100kV Chapter 30

Chapter 30
Going to London

Then, in the midst of Zhang Qingxue’s panicked screams, a rocket roared from the top of the lecture building dozens of meters across from them, crashing straight into the room through the open window!

“Turn around!” Ye Wenxuan grabbed Xing Yuan’s hand and shouted through the woman’s shrill screams: “Protect your head, don’t…”

He hadn’t finished when Xing Yuan had grabbed his wrist and he had been pulled at an even faster speed into his arms.


The horrible shock waves threw all three people still in midair right into the lawn!

Broken shards of glass and brick and stone scattered all around them. Xing Yuan’s back faced the ground. He blinked, and then reached out to that head on his chest and pulled down a piece of broken glass, throwing it to the side.

At this time all of them were glad that the second floor window was less than five meters above the window, or else when they fell, they might have had to break their arms and legs.

Ye Wenxuan’s nose once again suffered trauma. He cried out from pain and covered his nose, climbing up from Xing Yuan’s body: “F*k, do you have iron plates on your chest, my nose is going to bleed!” After this, he nagged: “I told you to turn and protect your head, why did you not f*king listen…”

Xing Yuan grabbed him again, standing up and carrying Zhang Qingxue: “Quickly go!”

Ye Wenxuan reacted, then quickly followed.

Sure enough, the three people barely moved a few steps when another shell followed and flew right behind their butts.

“I x your eighteen generations of ancestors! Do you bastards not need money for your shells?!” Ye Wenxuan ran while barking. While escaping, he still did not forget to raise his middle finger at the opposite side.

The response was a sniper bullet, hitting the ground half a meter from his foot.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” You forced me.

Tens of thousands of volts of electricity instantly swarmed toward the building across from them. Ye Wenxuan was really angered at this time, his eyelids lowered slightly, sharp eyes pointing toward somewhere on the roof across from him.

The electricity was silent, the speed was extremely fast. The sniper on the roof still didn’t know what was happening when his eyes went dark and he fell down from the roof.

At the same time, the sneering rocket launcher person quickly followed behind him. The Yemeni man didn’t even have time to release a rocket when he fell head over heels off the roof. When he landed, a large amount of blood spurted out, he really could not be any more dead.

All of this had happened behind the three fugitives. Xing Yuan and Zhang Qingxue were concentrating on finding a way out, and no one saw the shocking scene behind them.

Ye Wenxuan followed them. He rubbed his fingers and slowly hid the cold light in his eyes.

The Special Affairs department had always been telling him not to abuse his ability, for one out of fear of causing trouble after his ability was exposed, and for another out of fear that he could not control his force and would cause more causalities. Zheng Xingguo had once sternly reminded him that even if he had to use it, he still had to do it covertly and with extreme caution.

But in the end he was just a twenty-something young man. Once the bloodlust and adrenaline took over, he would also act impulsive. That lightning he had brought down earlier today was already too ostentatious.

“According to the situation just now, if we didn’t kill them, it would have been us dying.” He silently said in his heart. “I…only killed vicious terrorists. This is nothing, I will get used to it.”

It’s just that he couldn’t use his powers this blatantly.

Suddenly pain came from his hands. The person in front of him said: “Ye Wenxuan, what are you doing, getting distracted even when we’re escaping!”

Ye Wenxuan looked down at his tightly held wrist: “…It’s nothing, let me go, I can walk by myself.”

Zhang Qingxue was finally lying on Xing Yuan’s back like she wanted. At this time she softly said: “Xing boss, where are we going?”

Xing Yuan ignored her: “Where’s the rocket launcher fellow behind us?”

Ye Wenxuan lied with a perfectly straight face: “I only focused on escaping and didn’t pay attention. He probably used up all of his ammunition, and this time is getting ready to go downstairs to fight with us flesh to flesh.”

Zhang Qingxue heard him say “fight flesh to flesh” and thought of who knows what. She covered her face and twisted around, letting out continual “ying” sounds.

Ye Wenxuan & Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan vaguely cast a look at the other: Big brother your taste is very special ah, you can even chow down on this kind of crazy assistant?

Xing Yuan: ???

It was clear that the “Big Ten Harem” widely circulated amongst the staff in the Xing group, as well as those small R-rated excerpts, had not reached Xing boss’s ears.

The smoke and fire had all been thrown behind them, and the three people quickly left the collapsed lecture building. Seeing that there was no one around them, Ye Wenxuan grabbed Xing Yuan and walked toward the iron gate in the northwest corner.

Xing Yuan narrowed his eyes: “How did you know there’s an exit here.”

Ye Wenxuan answered while walking: “Just now I saw it while we were upstairs, I don’t know whether or not we can open the door, but we should still try it.” After, he added: “I don’t know how they locked in on your location, but it’s too unsafe in the school. If we can find a car, we can try to go straight to the police station and seek asylum…”

Xing Yuan said sarcastically: “As long as you are far away from me, anywhere would be very safe.”

Hearing this, Ye Wenxuan turned and glanced at him, and then continued to run forward: “Where did this preposterous idea come from, do you think that you are some sort of infamous devil. Please wake up, those kinds of chuunibyou worlds only accept minors under 18 years old.”

Xing Yuan raised a corner of his mouth and didn’t answer.

The three people quickly ran to the iron door. Zhang Qingxue even patted her chest and softly said: “Oh my god, they really didn’t chase after us, wu wu wu I was scared to death…”

Ye Wenxuan tried to push at the door. The blue painted iron door squeaked, and slowly opened a crack.

He continued to push at it and opened it enough for one person to squeeze through. He turned and asked: “How about I go out first and see the situation, and you wait here for a couple seconds?”

Xing Yuan reached out and pushed hard at the door, opening the door wide.

“Go together.” He took back his hand and coldly said: “I am still not timid enough to have to hide behind my own employee. If there really is danger, you take my assistant and run away in the chaos. Don’t be so stupid and then be hit unconscious by some thief again.”

Why did it sound like irony.

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched, he really wanted to bring another ray of lighting down and electrocute this guy to death.

Behind the door it was very calm and quiet. There were no explosive villains, and no snipers hiding in the dark.

Westminister University was located in the suburbs. When arriving, you would take the main road, which was very nice and picturesque. Both sides of the road were filled with vegetation, with beautiful scenery along the way. There just wasn’t much traffic, basically everyone on the road was going to the school. They came out of the side door, and Ye Wenxuan finally realized how far away the university was.

In front of them was a field full of crops. Further in, the shadow of a forest could be seen. Looking around from the path along the school walls, to the north there was a small church, and the nearest suburban town was to the south.

It was very desolate all around them here, and still quite far from the center of the city. It was no wonder that the terrorist attack had been going on for so long and police support had still not arrived.

In addition, the most striking thing here was the small transport vehicle parked next to the iron gate.

Ye Wenxuan’s heart jumped, and then he realized that this was the milk truck that “cannibal flower” had mentioned in his text message.

He first walked over and then peeked inside through the glass window.

Of course, the colleague that he was thinking of, codenamed “cannibal flower”, was not inside. It seemed like just an empty car.

Thinking about it, he clasped the door handle, and with a little force, the door opened.

Xing Yuan also walked over: “Check it out, see if there’s any bombs or locators.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” There’s definitely no explosives, but no guarantee about the locators.

He rubbed his face: “I thought you would be as curious as me about why the car’s keys are still stuck in the ignition and the driver is missing.”

“Oh, I don’t care about that.” Xing Yuan opened the passenger side door, throwing Zhang Qingxue who was still not getting off down into the car. “I only care about whether or not this is another trap designed by those sons of bitches.”

Ye Wenxuan silently glanced at him: “Xing boss, did you just curse a dirty word?”

Xing Yuan’s expression didn’t change: “No, you heard wrong.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…Do you think I’m deaf?”

Xing Yuan looked at him in surprise: “You’re not?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“Hurry up, see if there’s anything suspicious under the car.” Xing Yuan wiped his hand through his hair: “As a reward, I will let you sit shotgun today, and the boss will personally drive.”

Ye Wenxuan did not speak, just turning his head to look at Zhang Qingxue striking a pose in the co-pilot seat.

Xing Yuan: “Zhang Qingxue.”

Zhang Qingxue’s chest was half-exposed, she threw a charming glance at him: “Xing boss, people want to sit with you ma.”

Xing Yuan didn’t even look at her: “You and Ye Wenxuan will squeeze together.” Then he said to Ye Wenxuan without a change in expression: “Give you a chance to get close to a beauty, take advantage of it.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Who wants to get close to a crazy girl ah.

He silently looked at Xing Yuan and then still lay down on the ground, checking over the bottom a couple times.

Of course there were no suspicious items.

He stood up and patted off the dust, then found out Xing Yuan had disappeared.

“Where’s the boss?” He knocked on the window and asked Zhang Qingxue.

This beauty was trying to climb into the driver’s seat. She pointed at the back: “I just saw Xing boss going to the back.”

Ye Wenxuan went to the back of the van and indeed saw Xing Yuan standing there. The cargo doors were wide open. Ye Wenxuan curiously walked over: “Xing boss, what are you looking at?”

Inside it was packed with boxes of fresh milk. In his heart Ye Wenxuan admired that the equipment “cannibal flower” sent over was really realistic. He said that there was a milk truck, and inside the cargo it was really full of boxes of milk.

Ye Wenxuan just felt somewhat regretful about not seeing this legendary colleague, he didn’t know if he would have the opportunity to meet him later.

He was still endlessly thinking when Xing Yuan to the side had already braced both arms and drilled into the cargo.

Ye Wenxuan watched him and thought that this guy’s skills were really quite good.

Xing Yuan walked in a circle through the cargo. He didn’t find any explosives or tracking devices, just unearthing a black sports bag from a corner. He dragged the bag out and opened the zipper to reveal the contents.

“This is…” Ye Wenxuan also climbed in. He picked up an item from the bag and shook it out: “Work clothes? Let’s see…t-shirts, jeans, and windbreakers, hey, this milk company is really well equipped.” With this, he looked at his own clothes. Well, they couldn’t be any dirtier. “It’s just right, we can change into these and disguise ourselves as milk sellers, lest that group of bastards find us again.”

Xing Yuan frowned and looked at it for a bit. He turned his attention back to the university campus on the other side of the wall, where the police were probably still confronting the terrorists. Standing here, he couldn’t hear any gunshots and screams, only seeing the billowing smoke still hanging over the University of Westminister.

It was like the shadow of death, ruthlessly harvesting human lives.

“Xing boss, stop looking.” Ye Wenxuan turned and threw him a set of uniforms: “Hurry up and change, and drive away.”

Xing Yuan rubbed his forehead and responded with a very low “en”.

The two people went through the sports bag together and took out all of the clothes from inside. Then under the cover of the cargo door, they directly changed their clothes in this cramped space.

“Xing boss, I actually have a question, I’ve been wanting to ask since the beginning.”

Xing Yuan loosened his tie with one hand, unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom, and casually said: “What?”

Ye Wenxuan whispered: “I am a little curious, how do those people know your location?”

“It’s already been twice, every time the other side fires a rocket, it’s clear that they have a precise location they’re aiming at, as if they always know your location.” He frowned and slowly said: “The first time there were a lot of people so it was fine, but the second time it was just you, me, and Zhang Qingxue, and they still could find you. Is someone notifying them, or…is there someone among us hiding a satellite locator?”

Xing Yuan said sarcastically: “How could I have never found out before that my photographer was a little detective?”

Ye Wenxuan smiled particularly shamelessly: “My hobbies are more extensive. If I can’t continue with my photography, I can still start a new career with this.”

He didn’t know if Xing Yuan believed his vague words. He just said: “Continue.”

“If it’s a tracking device exposing our location, I suggest we throw away everything on us except our wallets. Well, looking at your expression, it seems like you agree with me.” Ye Wenxuan touched his chin: “But if someone is disclosing our information…”

Xing Yuan unbuttoned his shirt and glanced at him: “You’re hinting to me that I should pay more attention to those small moves of yours, right?”

“Pei pei pei, how could that be!” Ye Wenxuan’s expression was particularly pure: “My heart is like the sun, I can’t even bear to trample an ant to death, how could I have the heart to even give information to a terrorist organization?”

He expressed his loyalty and then extended a big thumb and pointed behind him. Like a thief, he whispered: “I want to ask, is the person sitting in front reliable ah?”

The dusty and blood-stained shirt was thrown into the sports bag. Xing Yuan showed off his solid chest and perfect abs, his figure was surprisingly good. He was thin but covered in muscles, full of hidden powerful explosive force.

Xing Yuan did not hurry to answer him but casually pulled a sky blue t-shirt onto his body, and then went to take off his belt.

Ye Wenxuan was waiting for his answer, but was caught unprepared by a male strip show. This stimulation was a little intense. He couldn’t help but look down at his own chest and abdomen a few times. It was not easy to throw the feelings of jealousy out of his brain, and with a “==” expression, he turned to also pull out a t-shirt and jeans from the bag and quickly change clothes.

Until the two people had both put on the jacket with “every day drink milk, every day good mood” emblazoned on it, the two people had still not spoken. Ye Wenxuan even thought that Xing Yuan would not answer his question.

After dressing up and cleaning off the dust on his face, Xing Yuan stuffed the two men’s clothes into that sports bag.

With this, he lifted the sports bag and jumped off the truck with Ye Wenxuan. Ye Wenxuan looked at the two cargo doors and saw a key inserted in the keyhole.

He was about to close the door and lock it when the man next to him suddenly leaned down and whispered in his ear: “I think, you’re probably a lot more reliable than she is.”

The author has something to say: once again, the superpower settings in this text cannot withstand tests, everyone just read and smile _(:з」∠)_

ps: at present the little gong is still more focused on personal safety, there isn’t as much of a sense of justice. i have opened a gold finger for the xing group staff in the school of [not dying no matter how they are hit], they will at most be injured ╮(╯▽╰)╭

pss: little shou has muscle, but not as considerable as the little gong, hehehehe!

## Regarding how little gong was able to take down Pikachu ##

Ye Wenxuan: “As a president, shouldn’t your everyday duties be sitting in the office, thinking about how to earn another billion?”

Xing Yuan: “Yes. What’s your objection?”

Ye Wenxuan: “Then why do you have eight abs?! And your kung fu is so good, you’re still hiring a bunch of bodyguards, do your balls hurt from idleness?!”

Xing Yuan: “Yes ah. So idle, my balls really hurt.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan: “So much money, I can’t spend it all, so depressing.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan pulled out his checkbook: “Baby, come, take this and casually play. No need to be polite with me, the checkbook is almost going to grow mold here.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He wiped his face, and his smile immediately became cordial: “Dad, you’re so f*king handsome!”

[I also really want to have this kind of rich baba  _(:з」∠)_]

Translator Notes:

[1] infamous devil – 天煞孤星混世魔王, so 天煞孤星 means bane of someone’s existence and 混世魔王 is an idiom that means devil incarnate or field in human form
[2] sons of bitches – 狗娘养的, actually pretty funny, literally means raised by dog moms
[3] Pikachu – 皮卡丘, obviously refers to Ye Wenxuan with his lightning powers

Random Notes:

A little over an hour: 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm, for 4.6k characters to 3.2k words. This is one of the longest chapters in this story, it feels like. Felt like it kept going on and on.

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