100kV Chapter 29

Chapter 29
Going to London

At this time they were in the long corridor on the second floor of the lecture building. The classrooms facing the south were almost all blown beyond recognition, the collapsed roof beams had also impacted the rooms facing the north. Many classroom doors and windows had been destroyed by falling rubble, and some were blocked by huge fires, forcing the trapped people to not dare to approach.

The school buildings generally had a large stairwell in the middle, and sometimes emergency exits set up on the left and right sides. The two rockets from the Flying Wolves had passed through the corridor, and the fallen rubble completely separated them from the corridor to the staircase. If they couldn’t find a window to escape, they could only take the risk and find the nearest emergency exit.

From time to time stones would get stuck to the soles of their feet, which was very painful. Ye Wenxuan only hesitated a bit before pulling over Zhang Qingxue from behind him and carrying her on his back in one move. Zhang Qingxue was stunned for a moment. “Ye…brother Ye, what are you doing…”

Ye Wenxuan carefully looked at where he was stepping while paying attention to the sounds of combat behind him. “You aren’t wearing shoes, if you run a few steps then the skin on your feet will be broken. I’ll carry you, that way we can walk faster.”

Zhang Qingxue softly lay on his back, delicately saying: “Brother Ye, you are so good.”

Xing Yuan followed by Ye Wenxuan’s side, turning his head to look at the two people: “Go this way, move a little faster.”

Zhang Qingxue pulled herself up by holding Ye Wenxuan’s shoulder, her beautiful eyes stared at Xing Yuan. After a while, she covered her cheeks and whispered: “Aiya, but people still prefer Xing boss. Brother Ye, xiao Xue is sorry…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Girl, what kind of things were you thinking in that brain of yours.

The fires grew larger and larger, very soon Ye Wenxuan couldn’t see clearly the road in front of him. He bowed his head and coughed, then suddenly felt that his right hand was held. He subconsciously looked up.

The other person’s palm was very hot, Ye Ye Wenxuan uncontrollably moved his pinky. Xing Yuan immediately turned his head: “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Ye Wenxuan shook his head and then couldn’t help but start coughing again. It was a while before he said: “Actually, I think finding an emergency exit might not be a good idea. The staircase in the middle is already useless, so just now that fellow most likely came from an emergency exit.” Saying this, he sighed: “I’m afraid that when we go down, we’ll just happen to walk right into those bastards, that would be too awkward.”

Xing Yuan held his hand and continued to walk forward: “We won’t go for the stairs, look for the nearest window. If necessary, we might need to jump out of the window to escape.”

Ye Wenxuan looked around: “I’m just afraid they’ll also ambush under the window.”

“Maybe, or maybe not, we’ll just gamble.” Xing Yuan kicked away some stones blocking the road, while saying: “Just like that reaper that came into the ruins, I’m guessing that there must be more than one.”

Zhang Qingxue listened to their natural conversation and couldn’t resist also softly interjecting: “This group of bad guys blew up an entire building, how could the police just ignore it. The firemen and paramedics must be already rushing over. Xing boss, brother Ye, wouldn’t it be better for us to find a safe corner and wait for the police to come to rescue us?”

Xing Yuan asked in reverse: “Where do you think is safe?”

“Uh…” Zhang Qingxue blinked and pointed upward: “Up, upstairs?”

Xing Yuan gave her an “oh” as a response.

He listened to Ye Wenxuan nonstop coughing on the side, and finally paused a bit, his spare hand searching around in his jacket pocket.

Ye Wenxuan coughed and said: “Why, why are you not walking, cough cough…”

A handkerchief with the smell of cologne covered his face, Ye Wenxuan’s coughing paused. In his ear he heard Xing Yuan slowly saying in a low voice: “Spit on the handkerchief and then cover your mouth and nose. Breathe gently, that way you can feel a little better.”

Ye Wenxuan pulled at the handkerchief: “Ah? Oh…oh.”

Seeing that Ye Wenxuan got Xing Yuan’s things, Zhang Qingxue jealously also started coughing: “Xing boss, Xing boss, I’m also very uncomfortable ah!”

The two men both turned their heads to look at her.

Zhang Qingxue was teary from coughing: “So…so uncomfortable…”

Xing Yuan was quite silent: “I only have one handkerchief.”

Ye Wenxuan was also speechless: “My saliva is already on it, do you still want it?”

Zhang Qingxue’s face reddened: “Annoying, people don’t want to eat your saliva.”

Ye Wenxuan’s body shook from being provoked by this coquettish girl, almost throwing her off his back.

After only a few steps, Xing Yuan stopped again.

Ye Wenxuan was helpless: “…Big boss, what’s wrong with you now?”

“Shh.” Xing Yuan kneaded his eyebrows and shook a finger at him: “Be quiet.”

Ye Wenxuan immediately became alert. He no longer spoke, instead concentrating intensely in case someone suddenly appeared from the ruins filled with fire.

But the crackling sound of the flames was too loud.

Occasionally roars and gunshots could be heard coming from behind them, those were from Cherno fighting with the Flying Wolf members.

Only hesitating for a few seconds, Ye Wenxuan lowered his eyelids slightly, thin electric currents spreading out from his feet in all directions!

In the collapsed building there were still some unfortunate ordinary people still trapped in there. His electricity had no eyes, so Ye Wenxuan dared not to increase the current, only placing a few static electricity traps everywhere, hoping that those small obstacles could help give them a warning in advance.

Hundreds of small electrical currents began to flow between the first and second floors, and after a moment, there were numerous cries of pain coming from various places. One of them was quite close, right behind the half-broken column diagonally in front of the three people.

Ye Wenxuan was immediately on guard: “Someone’s there!”

He had just spoken when he suddenly found that Xing Yuan’s figure was already no longer there. Looking up, that person was just like a vicious tiger, pouncing behind the column in the blink of an eye!

The light and shadow of the black smoke and the bright flames made it difficult for him to see what was happening behind the column. But Ye Wenxuan could hear the fierce fighting there, when he was rushing forward, a gunshot suddenly came from behind the column.

The other side did have guns!

Ye Wenxuan’s heart tightened, an arc of lightning flashed out under the cover of the smoke, and he called: “Xing Yuan!”

Another gunshot ran out, then the sound of a heavy object falling to the floor, followed by Xing Yuan’s grunt.

Ye Wenxuan shouted: “Xing Yuan?!”

Zhang Qingxue also couldn’t help but call out: “Xing boss!”

The woman on Ye Wenxuan’s back started moving around, Ye Wenxuan didn’t need her to call out. He had already quickly rushed over, but not a few steps later, a dark shadow slowly walked out from behind the column.

“I’m fine.” Xing Yuan’s face was half lit up by the light from the fire. He limped out, holding a gun: “Let’s quickly go, the smoke is too thick, after a while we’ll all die from suffocation.”

Behind the column there was the shadow of another person, that person was lying on the ground, unknown if he was dead or alive. Ye Wenxuan didn’t go look at him, directly rushing over, he wanted to check out Xing Yuan’s left leg: “What happened to your leg?!”

Xing Yuan pushed him away: “It’s all right.”

Zhang Qingxue struggled to go stick to Xing Yuan’s chest: “Xing boss, Xing boss, quickly let xiao Xue see, are you injured?”

Ye Wenxuan also came forward: “You also let me see…”

Xing Yuan’s mouth twitched, and he finally said: “It was electrocuted, it’s numb.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Zhang Qingxue was confused: “Ah? How come there’s electricity here?”

Xing Yuan: “Huh.”

He didn’t say anything, but his eyes always glanced at Ye Wenxuan, his expression extremely profound.

Ye Wenxuan covered half his face with a handkerchief, covering up his awkward expression. Then he began to cough loudly: “I see some light in front, let’s quickly go over there…Cough cough, the fire is so big, I’m going to die from the heat…”

Five meters ahead, the shape of a classroom door could be seen through the smoke, as if sunlight was threading through the smoke into the corridor. The trio lowered their bodies to escape from the thick smoke, turning into the room. Sure enough, they saw three windows inside, one of which was half open, with wind blowing in from outside, driving the black smoke toward the other side of the room.

“I have a question.” Ye Wenxuan carefully approached the open window and whispered to his two escape teammates.

Xing Yuan held his gun and looked out the window, completely ignoring him.

Only Zhang Qingxue patiently said for the sake of his handsome face: “What question?”

“That guy just now.” Ye Wenxuan pondered: “Did he get in through an emergency passage, or did he climb in through this window?”

Zhang Qingxue looked down: “Oh…it’s a grass lawn down there, and no ladder or anything. In any case, xiao Xue can’t climb up.”

In his heart Ye Wenxuan muttered, it’s not just that you can’t climb up to the second floor, perhaps you’ll even have problems getting through a window on the first floor.

The lecture building the three people were now in was facing the east. Looking through the window, he could clearly see what looked like another lecture building across the way, and on the right side was an open-air small garden. On the left side, there were a few two-story smaller buildings, and below the window was just a grass lawn, with no tall plants, just green grass.

Because of the shelling, many people had fled the scene in horror. At this time, going down from the second floor, they couldn’t see anyone.

The lecture building across the way was also quiet. Ye Wenxuan tried his best to look, all of the classrooms behind the windows were all empty, and there was no sign of any students or staff members.

After that, he deliberately looked toward the northwest corner, he could vaguely see a tall wall, and at the end there was a tightly closed iron door.

But after all, the second floor was too short. He got on his tiptoes and still couldn’t see what was on the other side of the wall, and didn’t know whether there would be a milk truck parked outside.

Just as he was thinking, Xing Yuan standing next to him knocked on the window: “Everyone focus.”

Zhang Qingxue immediately went over to rub against Xing Yuan: “Are we going to jump, Xing boss I want to jump with you, I can just lie in your arms.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Sometimes, he really felt like this girl may not be nervous at all.

“There’s no shelter around here besides the lecture building across from us, if there are really people lying in ambush, they will be hiding there. Well, I guess the other side will leave a few snipers or explosive experts.” Xing Yuan pushed his assistant aside again, he narrowed his blue eyes, staring at the opposite building, searching through the floors one by one.

Ye Wenxuan just wanted to open his mouth when that kind of creepy hunch hit his heart again.

His expression changed, and while Xing Yuan and Zhang Qingxue were unprepared, he pushed them out of the window with all his strength, and then he also quickly turned and leapt down, exchanging a blow in midair with Xing Yuan, who fought back after coming back to his senses.

This probing exchange was within the two people’s expectations, one above and one below, their gazes intersected for a moment.

The author has something to say: here i will mention a setting:

if there is no protection, or if the little shou is unaware of the exact location of the attacker, his electric currents are almost identical to an indiscriminate attack. for the previous lightning from the sky that killed the terrorists, the attackers had basically already exposed their locations, so the little shou had seen them.

also, the little shou has only had his superpower for a short six months, so it’s impossible for him to become a mage god immediately. first let him be a mr. mage for a few days (⊙▽⊙)

## Thunderous Live Commentary Is Online ##

Audience friends, audience friends, everyone good afternoon!

Let us take a look at what is happening in the ruins right now, oh, Xing Yuan and the Flying Wolf are fighting fiercely!

Xing Yuan kicked the Flying Wolf in the knee!

That’s when the Flying Wolf started shooting! Oh, what a shame, that gunshot didn’t hit its mark!

But Xing Yuan’s kick looks pretty heavy ah, everyone look, the Flying Wolf’s right leg is already no longer as nimble.

Ah! Ah ah ah——Xing Yuan suddenly rushed forward, he robbed over the Flying Wolf’s gun!

Audience friends, Xing Yuan is going to shoot! He’s going to shoot!

Wait, Ye Wenxuan’s lightning is here!

Xing Yuan was struck by lightning, and he missed!

Oh, but actually it’s no big deal, because that lightning also struck the Flying Wolf.

The Flying Wolf is down! He’s foaming at the mouth! But Xing Yuan is not, could it be that the lightning can also tell who is more handsome?

The Flying Wolf can’t hold on, his four limbs are twitching!

Oh, this is really a historic moment, Xing Yuan has won! He beat the Flying Wolf!

Oh, even though one of his legs is also limp. Let us ignore this tiny little flaw!

Congratulations to our hero——Xing Yuan!

[Oh sh*t this little theater is a little long…]

Translator Notes:

[1] blown beyond recognition – 面目全非, idiom, meaning nothing remains the same, blown to bits
[2] reaper – 收割者, that’s the translation but I’m assuming he’s reaping lives? maybe there’s another meaning? anyways he’s just talking about the rocket launcher dude
[3] teary – 梨花带泪, basically means like a girl is really pretty even when she’s crying
[4] lying in ambush – 守株待兔, idiom, means waiting idly for opportunities, literal meaning comes from Chinese story about a rabbit happening to kill himself on a tree stump

Random Notes:

About one hour: 10 am – 11 am, for 3.3k characters to 2.5k words. I love the little theater in this chapter, it’s actually hilarious.

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    1. Yeah, this magnitude of terroist attack, especially on a school, would kinda warrant a 9/11 sorta response. The British may not have the huge military the USA does, but they have balls of steel and won’t take this sh*t laying down.

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  1. Ahahhahah, I can imagine you translating everything and getting at the end. You see that the only remaining part is the little teather, and you think it’ll be just a few phrases, but then it doesnt seems to end.
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