenxuan thought back, he really did seem to have gone into the lounge, and even casually done some disguising in there…

Wait, he couldn’t have just revealed himself like that, if the clubhouse people really found him, how could they still let him safely just walk around like that?

As if he could tell what he was thinking, Xing Yuan said: “When it happened no one paid attention, but then the Asian waiter woke up and yelled that he had been lying in the back alley for an entire night and shouted to resign. The result was that he had shocked Wilson. Well, I was lucky enough to be able to watch from the side when checking the surveillance.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan got his point across and blocked Ye Wenxuan’s mouth, and immediately pulled back the topic: “Black Gate is a business run by the Red Rose Clubhouse, it is a trading platform, but the things sold are more unique.”

Ye Wenxuan sat up straight: “What does Black Gate sell? People, or arms?”

Ye Wenxuan stretched out a finger and shook it: “One question has been answered.”

Ye Wenxuan stared at him: “Your answer was too general, this question was equivalent to not being answered. Are you playing word games with me?”

“Our positions don’t align, and there are some things that I can’t give you a straight answer for. I think that you can understand.” Xing Yuan quietly said: “It’s my turn.”

He asked: “Who is your boss?”

This question was simply straight for the vitals.

Ye Wenxuan looked at him through lowered eyelids, and answered without much hesitation: “Pipilu.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing Yuan almost thought that he had misheard: “What?”

“Your hearing is fine.” Ye Wenxuan sat back on the chair and said slyly: “My boss is codenamed Pipilu, it’s true.”

His attitude was clear: If you don’t give me proper answers, don’t expect me to follow the rules.

He used the simplest way to give Xing Yuan a powerful response, and was not willing to suffer the slightest disadvantage.

The original frozen atmosphere was made unstable by this sentence. Xing Yuan laughed: “Okay, you really are good at applying what you learn.”

Ye Wenxuan snorted: “No, I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine.”

The second question, he asked: “Why are you being hunted by these mercenaries?”

“I’m not clear.” Xing Yuan bent his finger and tapped it lightly on the wall: “But my most recent speculation is that someone is paying them to attack me, probably…a family dispute ba.”

“What relative has so much hatred that they would hire an entire team of mercenaries to kill you?” Ye Wenxuan asked doubtfully: “Do you think that this is like a Hollywood blockbuster ah, how could these kinds of scenes appear in real life.”

Xing Yuan spread out his hands: “But if it was a family that had countless connections and resources and was very, very, very rich, such as in my situation, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

Ye Wenxuan still sneered: “People who hold connections and resources can still be chased around the UK by dozens of gun wielders?”

“I never said that I had those things.” Xing Yuan laughed self-deprecatingly: “The connections and resources belong to the Xing family. The person who sits at the head is the one who would be closer to them. And I, am just a little character.”

“But if their greed overwhelms them, and they want to hold them all in their palms, they will inevitably set themselves on fire.”

Ye Wenxuan was a little stunned: “You…”

Xing Yuan waved his hand: “It’s my turn.”

“Who else from your group is there by my side?”

Ye Wenxuan froze. He looked at Xing Yuan, and then raised his hand and pointed at himself.

Xing Yuan: “Besides you.”

Ye Wenxuan: “None.”

Xing Yuan: “…Eh?”

Ye Wenxuan blinked very innocently: “I only know of myself, really.”

Xing Yuan’s expression was a little indescribable.

“Previously when I was leaving Westminister, I always brought you and Zhang Qingxue along because I knew that there would definitely be people lurking near me, both good and bad.” He slightly sneered: “Before, I wasn’t sure about the two of your identities, and also wanted to find the opportunity to test you out, but later you this stupid kid actually exposed yourself.” As he spoke, he exposed an expression of not understanding: “Is the Special Affairs Department now so casual, not letting you go through some special training or anything.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Don’t say it, he was really tossed around for more than four months, and then received a report card with a full row of red.

“Wait a minute, you said ‘us both.’” He scooted his chair slightly closer: “What is Zhang Qingxue’s identity?”

Because of his question, Xing Yuan seemed to think of something, and snorted: “Since you were sent here to protect me, then she would be the scorpion that other people placed by me. But if used well, this scorpion might not only be used to destroy the enemy, but might also be able to counterattack against its master.”

“Previously I thought that the scorpion might hide a little deeper and pretend to be the kind of person I would like better. That would make it a lot easier, whether to spy on my trip or to steal trade secrets.” He looked at Ye Wenxuan, his expression somewhat hard to describe: “It seems like I thought too much.”

Ye Wenxuan: “What are you looking at me for…could it be that you thought I was a scorpion?”

Xing Yuan: “After all, you came at a very sensitive time.”

Ye Wenxuan still wanted to ask for details when Xing Yuan interrupted him: “Should be me.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Hu, all right, you ask.”

Xing Yuan: “To what extent can you use your ability?”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him: “Electrocuting you to death is not a problem.” After saying this he didn’t wait for Xing Yuan to continue, quickly asking: “Since you know that you were being hunted, why did you choose to leave the protection of the Special Affairs Department and run to England?”

This time Xing Yuan did not try to con him: “I have too many suspicious people around me. The protection from the Special Affairs Department is very good, but it is also because of your very obvious actions that those people would hide deeper, and can usually only direct a group of mercenaries to hang around me.”

“They’re like a time bomb, hovering around my vitals. At any time they could destroy my flesh and blood, I can’t endure it.”

Another round of Q&A began.

Xing Yuan: “That milk truck outside Westminister University, was it prepared by your people?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Yes. What are you going to do next, single-handedly fight against an entire mercenary team?”

Xing Yuan: “Find a person, and take some things. Who is the person you are in contact with, and where are they now?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Cannibal flower, I have not seen him, and I don’t know where he is. What are you going to get?”

Xing Yuan: “The evidence of communication and financial transactions between the Flying Wolf and the Xing family. What is your code name?”

Ye Wenxuan yawned: “Mage. What are you even going to do with the evidence, sue them?”

“It’s not me just saying this, this kind of big family like yours really has a lot of drama, a simple power grab actually involved extremist terrorist organizations. Can you make up for those innocents who died because of these matters?”

The light in the room suddenly went out, Xing Yuan’s phone ran out of power.

In the darkness, the man gently snorted and touched his way to the bed, turning over and lying down: “I have never been a good person, but I also hate killing the innocent.”

Ye Wenxuan still sat in the chair: “While it’s dark, and there’s no light in the room, let’s talk about some more emotional issues.”

Xing Yuan smiled and didn’t object.

“When you appear as a public figure, and when you were in the Red Rose Club, you have two different personalities.”

“One is cold and hard, not only rigid as a board but also like the ‘King of Hell face’, and the other one I haven’t seen much, but it should be infinitely close to that of a stinky rogue.” Ye Wenxuan propped his head on his hand, saying somewhat playfully: “Speak truthfully, are you not tired of switching between these two personalities? Or…are you schizophrenic?”

Xing Yuan sneered: “What f*king schizophrenia.”

Ye Wenxuan let out an “oh”: “Then it’s camouflage.” With that, he suddenly moved with the chair, shifting all the way over to the bed and directly getting in front of Xing Yuan.

Xing Yuan raised a corner of his mouth, saying: “Wei, the walls here are thin, make your movements lighter.”

“I know that the walls are thin, so I came over to talk.” Ye Wenxuan tried to observe his face in the dark: “I’m telling you, I was next door just now and I could even hear the sound of your shower clearly. Us talking so far apart, the people on the other side of the wall could probably hear.”

Xing Yuan turned his face in Ye Wenxuan’s direction: “I was just saying, you stood outside my door and knocked for five minutes, how could you be so sure someone was inside.”

Ye Wenxuan: “One question one answer, are we going to continue?”

Xing Yuan: “You’re addicted to it now aren’t you.”

Ye Wenxuan ignored his teasing and continued to ask: “These two personalities, which one is your true character?”

Xing Yuan crossed his arms while lying down, lazily saying: “Neither. In the end are you a designer, a photography enthusiast, or a secret police officer?”

Ye Wenxuan responded: “I am not like you, I am all of them. The company has always been circulating news about your affairs with your ten assistants, so which one do you actually love?”

Xing Yuan: “?”

Ye Wenxuan showed a face of anticipation.

“What kind of joke is this, affair?” He almost thought he heard wrong: “Where did you hear this messy gossip!”

Ye Wenxuan: “No?”

Xing Yuan decisively said: “Complete nonsense.”

Ye Wenxuan oh’d in disappointment: “That Xia Yanbin?”

Xing Yuan’s mouth twitched: “Blind imagination from the entertainment news, no.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Well…Lei Xiangming? Li Fei? Cherno? That boss of the Huaxia hotel? Or the previous photographer?”

In the dark a big hand quickly reached over and knocked on his forehead. Ye Wenxuan was beaten until he saw stars and cried: “F*k, why are you hitting me?”

Xing Yuan clenched his teeth: “I want to hit you to death.”

the author has something to say: you bad guys, you actually say that my little shou has 28 cm, how do you want the only 20 cm xing boss to feel?? (ノへ ̄、)

i guess that many people don’t know who pipilu is, this is from zheng yuanjie’s novel <<pipilu and lusisi>>, this definitely exposes my age.

so the head of the counter-terrorism operation team is code named “lusisi” and the deputy head is code named “pipilu”

[this story is one that i started writing after i finished my previous story in order to adjust my mood, i didn’t expect that so many people would read it. the set up for this story is not very strict, i hope everyone can forgive me, thank you (*/w\*)]

## q&a segment ##

Xing Yuan asked: “How do you generate electricity?”

Ye Wenxuan replied: “Use love to generate electricity.”

Ye Wenxuan asked: “Are you really 20 cm?”

Xing Yuan responded: “21 cm.”

[so i’m saying, the little theaters are all fake, fake!]

Translator Notes:

[1] bad taste – 滋味, kind of hard to describe, direct translation means taste, it’s kind of like uncomfortable and jealous but not as serious, in this case i’m using the context of leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth
[2] dead soldier – 死士, quite a literal translation, I’m assuming this means like “braindead” as in he’s dead loyal
[3] revealed himself – 露出马脚, idiom, means to unmask their true nature, to give it away
[4] pipilu – 皮皮鲁, apparently a cartoon character from possibly a TV show? seen here: https://baike.baidu.com/item/皮皮鲁
[5] taste of your own medicine – 以其人之道,还治其人之身, such a long idiom, pretty obvious but using an opponent’s own methods to obtain retribution
[6] scorpion – 蝎子, literal definition, basically spy
[7] decisively – 斩钉截铁, idiom, means resolute and unhesitating
[8] pipilu and lusisi – 皮皮鲁和鲁西西, and author 郑渊洁

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 9:30 am – 10:45 am, for 4k characters to 2.8k words. Love these few chapters.

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  3. Dead soldiers are like the dark guards of emperors in ancient times. Meaning, their life is not their own, it’s used to serve their master. And when their master dies, they die too. So they are called dead soldiers. If their master orders them to commit suicide, they will do it. They are unquestionably loyal. It’s not because they are braindead though. Haha. Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍


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