100kV Chapter 25

Chapter 25
Going to London

Today their task was to travel to the city of Westminister in east London to pay a visit to the University of Westminister, where Xing Yuan was going to give a two-hour open-air speech to the school’s tens of thousands of teachers and students on the huge lawn next to the university library.

Ye Wenxuan heard that there would be some police officers there to keep the peace, but the force wouldn’t be as good as the police at yesterday’s financial meeting. For the Xing Yuan who had just gone through yesterday’s ordeal, this was undoubtedly very dangerous.

Ye Wenxuan originally thought Xing Yuan would cancel this trip, or might contact the British police and hand over those two people who had broken in last night to file an investigation. The result was that he had waited all night, but the headlines were still on Xia Yanbin and Xing Yuan’s gossip, and no reports on “appearance of remote bombs in a certain hotel” or something appeared.

Or perhaps Xing Yuan had just privately contacted the police, that was also a possibility.

A “ding” sound came from the phone in his pocket.

Ye Wenxuan pulled it out and glanced at it, he found that it was sent by the Special Affairs Department.

[Please delete immediately after reading.]

[Wilson Buck, successor to the Buck family, an old British aristocratic family. Founder of the Red Rose Club, with more than 50 branches in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Insiders have suspected Wilson Buck of human and arms trafficking, but there is no evidence, truth unknown.]

[By face recognition, confirmed that this person’s name is Jason, Libyan, joined the Flying Wolf Club two years ago, often committed crimes in Arab countries. Was caught once, and later rescued by extremist groups.]

[By face recognition, confirmed that this person’s name is Gigire, Yemeni, joined the Flying Wolf Club five years ago. Is one of the most important targets of the government, murderous, good at explosions and bombing, difficult to handle.]

[Recommend Mr. Mage not to act lightly, enough to stay quietly dormant next to the target, and in the event of danger avoid exposing himself. We have sent Cannibal Flower and Little Sister to support, please pay attention to personal safety.]

Ye Wenxuan silently deleted those messages, while thinking, he didn’t know where Xing Yuan had tidied up those two dangerous terrorists.

After these days of contact, he was somewhat aware that Xing Yuan was not as weak as he seemed.

Especially last night, that person had pinched his chin, and that strength was really…his mandible was still hurting even now.

He just hoped that nothing would go wrong with today’s trip.

Ye Wenxuan sighed and thought gloomily, holding his chin.


However, that idea seemed to coincide with some sort of theory from Murphy’s Law, it was really that whatever you were afraid of happening would come.

This was the only thought in Ye Wenxuan’s mind after the first gunfire shots sounded in the crowded campus square.

Immediately afterwards, the second, third, and even fourth and fifth gunshots cut through the sky.

“Ah ah ah————”

“Oh my god…what is happening?!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!——”

Just like a stone dropping into a lake, the calm water surface was shattered. Tens of thousands of teachers and students screamed, the scene instantly devolving into chaos.

This change really made people caught off guard, Ye Wenxuan was startled, and almost at the same time as the gunshot, an invisible electricity grid emerged, encircling Xing Yuan standing on the podium inside!

Just as the grid had taken shape, there was a loud “bang”, a bullet surrounded by blue sparks spun at a high speed 50 centimeters in front of Xing Yuan.


Xing Yuan’s pupils shrank, he could clearly see, that bullet was stuck in midair by an arc of electricity, unable to move.

That electric grid vanished, it seemed like besides Xing Yuan, no one could see how the bullet had been blocked.

At this time Cherno rushed over from the side, he blocked in front of Xing Yuan, one hand pulling out his gun and shooting toward a certain area under the stage, while quickly pushing Xing Yuan off the stage.

The shot was too fast, basically no one noticed, but someone on the bottom left of the stage fell to the ground with a bang, and many people saw.

“Oh my god, he’s been hit!”

“Don’t go over there! He has a gun in his hand, I saw the gun fall to the ground——”


Ye Wenxuan wiped off the water droplets from his glasses and then threaded through the terrified crowd like a cat, running with the fastest speed toward the retreating Xing Yuan.

At this time, Xing Yuan had been protected by several accompanying bodyguards to walk down the podium.

His two assistants were still backstage, when the incident had suddenly occurred, the two people had hidden behind the huge equipment in the control area.

Seeing Xing Yuan and the others arrive, they immediately calmed down quite a bit, Ruan Yushan said: “Xing boss, I just called the police.”

The other female assistant was called Zhang Qingxue, at this time she was scared pale, falling straight on Xing Yuan’s body: “Xing boss…Xing boss I’m so scared…”

She hadn’t reached him yet when a bodyguard had already pulled her away.

Zhang Qingxue was teary: “Xing boss…”

Xing Yuan waved and motioned for them to hide properly.

Looking down from backstage, there were pushing and shouting teachers and students everywhere. Occasionally gunshots sounded, and then they would be covered up by even louder screams.

The stampede began to escalate, the scene full of chaos.

Xing Yuan’s group stood in the simple control room set up behind the podium. The stage was blocking in front of them, along with a group of armed bodyguards surrounding them to prevent the crowd from rushing over. For the time being it was a relatively safe place.

“Attackers, hidden, in the students.” Cherno stood on the very outside, looking for the attackers. “Not easy to find, let’s go.”

“We can’t stay outdoors, let’s go into the lecture building!” Li Fei, one of Xing Yuan’s other bodyguards, immediately said: “There are too many people here, I’m afraid that there are still snipers hiding in the tall building opposite us.”

Xing Yuan looked through the crowd at his staff seating area, frowning: “Cherno, Li Fei, Liang Haoming, and Duan Er will follow me. Qian Wu and Zhao Baoquan, you two go find my staff, make sure to protect them.”

The two bodyguards who weren’t called eagerly said: “But…boss your safety is…”

Xing Yuan: “They are equally important, quickly go.”

At this time, a university security guard next to them quickly said: “Mr. Xing, go to the back of the library, or go further back, to the lecture department. There are many classrooms there, it would be easier to hide. Also, there is a side door in the northwest corner of the lecture department, you can go out through there…”

When he had spoken halfway, Li Fei already walked toward him. After listening to him, the two people started to talk in whispers, as if explaining the terrain of the school.

Xing Yuan quietly listened to them talk while looking out at the scattered crowd outside.

The university security guards were rescuing the wounded and evacuating students, the officers that the police had sent were working to appease the crowd while trying to find the shooters from the tens of thousands of people.

It wasn’t easy.

At this time, Ye Wenxuan had already avoided the crowd, and neatly squeezed backstage.

Just now there had been several gunshots. After the first shot Ye Wenxuan had immediately become alert, and quickly built up an electric grid around Xing Yuan. But those few shots were just a cover, their intention was clearly to create a riot, or to take advantage of the chaos to get closer to the target.

The next two shots were for killing Xing Yuan.

The first shot was aimed at his eyebrow, but had been intercepted by Ye Wenxuan’s electric grid. The superstrong current had directly wrapped up the bullet, only loosening when it had turned motionless.

The second shot was aimed at his left chest, at that time Ye Wenxuan just happened to have been pushed and staggered a few steps, and when he looked up he saw the bodyguard Cherno pull Xing Yuan to quickly jump down the podium. Bullets hit the big LED screen in the back, fortunately the two people were not injured.

Ye Wenxuan had let out a breath, and then took the opportunity to cross through the crowd and squeeze to the control room Xing Yuan and the rest were hiding in.

This place was not large, located behind the podium to the side, it was used as a backstage to adjust audio devices and large screens, as well as to coordinate the entire event.

When Ye Wenxuan had run over, Xing Yuan’s two assistants, a few bodyguards, and two backstage employees were still in the control room, along with several university security guards.

“Stop, don’t come closer, or I’ll shoot!” A university security guard pointed his gun at him with both hands, his eyes full of vigilance.

Behind him it seemed like the attackers and police were having a shootout, people were screaming even louder, Ye Wenxuan raised his hands and shouted: “Wait, I am Mr. Xing’s staff, help!”

That white man still wanted to say something, but Xing Yuan behind him opened his mouth: “Let him in.”

The security guard wrinkled his brow: “Oh, well, since you said so.”

The bodyguard finally pulled him over and continued blocking outside with his gun, not letting the strangers behind him that also wanted to take the opportunity to drill in get closer.

Ye Wenxuan walked a few steps to get to the control room. He glanced around, and found that several security guards were holding guns and facing outside on all four sides, protecting this tiny space like an iron barrel.

Occasionally some people wanted to break through the encirclement and get in, but were warned back by the guards.

Before he could observe carefully, Ruan Yushan already walked over and grabbed his arm, anxiously: “What about the others, have you seen our colleagues?”

Ye Wenxuan flusteredly: “No…it was too chaotic…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a huge explosion sounded behind him, along with screams.

A bodyguard to the side cursed: “Damn, a remote control bomb!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

F*k, these terrorists are trying to ascend ah!

He turned to find the location of the explosion, but he hadn’t found it yet when the hairs on the back of his neck stood upright.

This feeling, was like there was something highly dangerous approaching him more and more quickly.

Ye Wenxuan murmured: “What is it…”

Ruan Yushan couldn’t hear him: “What did you say?”

Even Ye Wenxuan didn’t know what he was thinking, but when he came back to his senses he had already turned, kicked the ground, grabbed Xing Yuan and tried to press him down on the ground, but the next development was somewhat different from his plans.

Just as he had pulled down Xing Yuan, Ye Wenxuan’s gaze blurred, his position had already been switched with Xing Yuan. He hadn’t reacted when his back heavily hit the ground.

Ye Wenxuan painfully cried: “Ow!”

Xing Yuan held him down: “Don’t move.”

Cherno: “Master!”

Almost at the moment the two fell on the ground, Ye Wenxuan heard a very small “pff” sound in the midst of his back pain.

Xing Yuan also heard it.

The two of them fell on the ground, and weren’t in a hurry to get back up, instead turning their heads at the same time to look at the ground in front of them.

There was an abrupt appearance of a small pit, which seemed to be quite deep.

The author has something to say: Ye Wenxuan’s code name is Mr. Mage.

## Little theater still relax a bit ba ##

Bodyguard a: “Boss, what do you want to do with the two foreigners in your room?”

Xing Yuan: “Old rule.”

Bodyguard a: “All right, Boss!”

The next day, the headlines were like this.

<<Shock! China’s richest man raising a star, and even exposed a nighttime call!>>

<<Revealing secrets about the Xing group’s person of power!>>

<<In the crowded night, Xing Yuan suspected to be entangled with a certain two actresses!>>

<<Noble surnamed x, an “unfathomable” man!>>

Xing Yuan, who was reading the news: “…”

He picked up the phone and called his assistant: “Hey, fire the bodyguard who handled yesterday’s business for lao zi.”

Translator Notes:

[1] Westminister – ok so this is not actually correct since Westminister is in central, not east London, and its Chinese translation is 西敏 versus 维斯豪尔, but it’s pretty close. pls lmk if you know if this is a real city!
[2] Jason – 杰森, pinyin jie sen
[3] Murphy’s law – 墨菲定律, basically an adage/epigram typically stated as: “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Random Notes:

One hour: 9 am – 10 am, for 3.3k characters to 2.3k words. The action finally starts!

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