100kV Chapter 33

Chapter 33
Going to London

Then he straightened and turned around, returning to the driver’s seat.

Ye Wenxuan turned his head and saw Zhang Qingxue walking back from far away.

The Zhang girl did not return to the cargo, instead running off to find the president to be coquettish again.

In front of this person, he couldn’t really continue to say anything. He could only turn to go to the other side and open the passenger door, his heart not very comfortable.

Xing Yuan not trusting the two of them, he could completely understand.

If it were him, he might not have allowed any suspicious people to follow him on the car even from the start.

But understanding did not mean that he had no complaints.


By the time they reached Adare, it was just past one in the afternoon. It was already past lunchtime, and there weren’t many cars on the road.

Xing Yuan parked the car on the side of the road opposite the Adare train station and pulled out a cigarette: “It would be much safer for you to take the train back to London. Make sure to listen to the comms, don’t miss your stop.”

Ye Wenxuan leaned back on his seat: “Where are you going?”

Xing Yuan turned and spat out a mouthful of smoke toward him. He raised a corner of his mouth and smiled: “Don’t you think you care too much?”

“Hey.” Ye Wenxuan looked at that smile and suddenly said: “Has anyone said to you that you are especially two-faced?”

Xing Yuan: “Oh, quite a few people say that.”

“In public, this face of yours basically never smiles. I’ve been to your house to take pictures several times, and you still had that rigid and moral appearance. I always thought that your facial muscles were just stiff and you couldn’t laugh at all.” Ye Wenxuan looked at his face: “But today you actually smiled many times. Xing boss, why are you willing to smile today?”

Xing Yuan sneered: “When I see a retard, I instinctively want to laugh.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Goodbye, I feel like I have no parting words for you.”

Xing Yuan raised his hand: “Walk slowly, I won’t send you.”

After getting off the car, Ye Wenxuan asked again: “Only assistant Zhang and I are going back, what are the other Xing group staff going to do? Are you not worried about them?”

Xing Yuan raised his eyelids slightly, sitting there steadily: “All of them will be safer than me. You speak too much nonsense, get out of here.”

Ye Wenxuan slammed the door shut.

Zhang girl wanted to follow Xing Yuan to say a passage about going on a romantic escape, but was pulled out by Ye Wenxuan from the cargo, struggling until it seemed like he was trying to sell her for human trafficking or something. Ye Wenxuan pulled her arm: “He has already left, don’t look anymore! Even if you stand here until you become a statue he will still not come back to look at you!”

Zhang Qingxue covered her face and wailed: “I want to be together with Xing boss, why does he always consider my safety and always face these dangers alone! I know, he left for me!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Girl, you’re thinking too much.

Zhang Qingxue: “No, I want to go after him, and let him know my determination!”

Ye Wenxuan pulled her again: “Great aunt, can you be a little more realistic. Xing Yuan simply did not want to bring us two, and you are ready to use your two legs to chase his four wheels, quickly settle down.”

Zhang Qingxue finally let out a wail.

Ye Wenxuan: “No, I didn’t scold you, grandma you don’t cry like this, other people will think that I did something to you.”

After appeasing the disconsolate Zhang Qingxue, the two sat together in the coffee shop opposite the train station, looking face to face for over ten minutes.

Ye Wenxuan cleared his throat and took the lead in breaking the deadlock: “Then, little sister, what are you planning to do?”

Zhang Qingxue sipped at the coffee in her hands: “What about you?”

Ye Wenxuan said with sincerity: “What else can I do, I’m going to buy tickets to go back.”

Zhang Qingxue: “Oh.”

Ye Wenxuan waited for half a day, and then tentatively said: “Are you not going back with me?”

Zhang Qingxue looked at him, and then suddenly tenderly said: “Ye brother, you are always asking me, you won’t really like me ba?” As she spoke, she blushed: “In fact, I also have good feelings for you. Even though you don’t have the same kind of family background as Xing boss, but your face…well, anyway, if you really have that kind of meaning, we can also get together to see ma~”

Ye Wenxuan’s sip of coffee almost went into his trachea.

He coughed while weakly patting the table for paper towels.

Zhang Qingxue was still talking: “Ye big brother, you are super handsome when not wearing glasses ah, why have you always been wearing those old-fashioned glasses to cover your face ma, making me not have seen you carefully before.”

Ye Wenxuan thought: Fortunately you didn’t look carefully.

The secret in his eyes had already been seen through by Xing Yuan, he definitely could not let a second person find out.

At this time Zhang Qingxue leaned forward to look at him. Ye Wenxuan immediately leaned back a bit and slightly bowed his eyes to avoid the other person. He said: “Since you don’t want to tell me your intentions, it would be better for us to just part ways here?”

Zhang Qingxue: “Ye big brother, are you going back to London?”

“En.” Ye Wenxuan nodded: “Such a big thing happened, I don’t dare to randomly go around. If I can go back I will immediately go back.” After saying that, he looked over at the woman opposite him, and said: “Assistant Zhang, are you really not going back?”

Zhang Qingxue kept her natural expression and pulled at her hair: “I also don’t know, but I do not want to leave so soon. You go first, I’ll just sit here and think about it.”

Ye Wenxuan no longer advised her: “Then you be careful.”

He gulped down his coffee and didn’t pause any longer. He pushed open the door of the cafe and crossed the road, walking into the train station.

Of course, he did not actually walk into the ticketing hall to buy a ticket.

He walked around in the large supermarket next to the train station and when he walked out, Ye Wenxuan had changed out of that milkman’s uniform printed with “everyday milk”.

He wore a light blue plaid shirt, his pants were also replaced with more stylish denim, and he once again placed some sunglasses on his nose, not forgetting to buckle a cap on his head. In addition, Ye Wenxuan carried a bulging sports bag.

Earlier Xing Yuan should have long been calculating to get rid of them. He had told the two to throw away their things, but did not force them to throw away their credit cards or passports.

Pulling out from his pocket the new cellphone he had just bought, Ye Wenxuan did not use his original phone card. He bought a new local cell phone card and plugged it in. The first person he contacted was “cannibal flower”.

[Cannibal flower, I am Mage, right now I am located near the train station in Adare.]

The message was only sent out for a few seconds. The other side was like there was someone specifically staring at his phone, immediately sending back a response.

Cannibal flower: [Mr. Mage, you lost the target, the work is not very skilled oh.]

Mage: [Very sorry, it was my mistake, do you know approximately where he is now?]

Cannibal flower: [Wait a moment.]

Ye Wenxuan walked while looking at the news. He returned to that previous coffee shop, entered and sat in the corner. Behind those dark mirrored sunglasses, he searched through all the seats again.

Sure enough, Zhang Qingxue had already left.

The waitress who came to order his meal obviously did not recognize that this handsome man had just come earlier. The little girl ran back to the staff room with a blush. Ye Wenxuan didn’t pay attention to her, just looking down at the information.

[He abandoned the car, and my locator showed the location of the car in the southern suburbs of Adare. The target’s purpose is probably going along some hidden roads. I guess that he sold that van and bought some new form of transportation.]

Ye Wenxuan replied: [Please send me a copy of the positioning information.]

The other side sent him a screenshot of the location, and then there was another “ding”.

[According to my analysis, the target is not likely to stay in Adare, that city is not even as large as Westminister. His direction was going south, the nearest big city is Jaya, the probability of him staying there is over 68%. The probability he will continue to the surrounding big cities is 25%, for hiding in the towns or in the mountains and forests is 5%, and for rushing to London is 2%.]

Ye Wenxuan enlarged the map and found this city of Jaya. Then he checked several towns around Jaya and looked for a while before finally replying: [Do you know Zhang Qingxue?]

Cannibal flower: [The assistant of the target. This half year surnamed Xing was really miserable ah, our people will definitely check him ah. We have covertly come into contact with all ten assistants, and there are a few who have good relations with our plainclothes department oh.]

Mage: [What have you found out about this person?]

Ye Wenxuan waited a while before Cannibal flower responded.

[A standard actress, the part of her character that she shows, is not necessarily all of her.]

Mage: [You all doubt her?]

Cannibal flower: [We doubt everyone.]

Mage: [Zhang Qingxue ran away, I suspect that she has a connection with the Flying Wolves.]

Cannibal flower: [Received. We’ll put Zhang Qingxue’s business aside first. Right now your most important task is to find Xing Yuan, don’t let him really die.]

Ye Wenxuan paused. He looked at that line, and in the end still responded: [Understood.]

Although “Cannibal flower” had said that Xing Yuan may have already run to somewhere even further, Jaya was still their first place to look for their target.

Confirming the itinerary with this colleague on the phone, Ye Wenxuan no longer dawdled. He bought a ticket to Jaya and ran to the train station, rushing off to Jaya.

At 7:30 pm, in a commercial pedestrian street in downtown Jaya.

With a hot dog in hand, Ye Wenxuan stuffed his supper in his mouth while observing this city.

The city of Jaya was much larger than Adare, the city where he took the train from before. It had a population of more than 900,000, and was a tourist city with some cultural roots. Just in the ten minutes that he had been standing on the corner of the street, he had seen no less than five domestic tour groups pass by, crowding around taking pictures everywhere.

In such a big city, wanting to look for a Chinese man was simply looking for a needle in a haystack.

Before coming, “cannibal flower” had expressed the same concerns.

[This city is really not small, and every year hundreds to thousands of Chinese people choose to go there on holiday. To be honest, we may have really lost his whereabouts this time.]

In response, Ye Wenxuan had only responded: [I may have some way.]

He redownloaded a private app developed by the Special Affairs department on his new phone, opened it and verified his identity, and then entered a command.

“Well, now let me see if you’ve thrown away what I have given you.” He bowed his head as the interface refreshed, muttering to himself.

After it refreshed successfully, a precise map of Jaya appeared on the screen.

The signal was updated in real time. Ye Wenxuan casually swiped around the screen, and then successfully found a small red dot.

He stared at the dot for a few seconds. It was motionless at first, and then slowly moved a moment later.

“If those glasses haven’t been thrown in the trash and been taken away by a stray cat. Then I should have…” A thin current sped through the bottom of his eyes, and he slowly smiled: “Found you.”

The author has something to say: my flaws are particularly obvious, that is…dragging the plot 〒▽〒

i have already been trying to fix this, but…i will always involuntarily just…alas

also, i’ve seen a friend ask,  i’m not very good at emotional drama, so i’ve always been walking the plot route. i am trying the emotional aspects, but i’m still not too familiar with it… _(:з」∠)_

## today’s little theater is long again ##

Xing Yuan sat in the driver’s seat and coldly said: “You go, don’t come back anymore, you this heartless and fickle man! (▼_▼)”

Ye Wenxuan: “Do you think that it’s appropriate for you to say this with a ‘cold’ expression?”

Xing Yuan did not listen, continuing to say coldly: “I did not think you would have another woman, you go and be with her for the rest of your life, you scum man! (▼_▼)”

Ye Wenxuan reminded: “Now you should go ying ying ying.”

Xing Yuan readily followed: “ying ying ying (▼_▼)”

Ye Wenxuan continued: “I won’t go I won’t go I won’t go! I really love you, why do you want me to leave!”

Xing Yuan: “You go!”

Ye Wenxuan: “I won’t go!”

Xing Yuan: “You go!”

Zhang Qingxue: “…”

Zhang Qingxue vaguely said: “Xing boss, the two of you took the wrong script. That is the performance team next door’s <<Sexy Wife Ran Off Pregnant>> script.”

Xing Yuan: “No wonder it felt strange (▼_▼)”

Zhang Qingxue: “That’s because you took the female lead’s script.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wasn’t it pretty good ma (⊙▽⊙)”

Translator Notes:

[1] two-faced – 表里不一, idiom, means that outside appearance and inner reality differ
[2] great aunt – 姑奶奶, literal meaning, but as slang can be meant that the person you’re talking to is being quite unreasonable
[3] disconsolate – 不依不饶, idiom, means unwilling to forgive or not overlooking or sparing, not exactly the same meaning but based on context
[4] Jaya – 佳亚市, literal pinyin is jia ya, not going to try to make up a name for this one
[5] rushing – 风尘仆仆, idiom, literally means covered in dust, means travel-worn
[6] readily followed – 从善如流, idiom, means readily following good advice, or willing to accept other people’s suggestions

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 8:30 am – 9:45 am, for 3.4k characters to 2.5k words.

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