100kV Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Going to London

Xing Yuan laughed: “You say, why is this kid so coincidentally lying in my room at this time?” As he spoke, Ye Wenxuan’s ear suddenly warmed, a hot breath spitting in his ear: “Cherno, take a guess, between this kid and those two lying on the ground, who first got to my room?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

“Servant, doesn’t know.” Cherno’s rigid voice came from a little further away.

Alarm bells rang in Ye Wenxuan’s mind, his chin was pinched sore by that hand, but he really did not dare to move randomly.

“Bring a basin of water over.”

Cherno: “Yes.”

Ye Wenxuan: f*k, why do I have a bad feeling about this…

Sure enough, not long afterward, a basin of cold water poured down on his head, making his entire body along with the sofa cold.

Xing Yuan’s voice was lazy: “Wei, get up.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”


He jerked up from the sofa, gasping for breath, and holding the back of his neck with one hand.

Having gotten a basin of cold water straight to the face, Ye Wenxuan’s eyelashes were full of water. He struggled to raise his head, revealing an extremely stupefied expression.

“Xing…Xing boss?”

Xing Yuan stood next to the sofa, in the dim room, he towered above him.

Ye Wenxuan held the back of his neck with one hand, his eyes full of pain: “How, how am I here…why is it so dark in here…”

“Oh.” Xing Yuan slowly said: “You don’t remember?”

Ye Wenxuan stammered: “I…came to send the memory card, and saw that two people stood next door to assistant Ruan’s room…I just greeted them…” Speaking to here, he cried out, especially engrossed in his act: “F*k! They hit me in the neck!”

In the light of the flashlight, he saw that bodyguard named Cherno standing behind Xing Yuan, his fierce eyes constantly staring at him rubbing his neck.

Ye Wenxuan pretended to be confused, weakly saying: “Xing boss, was I knocked unconscious? What happened, why am I covered in water?”

Xing Yuan did not say why he had fainted, and also did not say where the water came from, only asking: “What did you see?”

“Ah?” Ye Wenxuan slowly sat up, and as if he had pulled somewhere in the back of his neck, he wrinkled his brows in pain.

Xing Yuan stared at him: “When did you come over, and what did you see?”

“I…it seems like it was after 7 pm…” Ye Wenxuan perplexedly said: “I came to find assistant Ruan, and I asked a colleague, who said that Miss Ruan lived in 2905.”

“When I arrived, I happened to see two cleaners swiping the room card on the room next door, and I just…habitually greeted them…” He said with some grievance: “Who knew that he would immediately come over and give me a chop to the back of my neck…”

Xing Yuan had no expression, and no one knew whether or not he believed this explanation.

After a while, he finally opened his mouth, but actually asked an irrelevant question.

“Ye Wenxuan, where are your glasses?”

Ye Wenxuan was a little stunned, and then nonchalantly said: “Oh, when I came back I took a shower. Then thinking that I was just coming up to send something, I didn’t wear them.” As he spoke, he uneasily smiled: “My degree isn’t high, I just wear them during the day.”

Xing Yuan looked up and down his undisguised face several times, and then gave him an “en” sound.

Ye Wenxuan asked: “Xing boss, how did I get into your room, what about those two cleaners?”

Xing Yuan finally answered him: “Those two people were thieves and wanted to come in to steal things, and you just happened to bump into them.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Xing Yuan saw his expression turn a little strange, and added: “Next time when you see some people of unknown origin, don’t just sillily rush up, this time they just knocked you unconscious, but next time they might take your life. Understand?”

Ye Wenxuan could only nod honestly: “Got it.”

Xing Yuan looked at him again for a moment, and Ye Wenxuan really couldn’t stand it anymore: “Then, Xing boss, if there’s nothing else I’ll go back. My clothes are too wet, very cold.”

He was still wearing that hoodie from last night, the material was not thin, and after being soaked it clung to his skin, cold and uncomfortable.

Xing Yuan didn’t keep him, just throwing over his cell phone. Seeing the other person fumble to catch it, he finally raised the memory card in his hand: “I’ll keep the photos and return the memory card back to you tomorrow. You can go.”

Ye Wenxuan: “Ah, good, good.”

His clothes were really wet, he tugged at them with some discomfort, and stood up from the sofa.

He thought that he had already passed the examination.

But when he passed by Xing Yuan, the foreign bodyguard behind him suddenly moved.

That man stepped forward, struck Ye Wenxuan in the shoulder like a flash of lightning, and then pressed him to the ground.

The bodyguard’s movements were watertight, he pressed down Ye Wenxuan’s shoulder blade with one hand, and wrapped his neck with the other.

Ye Wenxuan cried out in pain: “Ah!”

Xing Yuan called lowly: “Cherno, let go!”

That attack came silently, and the release was just as sudden. Ye Wenxuan was just violently struggling a moment earlier, and the next second he felt the force pressing on his body suddenly disappear.

He lay on the ground in a daze and looked up, finding that Cherno had already returned to standing behind Xing Yuan.

“Xing boss.” Ye Wenxuan held his shoulder and stood up from the ground, gasping: “What is the meaning of this!”

Xing Yuan’s expression did not change in the least: “Sorry, my bodyguard was reckless.”

Ye Wenxuan said disbelievingly: “Why did he attack me?!”

“Cherno saw you together with the thieves.” Xing Yuan glanced at him: “Very sorry, I think he only wanted to test you a bit.”

Ye Wenxuan looked at him, still gasping for breath.

“As compensation, I will pay for all of the money you spend going abroad this time.” He added: “But please do not tell anyone about what happened tonight. Over the next few days, we still need to talk about business with other people, and I’m afraid of the staff not being able to concentrate because of the theft.”

Could this be…the legendary hush money?

Ye Wenxuan pretended to be embarrassed for a minute, and then very determinedly accepted Xing boss’s bribe.

With Cherno staring at him like he was a criminal, he didn’t dare to stay any longer in the room. He patted his chest and said that he would keep the matter secret, and then quickly said goodbye to Xing Yuan and ran away.

When he went out, because it was too dark, he almost bumped into the Chinese bodyguards standing at the door. Ye Wenxuan hurriedly greeted them and still had to pretend that he had been hit strongly on the back of his neck, grimacing and making his way to the safety passageway, it could be said that he was very invested in his act.

The hotel had a blackout, so he couldn’t use the elevator. Ye Wenxuan took a deep breath, and wearing his wet clothes, he began to make his way down the stairs.

Just wait, sooner or later, he would definitely return this basin of water. Ye Wenxuan gnashed his teeth and hugged his arms and thought while shivering.

And in that room on the 29th floor, Xing Yuan was just speaking quietly to his bodyguard: “How.”

Cherno: “Very weak. Just like, a chick.”

Luckily Ye Wenxuan had already left, or else he would have struck that fellow into a second-degree cripple.

Xing Yuan turned and sat down on a different clean sofa, revealing a very indecent smile: “Little chick ah, looking at his figure it seems like there’s some muscle, I just don’t know, how he would look when he takes off his clothes.”

Cherno squinted, as if he couldn’t understand this master’s idle talk.

“But even if he’s as weak as a chicken, he is still suspicious.” Xing Yuan leaned back on the sofa, murmuring.

Sometimes, strong opponents are not necessarily the ones that look vicious.

Just like his opponent, it’s not necessarily the Flying Wolf Club.


On the third day of their arrival in London, the weather was gloomy, with scattered light rain.

Ye Wenxuan yawned and followed his group of colleagues, listening to those people discuss the opera performance they saw last night, while getting on a staff car.

“Seriously, at first I thought I was going to fall asleep in the middle, but I ended up becoming totally invested in their performance. “ A colleague enthused and said to the people around him: “I really didn’t expect that an opera could be so interesting, how about we go again tonight?”

The man next to him was somewhat awkward: “Oh, I fell asleep halfway through.”

The people around them laughed.

“Ye ge, you were right for not going last night.” Ye Wenxuan’s roommate quietly said to him: “I sat there and also wanted to sleep, but was scared awake by the actress screaming on stage. Really, I admire that brother sitting in the third row, he was sleeping very soundly.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

He took back his sight from a certain person outside the window and turned to chat with the crowd of people: “Last night at seven there was a blackout in the hotel, did you all know?”

The people who liked being lively all went to see the opera, no one wanted to stay in their rooms, so everyone shook their heads.

“Oh, I was there at that time.” The gentle-looking man wearing glasses in the row in front of Ye Wenxuan turned around and said with some depression: “I was video chatting with my girlfriend, and when we had just spoken two sentences, the video broke off, the lights in my room immediately turned off, and I also couldn’t get through with my room phone. I was really scared at that time ah, I went out to ask a staff member and finally found out that the whole building had a blackout.”

Ye Wenxuan had a little impression of this person, he seemed to be called Li Shuchen. He asked: “Li ge, did you ask them why there was a power outage?” He showed a look of chagrin: “At that time I didn’t dare to go out, it was too dark and I couldn’t see anything, so I was afraid of getting lost.”

Li Shuchen understood and said: “Of course I asked ah, they said that the transformer outside the hotel burned up, and at that time it was already late, so who knows how it suddenly caught fire.”

Ye Wenxuan was thoughtful. He thought about why the transformer would suddenly catch fire when Xing Yuan came back, it was as if they had calculated when he would come back. He felt that if this hypothesis was right, there must be a mole in the hotel.

When he had been pretending to be unconscious last night, Xing Yuan had said that there was a signal jammer in his room.

So if the entire building was out of power, then would this jammer no longer work?

If that was the case, if the person hidden in the dark had started the bomb explosion…

Ye Wenxuan rubbed his chest, somewhat afraid.

He sat there, imagining wildly for half a day. The colleagues around him had long already changed several topics, and did not pay attention to the absentminded photographer, chatting passionately.

## How to deal with an opponent too invested in the act ##

Ye Wenxuan was very invested in his act, when Cherno pulled up his eyelids, Ye Wenxuan rolled up his eyes.

Cherno pulled up the eyelids, and found that this person was showing the whites of his eyes, so he must have been unconscious.

He let go and wanted to get up, but Xing Yuan suddenly said: “Wait a minute.”

Cherno: “?”

Xing Yuan: “Lift his eyelids and wait a little longer.”

Cherno: “Oh.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan persisted in rolling up his eyeballs for a minute.

A minute later, he died in battle.

Cherno oh’d: “Pretending.”

Xing Yuan: “Hehe.”

Ye Wenxuan: “F*k you!

Translator Notes:

[1] move randomly – 肆意妄动, a similar phrase but meaning behave unscrupulously
[2] sh*t – 日, not sure what kind of cuss word this is but I’m assuming it is one
[3] tower above – 居高临下, idiom, means to live high and look down, overlook
[4] habitually – 象征性, apparently like token, a token greeting
[5] watertight – 毫不拖泥带水, not at all sloppy
[6] silently – 无声无息, idiom, means wordless and uncommunicative
[7] imagining wildly – 天马行空, idiom, literally like a heaven steed soaring across the sky, bold and imaginative, unconstrained
[8] f*k you – 妈卖批, much more vulgar than that, almost like m*f*

Random Notes:

One hour: 9 pm – 10 pm, for 3.2k characters to 2.2k words. I thought YWX wore his glasses up…did he lose them? Did the author forget? Did I forget?
Hey guys, sorry for the late upload. WordPress updated, and my time settings got messed up 🙂

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  1. Our Xing Yuan doesn’t even hide his thoughts anymore, also what’s stopping him, you know you want that little chick _(┐「ε:)_

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    1. ??? He didn’t seem overconfident? In fact he seemed distinctly uncomfortable with his powers and didn’t seem to be good at using. He’s just a fledgling and fumbling around trying to do a good job with his vague ass orders given by his superiors. Also, when did he not listen to his superiors? O.o He’s so obedient…

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