100kV Chapter 35

Chapter 35
Going to London

At 11:30 in the middle of the night, a large section of residential area on the outskirts of Jaya City lost power for some unknown reason.

Seeing that the wall lamp above his head suddenly went out, Ye Wenxuan removed his hand from the power outlet in satisfaction. He blew at the light smoke coming from his fingertip, then lightly moved to the door. He opened the lock and pulled open his door by a seam.

Some people opened their doors and came out to check out the situation. Ye Wenxuan heard a few people loudly complaining, walking over from those multi-person dorm rooms. Some were checking the circuits, and some were just going downstairs, probably to go find the hotel owner.

In the darkness bright lights flashed around from some people turning on the rear flashlight on their phones. The corridor became noisy very quickly, it seemed like most of the people here were night owls.

Ye Wenxuan pushed the door open some more and found that there wasn’t much movement next door, as if no one was living there.

The foreign little brother living across from him also came out. Holding his cell phone, when he turned on the flashlight he suddenly found Ye Wenxuan standing behind the door, almost screaming from fright.

“Oh my God, you almost scared me to death!” He came over, one hand patting his chest. Then he took his phone flashlight and looked over into Ye Wenxuan’s room: “You also have no power in your room ba. Ai, I reckon the circuitry around here is done for, I saw that the building across the way is also blacked out.” He rambled and then suddenly looked at Ye Wenxuan. He unobtrusively stepped back a bit, falteringly saying: “Uh…why, why are you always keeping your eyes closed…”

Ye Wenxuan did not wear his sunglasses when coming out, he was still immersed in his “eyes are blind but heart is not” persona and couldn’t extricate himself. So he just closed his eyes and pretended to be blind, and was also very invested in the play.

“My eyes are not very good.” He showed a strong slight smile, very much with a white lotus temperament: “I can’t see anyway, so I didn’t turn on the lights.”

The little brother across from him had almost thought that he had bumped into some sort of ghost in the middle of the night, and had almost suffocated from fright: “Oh, oh oh, then you came out to…”

“I heard a lot of movement outside, well, I just came out to find out what happened.”

At this time the people in the corridor had basically all returned to their rooms, and only the people who had gone downstairs to find the owner hadn’t come back yet. The little brother sighed: “It seems the power won’t be returning tonight, I will go back to my room to sleep, good night.”

Ye Wenxuan nodded to him with his eyes closed, saying good night.

After waiting until he was the only one left in the corridor, Ye Wenxuan stood still for a moment, and then he reached behind him and closed the door to his room.

With a kacha sound, the door was locked.

Having done this, he walked slowly to the door of the next door room and raised his hand, beginning to knock on the door.

dong. dong. dong.

His knocks weren’t urgent or slow, and were very light. He just kept banging on the door like this for three or four minutes.

Even though there was not a shred of movement on the other side of the door, he never put down his hand, as if he was certain that the person inside could hear him, and would give him a response.

Knocking continuously like this for five minutes, Ye Wenxuan was also not afraid of waking up the people in the nearby rooms. During this time the guests in the other rooms had opened their doors to check, and saw a person standing in the pitch black corridor, and even knocking at a very uniform rate on a door. They all retreated from fear, and then closed the door as fast as possible to drill back under the covers.

Ye Wenxuan ignored all of these people’s movements.

Finally, just as his knuckles were starting to hurt from the knocking, the door in front of him opened slightly with a squeak.

Ye Wenxuan’s movements stopped, his right hand still suspended in the air.

Behind the door was the same deep darkness, with a tall figure silhouetted in the blackness. Ye Wenxuan could not see the other person’s appearance, but his strong sense of existence was indisputable.

His nose twitched slightly, he seemed to smell a faint scent of shower gel.

The person in the door whispered: “What’s the matter.”

Ye Wenxuan came back to his senses. Knowing that the other person couldn’t see him, he still pretended to show a smile: “Sir, I live next door to you. Well, just now I accidentally locked myself out of my room, I…if you don’t mind, can you take me in for a night?”

That person was silent for a moment, as if he was looking at him through the darkness: “You can choose to go downstairs and find the boss.”

“It’s like this, my eyes are not good.” Ye Wenxuan patiently explained: “I left my walking stick back in the room, so right now it is a little hard for me to move. Sir, I heard that you are a Chinese person, I am also, seeing the camaraderie of being countrymen…”

He hadn’t finished talking when suddenly his wrist was grabbed, and he had already been hauled into the room.

His back hit the wall, and a “dong” sound came from behind him, likely the door being kicked shut by a person’s foot.

Ye Wenxuan quickly brought up his left arm and ingeniously blocked the dagger attacking the side of his neck. His right hand was trying to quickly jab under the other person’s ribs, but was inevitably captured.

That hand tyrannically held his wrist and pressed his right hand back on the wall above his head. Then a blazing breath sprayed on the side of his face, burning him so that his breath became slightly irregular.

“Little photographer, did you really think I couldn’t recognize your voice.” The man pressed him tightly against the wall with overwhelming force, bending down and whispering: “Living next door to me, and blind, huh?”

The warm and burning body pressed over him, and Ye Wenxuan finally discovered in shock that the other person wasn’t wearing clothes. He pulled at his wrist: “You…you opened the door not wearing clothes, has president Xing always been this open before?”

With these words, he had already basically admitted that he was Ye Wenxuan.

Xing Yuan did not let go and did not move away, still using his body to suppress him. He just continued: “I told you to go back, you didn’t listen?” After saying this he felt like those words were meaningless. He tsked and simply changed the question: “How did you find me?”

Ye Wenxuan huffed: “Let go first.”

Xing Yuan raised his eyebrows. Who knows what he thought, but he really did let go.

Ye Wenxuan: “Then stand further back a bit, you aren’t even wearing clothes, what are you doing standing so close being a hooligan.”

“Who was the one standing at my door and kept knocking on it.” Xing Yuan no longer stuck to him but turned and walked to the bedroom: “If you weren’t knocking on the door, I would now long have been dressed and gone to sleep.”

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his wrist and followed him: “What were you doing when I was knocking, you took so long to open the door.”

Xing Yuan left the dagger on the bed, not turning his head: “Showering.”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched.

This guy was showering before the power went off, and after he had cut off the power in the area, the rest of the people in the hotel had rioted for a while, but this fellow was actually unmoved, and just continued to shower in the dark.

When the two people were having their confrontation at the door they had been very close to one another. Ye Wenxuan did not feel any steam, but had smelled some refreshing shaving cream. Presumably when he was knocking on the door, Xing Yuan had still calmly wiped himself off, and holding the razor that the hotel had provided, even f*king shaved his beard!

Just thinking about it gave him a toothache.

Ye Wenxuan thought: If it wasn’t for him being his mission target, he would long have electrocuted him until he was breakdancing in the room.

By the time he walked over, Xing Yuan had already put on his pajamas.

Because there was no power, Xing Yuan took out his phone, turned on the rear flashlight, and then casually picked up the glasses he left on the bedside table.

Under the light he carefully studied it and said to the young man walking over: “You found me through this?”

“The tracker is hidden in the leg, it has range restrictions, so I first came to Jaya, and then found you through it.” Ye Wenxuan pulled a chair and sat down. Looking up at the glasses, he frankly said: “I wasn’t sure whether or not you would be in Jaya, and also didn’t know whether or not you would have thrown them away. Using the glasses to find you was just a gamble. I didn’t expect to have won.”

Xing Yuan easily broke off the two legs and knocked them on the beside table.

“If the weight of the two were different, you would probably long have noticed it.” Ye Wenxuan pointed: “It’s the one on the right.”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw Xing Yuan pick up the leg on the left, taking off the leg cover.

Those powerful fingers crushed the leg cover bit by bit from the break point, and soon Xing Yuan stopped. He pointed the opening to the palm of his hand, and then forcefully patted it twice on his palm. Sure enough, something fell out.

Under the bright light of the phone flashlight, both of them saw the grain-sized tracker.

Xing Yuan looked at the young man sitting in his chair with a smile that wasn’t a smile: “The one on the right?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Cough…”

“From my side it’s the right one, and next time I’ll take note of your sense of orientation.” His expression was very calm, as if it was just a small mistake: “You already tore apart the glasses, can you return this little thing to me? After all it’s quite expensive, and if it’s broken I have to compensate…”

Xing Yuan pinched the tracker: “Oh, compensate who?”

Ye Wenxuan: “You guessed who I was early on, could you not think of where this thing was made?”

“If you don’t personally admit it, then some of my guesses will always just be guesses.” Xing Yuan looked at him and threw that mini tracker at him.

He used a little too much strength, and that tracker flew out of Ye Wenxuan’s fingers and was about to fall into the darkness.

In that instant, a thin tail of nearly invisible electricity held it firmly.

The momentum of the tracker was stopped, and and the tracker was pulled back along this tail, falling back into Ye Wenxuan’s empty palm.

This movement was too fast, but Xing Yuan still caught it.

He leaned against the wall next to the bedside table with his arms folded, quietly looking at this uninvited young man.

“This morning, when I was speaking at Westminister University, someone shot me in the head.”

“Oh?” Ye Wenxuan bowed his head and touched his pocket. He came out without his wallet, so he could only carefully put the tracker in his jeans pocket.

“When the bullet flew toward me, I saw it, but the gunman had shot from too close. At that time I expected it to go right through my skull, and if my luck was bad, it might stir up my head and make a big hole in the frontal lobe.” Xing Yuan looked down at his movements, his tone extremely calm, as if he wasn’t talking about his own brain.

“The result was that in that second, I saw an electricity grid. It intercepted the bullet, and saved my life.”

Ye Wenxuan finally put the tracker away and glanced up at him: “Oh, so?”

Xing Yuan’s blue eyes seemed even deeper in the darkness. He slowly said: “The things I saw today, were far more than that.”

“I want to ask you again.” He stared at the calm young man, a slight smile on his lips: “Is there electricity hidden in your eyes?”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t speak.

A long time later, he finally extended his right hand, his palm facing upward, and his five fingers spread out.

First was a handful of weak imperceptible electricity, under the dazzling light of the phone flashlight, it seemed to have no sense of existence.

But then, the electricity pulsed and connected, they quickly combined to form a guiding ladder, the bright blue miniature lightning had already begun to take shape. But then it had no other action, just suspended above Ye Wenxuan’s palm like this, just like a magnificent hologram, attracting people to uncontrollably want to reach out and touch.

Ye Wenxuan leaned back in the chair casually, holding the lightning in the palm of his hand. The young man’s eyelids slightly drooped, as if he was just holding some very ordinary object.

His black pupils shone with the light reflected from the thin lightning, his expression both indifferent and lazy, as if he were a hibernating hunter, repeatedly sharpening the weapon in his hands.

Xing Yuan had never met such a person in his 29 years.

If you were to say that Ye Wenxuan was some sort of top beauty, that would be an exaggeration. But with such a strong superpower, but his own personal charm was not overshadowed, instead making people more and more unable to look away, there was only Ye Wenxuan.

Xing Yuan tightly stared at the lightning, and after a while, showed a smile.

“As a return for your majesty’s sincerity, I think we should also show proper kindness.”

He clapped and whispered: “Cherno, come out.”

## the little theater is fake! ##

Ye Wenxuan [closed eyes]: “Hello, I am your next door neighbor, I am blind. When I went out I forgot to bring my key, can’t you see I’m very pitiful?”

Xing Yuan: f*king dumbass.

Ye Wenxuan [squinting]: “Aiya I’m coming in la…why aren’t you dressed?! Scoundrel!”

Xing Yuan: “Aren’t you blind?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “tsk, 20 cm.”

Translator Notes:

[1] inevitably – 理所当然, idiom, means expected as a matter of course, ofc XY is much stronger physically than YWX, so not much he can do about it lol
[2] calmly – 好整以暇, idiom, means to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or a busy time

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 11 am – 12:15 pm, for 3.8k characters to 2.6k words. This chapter and the next one/two are some of my absolute favorite chapters. I just love the description of YWX here. I also imagine the lightning as kind of in a dna shape, but in the form of the holograms e.g. in avengers.

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