100kV Chapter 32

Chapter 32
Going to London

After asking an enthusiastic middle-aged woman for some simple directions, Xing Yuan followed her directions and parked the car at the door of the town’s largest convenience store.

Pulling the keys out of the ignition, Xing Yuan casually said, “Get off the car.”

Ye Wenxuan placed one hand on the window and responded with a roll of his eyes.

Seeing that the other person wasn’t moving, Xing Yuan got off the car first and then slowly strolled to the passenger door and placed one hand on the half open window.

He stared with interest at Ye Wenxuan for a few seconds, then snorted: “The temper is not small, you still need me to coax you?”

Ye Wenxuan scooted inside to avoid him: “I politely decline.”

“Hurry up, let’s go.” He knocked on the car window and spoke with a slight hint of warning: “Don’t mess around right now, or else you won’t have anything to eat later on the road.”

Ye Wenxuan was too lazy to pay attention to him. He flung open the car door and walked to the back cargo to help Zhang Qingxue open the door.

Once Zhang Qingxue came out she ran toward Xing Yuan. Ye Wenxuan saw the other person’s expression slightly change, and felt a burst of joy in his heart.

To deal with this kind of self-centered and silly target, he didn’t need to act personally. One Zhang Qingxue could handle everything.

Because they didn’t know whether the Flying Wolves were still chasing them, the three people went around and swept up the food and supplies as fast as possible. Ye Wenxuan threw a bag of bread into the copilot seat. Turning around, he saw Xing Yuan casually carrying an entire case of mineral water with one hand, holding a cell phone in the other hand and looking down at the screen.

Even if he already did have a slight understanding of Xing Yuan, at this time he still couldn’t help but be faintly jealous of this person’s physical strength. Watching Xing Yuan come over, Ye Wenxuan asked: “What’s with this cell phone?”

Xing Yuan didn’t raise his head, casually throwing the entire box of mineral water into the back cargo: “That convenience store employee.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…You robbed his cell phone?”

Xing Yuan glanced at him: “I bought it.”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched. In his mind he thought, right now you can’t swipe cards, did you really bring that much cash on you.

Zhang Qingxue’s things had also been thrown out. The girl sat in the cargo and leaned over when she saw Xing Yuan: “Xing boss, people are so bored. Can you lend it to me to look at the news?”

Xing Yuan threw his cell phone into his pocket: “No.”

Zhang Qingxue: “…”

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his chin.

Even though he was still as expressionless as ever, why did he feel like Xing Yuan was more and more casual in front of him?

It seems that he was getting closer and closer to that unbridled image of Xing Yuan that he had seen that night he sneaked into the Red Rose Club.

And because of these subtle changes, Ye Wenxuan unknowingly gradually changed his form of communication with the other person. It was no longer limited to the blandness and restraint of a boss and subordinate.

He would sometimes even give Xing Yuan some face to look at, and coldly scold each other.

These changes were so subtle that by the time Ye Wenxuan perceived them, their relationship had already somewhat reversed.

And now, they were more focused on how to leave here without attracting other people’s attention.

Because this town was really too small, the milk truck soon attracted the attention of the town’s residents. Some people came to ask if they were here to deliver milk, but also even very actively said that they really wanted to try the “everyday milk” taste.

When they finally left the town, Ye Wenxuan was simply relieved.

“We really can’t stay here long.” This time he took the initiative to talk to Xing Yuan, because the latter had always been releasing a cold air that had successfully scared off several old aunts who had used the excuse of wanting to buy milk to constantly tease Ye Wenxuan. So he had once again won over Ye Wenxuan’s meager favor.

“There are too few people here, once a stranger comes in, the entire town would know it clearly.” He turned to glance in the rearview mirror and looked at the roofs slowly moving farther and farther away from them. Then he said: “Asian, black hair, blue eyes. You’re too eye-catching, if they really come to chase you, they could casually ask someone and you would be exposed.”

Xing Yuan didn’t move his gaze from the road: “You forgot to say one——incomparably handsome.”

Ye Wenxuan was left speechless by such a faceless response. He turned to look at the other person’s face and really could not refute it. After a moment he grabbed something from his pocket and threw it to him: “Here, wear this.”

Xing Yuan caught it in one hand and took a moment to take a look. It was a pair of silver glasses.

“Yours?” He looked at it again: “I wanted to say before, how on earth did you become a cutting-edge designer, that previous pair of black-framed glasses was already shockingly ugly. This pair…” He shook open the legs and pushed that somewhat old pair of glasses onto his nose, and spit out: “Just a little better than garbage.”

Ye Wenxuan wanted to kill him: “I bought it from a good-hearted passerby in the town, that middle-aged uncle that wanted to buy milk.”

Xing Yuan showed an expression full of disgust.

Don’t mention it, even though this pair of glasses was really quite ugly, but once this fellow placed them on his nose and Ye Wenxuan looked at him again, he only felt that “clothed beast” and “elegant scum” these two idioms perfectly fit him. They were simply tailored for Xing Yuan, it was only the idioms not matching up to him, and not him not deserving those two idioms.

Just as he was thinking, the little sister in the back was knocking on the metal wall again.

“…” Ye Wenxuan was particularly helpless: “Does this big lady think we’re going out camping?”

Xing Yuan parked the car at the side of the road.

“Sorry.” Zhang Qingxue wriggled: “People can’t hold it ma…”

Xing Yuan seemed to be very used to this, he waved to her and she immediately turned and ran into the woods at the side of the road.

The two remaining men also got out of the car and leaned once again against the side of the cargo. Then came another round of mutual testing.

Ye Wenxuan looked up and tapped on the cargo box. He casually asked: “Really…why did you choose Zhang Qingxue as an assistant? I don’t think you like that girl constantly giving you hugs.”

Xing Yuan played with a lighter he had bought from the convenience store and lit his cigarette: “I don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t like it.”

He spat out a ring of smoke and faintly said: “Her being like this is very good for talking about business, coquettish enough, and also carefree enough. Last year one tenth of the business the company had were all handled by her.”

The Xing group’s business was enormous, and one tenth didn’t sound like much, but in reality it was an extremely large amount.

Ye Wenxuan heard this and suddenly was full of awe for this assistant.

It’s just that looking at this little sister’s coquettish appearance, he didn’t know whether it was the cooperation partner taking advantage of her, or her taking advantage of them.

As he thought, he changed the subject to probe: “What are you going to do next, return to Westminister to seek asylum with the police, or find a way back to London?”

The other person didn’t answer, instead pinching the cigarette in his hand and musing: “Just now in town, I saw twice the same small drone flying over the roof.”

Ye Wenxuan stood up straight: “A drone…why didn’t I notice?”

“The first time, you borrowed a bathroom from the clerk in the convenience store to wash your face. Of course, I don’t know what you were actually doing in there.” Xing Yuan casually said: “The second time, those people in town were surrounding you to buy milk. That thing flew behind you, and the movement was very small. The town people also didn’t find it.”

Ye Wenxuan scrunched his eyebrows: “Maybe it’s just the toy of the children around here?”

Xing Yuan sneered: “Sometimes, I really don’t know if you are actually so naive, or just pretending to be.”

“…” Ye Wenxuan bit his lips: “I just…” am not used to thinking of things in the worst possible direction.

Fortunately Xing Yuan didn’t entangle him about this. He took out his cell phone and threw it to the person next to him: “Look at the news.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t know why, but he flipped open the phone and found that the screen still stayed on the news app.

[Huge emergency! A major terrorist attack occurred at the University of Westminister in the United Kingdom, the death toll has exceeded 100 people. The Chinese billionaire Xing Yuan has been killed in this attack!]

Ye Wenxuan paused in sliding his finger on the screen: “This…”

Xing Yuan: “This is from half an hour ago, refresh and look again.”

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t resist swiping down, and once that little wheel spun around enough, he could look over the latest released news.

[The Xing family has called the British family to ask the police for an explanation for Xing Yuan’s death.]

Ye Wenxuan raised his eyebrows: “Death?”

He looked at the man smoking next to him, and then looked back at the real-time news on the phone, blurting out: “You’re not going to come forward and clarify. You’re ready to…pretend to die to avoid those people?”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond.

“Hey,” Ye Wenxuan kicked him: “You say something ah, I’m really over here being anxious while the main character isn’t!”

Xing Yuan spit out another ring of smoke and then slowly said: “We will follow this road all the way south. After driving for fifteen minutes, we can leave the city of Westminister. Then we will get on the Panshan highway, and after another hour or so, we would probably be able to get to the nearest city of Adare.”

“Adare has a train station and a police station, and I will leave you and Zhang Qingxue there.” He raised his hand to stop Ye Wenxuan, who wanted to interrupt, and faintly said: “Your boss is struggling to protect himself, and to tell the truth, for you and my assistant, I don’t trust either of you. We will part ways at Adare, and you two can go report to the police station, or buy a train ticket and go back to London. You can also go to the Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom to seek asylum. Do whatever you want.”

Ye Wenxuan: “But…”

Xing Yuan: “If you don’t want to lose your life at a young age, you’d better follow my advice.”

“Then what about you?” Ye Wenxuan leaned against the car and turned to look at him: “By yourself, even if your skills seem to be pretty good, but can you deal with dozens of terrorists with rocket launchers?”

Xing Yuan put out his cigarette. His cold blue eyes were hidden behind the glasses, but could still make others feel the chill: “These things, I will not bother my photographer with.”

the author has something to say: zhang qingxue is useful for me to keep ah, she could be some sort of catalyst ma? when i wrote her in at first, i didn’t expect the friends to react so hard to her, but she’ll be gone soon, rest assured (⊙▽⊙)

## I heard that entering the town requires disguises ##

Ye Wenxuan: “As three fugitives who are being hunted down, it is dangerous to walk into the town just like this. We should do some disguise.”

Zhang Qingxue: “oh oh oh~”

Ye Wenxuan: “I watched TV…no, I’ve seen the information before. In case of emergencies don’t panic, each person’s acting is very important!”

Zhang Qingxue: “I know this one! We can dress up as a little couple and take our brother out for an outing!”

Xing Yuan: “Which two are the husband and wife?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…I’ve already guessed it, you want to let me call you sister-in-law.”

Zhang Qingxue: “Ah, so shy!”

Xing Yuan: “I’ve decided, then we’ll dress as a little couple with a sister.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Ah?” Wait, he still had to crossdress?

Zhang Qingxue covered her face: “Ah, people also don’t want to see a big crossdressing fellow ah~”

Xing Yuan: “Ye Wenxuan and I will be the couple, and you are his little sister.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Zhang Qingxue: “…”

Xing Yuan: “It’s simply perfect (to escape this crazy girl).”

[Zhang Qingxue: “Love rival, duel ba.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Wait, sister-in-law, I don’t want it either!”]

Translator Notes:

[1] with interest – 饶有兴致, basically means like with amusement
[2] politely decline – 敬谢不敏, also means please excuse me for not complying
[3] didn’t move his gaze – 目不斜视, idiom, means to not glance sideways, gaze fixedly
[4] clothed beast – 衣冠禽兽, idiom, literally means dressed up animal, basically means an immoral and despicable person
[5] Panshan – 盘山公路, honestly wish this author would be consistent with whether he’s using real and fake names. I don’t think highways in London are named with anything besides letters or numbers??

Random Notes:

About one hour: 8:45 am – 9:45 am, for 3.1k characters to 2.3k words. I’m also like, Ye dude, if my photographer kept on wanting to come with me, the probably most targeted and dangerous person, I would probably doubt him a lot as well. lol.

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