100kV Chapter 23

Chapter 23
Going to London

He hurriedly pulled out his cell phone, aimed the flashlight, took a picture of the device in front of him, and then sent it to his colleagues in the action group.

Less than a minute later, a message came back.

[It’s an IED, an improvised explosive device. It can be detonated remotely, but there’s a distance limitation. The lighting is too dark, I cannot see clearly the specifics.]

Ye Wenxuan quickly responded: [Is this already assembled?]

His phone shook, the response: [Half-assembled, you can casually disassemble it, it will not detonate.]

He could finally relax.

Ye Wenxuan wiped his sweat and finally got back on his feet. He glanced around at the toolbox and parts spread out on the ground, as well as the very dangerous-looking “half-assembled” device, and simply used his foot to sweep everything below the bed, hiding them at the head of the bed.

Even though it wouldn’t explode, it still looked very shocking, so he’ll just hide it up and give himself some peace of mind.

After doing this, Ye Wenxuan turned to look at the man passed out next to him. He held up the flashlight and sent the two pictures of the unconscious intruders to Zheng Xingguo.

But tonight’s surprises were clearly not over.

He hadn’t even taken a breath, his phone was still on the chat interface with his colleagues, when a gentle “di” sound again entered his ears.

“After you’re done checking the room, Cherno will stay behind overnight, and everyone else can go back to rest.”

“Good, boss.”

Ye Wenxuan: “……”

His head was going to explode!

F*k, Xing Yuan was back!

He used his fastest speed to turn off the flashlight and his cell phone, throwing the flashlight at the foot of the big guy on the ground, and tucking his phone into his own arms.

Right now it was already too late to hide, he simply closed his eyes and leaned against the foot of the bed. Taking advantage of the time when the group of people were still by the door, he reached into his pocket, took out the camera memory card, and placed it in the most easily accessible pocket on the outside of his coat.

Ka, outside there was the sound of the door closing, as well as the occasional voices from Xing Yuan and his bodyguards.

Some time later, in the corridor, and even further away, suddenly quite a few guests started talking loudly, and the entire hotel seemed to caught up in a commotion.

“What’s the matter?” Xing Yuan’s voice was very low, Ye Wenxuan had to focus very intensely to hear it. Right now, he could only praise the gods that when he had entered the room he hadn’t closed the door, or else now he would really not be able to hear anything.

Outside the room, the door opened and closed again. Ye Wenxuan guessed that someone might have gone outside to check what was going on, and sure enough, less than a minute later, someone gently knocked on the door.

Ye Wenxuan heard the door open again, and Xing Yuan asked: “What’s going on.”

“Boss, the whole building is out of power.” One of the bodyguards responded: “Haoying found a security guard just now, who said that half an hour ago all of the surveillance equipment failed. The hotel had sent security guards upstairs to inspect the situation, but they didn’t find any abnormalities. I told Haoying to go find the security captain to ask for details.”

“Was it man-made?”

“Still…still unclear.”

Ye Wenxuan’s heart jumped, and he began to consider whether or not to take advantage of the blackout to run out in the dark.

Just as he was thinking about his choices, he suddenly heard a hoarse voice speaking in English: “Please stand here, don’t move. Servant, will go in and check, the room.”

He hadn’t finished speaking when another voice interrupted: “Boss, I will go with him.”

“Boss, I will also…”

Xing Yuan stopped them: “Cherno will go, other people stay here.”

The others didn’t keep speaking.

Then a strong light scattered the darkness in the living room, that bodyguard must have taken out a lighting device.

Damn it, running out in the dark or something seemed impossible now.

Ye Wenxuan cursed in his heart and lay back down on the ground, one eye squinting at the movement outside the door.

Indeed, a few moments later, that hoarse voice spoke again: “There is, a cleaning cart.”

“Study, one, Arab, unconscious.”

A moment later, footsteps moved closer, and someone stood at the door and observed for a few minutes. That strong light swept around, stopping on his face.

Ye Wenxuan restrained himself from moving his eyeballs, maintaining his breathing at a very light and steady rhythm. He relaxed and loosened his four limbs, dedicating himself to playing a corpse.

That person first flipped over the big guy by the door, and after that examination he finally slowly came over. The searchlight beam hit Ye Wenxuan’s face directly, and the other person seemed to be seriously identifying who the person fallen on the ground was.

“Bedroom one, African, one Asian.” He said: “This person, familiar.”


That person: “The photographer, servant has seen.”

Ye Wenxuan intuitively felt that this was the white bodyguard with a fierce gaze from earlier today.

He almost trembled with tension, and his breath uncontrollably missed a beat. This chaotic breathing was especially obvious in the silent darkness.

Ye Wenxuan knew that he might have exposed himself, and his heart began to beat violently.

But the scene of getting caught in the act that he imagined did not happen, this bodyguard’s attention was already no longer on him.

He found the half-assembled bomb under the bed.

“Master, don’t come in.” The person’s voice was dignified: “There is a bomb.”

Then he stopped listening to the commotion made by the bodyguards outside, leaning over into the narrow gap below the bed, he used the searchlight to look carefully at the device.

This was also thanks to Ye Wenxuan not kicking very forcefully, so he hadn’t kicked the half-assembled device very far in. Otherwise, this burly bodyguard might have had to dismantle the bed in order to reach the bomb.

Ye Wenxuan carefully listened to him messing around with the bomb. A long time later, the rustling finally stopped, the bodyguard came out from the bottom of the bed, and then began to check everywhere else in the room.

After he entered the cloakroom, he spoke again: “Here, second, bomb.”

There was actually a second one! Ye Wenxuan was surprised for a moment.

After a while, he heard the bodyguard leave the cloakroom: “Master, now, safe.”

The footsteps outside already reached the door, Xing Yuan’s voice sounded above his head: “Are there any more flashlights, bring some more over here.”

Not long later, Ye Wenxuan felt several strong flashlights hit his face.

“Ye Wenxuan?” Xing Yuan’s voice contained some meaning: “Why is he here.”

Someone came over and turned him over, searching through his pockets.

The cell phone and bits and pieces in his pockets were taken out.

Ye Wenxuan wasn’t too worried. When he had come over, he had turned off his fingerprint unlock function, so he wasn’t afraid that they would search his phone.

Sure enough.

“The phone does not have fingerprint unlock, we can only enter the password to turn it on.”

“Boss, here is a memory card.”

“It’s a camera-specific one.”

Xing Yuan seemed to recall: “Oh, assistant Ruan said, she was going to update the official account before tonight.”

A burly hand pressed on the side of Ye Wenxuan’s neck, and then turned up his eyelids. Ye Wenxuan took the opportunity to roll up his eyeballs, and then the hand’s owner said: “Boss, he’s just unconscious. He must have come to send the photos and happened to run into these two people sneaking over to place bombs in boss’s room.”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond: “Just leave him here. Let Cherno clean up the other two. Li Fei, you go find Liang Haoying, everyone else can go back.”

“But, boss…in case there’s danger…”

Xing Yuan interrupted him: “Then you all just keep watch outside the door.”

That bodyguard was helpless, he could only agree and indeed went outside the door to guard.

Ye Wenxuan could hear those people gradually moving away, and then they went out the door.

Almost everyone had left at once, and the atmosphere in the room instantly became silent.

Xing Yuan said, “Cherno, tie these two people up, and then carry this guy to the sofa.”

Cherno: “Yes, master.”

Ye Wenxuan was dumped onto Cherno’s shoulder like a sandbag, almost dry vomiting from the impact. He hurriedly swallowed the sound into his throat, and then his head hit Cherno’s back.

And immediately was hit dizzy by the hard muscles.

“How is he, do you see any blood?”

Cherno pulled at Ye Wenxuan, pinching him thoroughly up and down.

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Please, in this position, if he had really suffered from some physical trauma, he must have sprayed blood from being pinched by this man.

Cherno: “No injury, maybe, he was knocked out from the back of his neck.”

Xing Yuan: “What about the other two people?”

Cherno: “Not dead.”

“Cherno, don’t make me keep asking.” Xing Yuan’s tone was somewhat unpleasant: “You need to know yourself when you should say what, and not wait for me to keep asking.”

Cherno whispered, “Yes.”

After this, he obviously changed. Ye Wenxuan was casually thrown on the sofa, and he could hear the two people conversing more smoothly.

“Two people, dressed as cleaners, came in to install an IED.” Cherno laboriously said: “Servant found, two guns, poison hidden in their teeth. Tattoos on thighs, flying wolves.”

Flying wolf tattoo. Ye Wenxuan listened more carefully.

“The flying wolf club.” Xing Yuan whispered: “Their guts are getting bigger and bigger, just two people dared to enter my room to install bombs.”

Cherno: “There is, accomplice.”

Xing Yuan: “Oh?”

“Cut off the power, kill the cleaners, replace them.” Cherno haltingly continued: “Acquaintance, in hotel, helped. Servant did not find, bomb remote, should be on other person.”

Xing Yuan ridiculed: “Since there were helpers, how did they not find that there’s a shielding jammer installed in my room.”

Ye Wenxuan had heard his teacher mention that signal shielding devices could prevent remote bomb attacks, it was said that this thing could interfere with a certain range of remote bomb detonation signals by terrorists, but he didn’t expect that Xing Yuan would be so cautious, even bringing this kind of thing along.

Only those who often go through these kinds of terrorist attacks would be so thoroughly prepared when they travel.

Over there, Xing Yuan said in a low voice: “Just now those few people, say your thoughts.”

Oh? Ye Wenxuan held his breath, working hard to eavesdrop.

Cherno’s voice was even quieter: “One day, not enough.”

Xing Yuan: “I can’t wait that long.”

Cherno paused for a moment, then said: “Li Fei and Liang, Haoying, good skills, most powerful abilities. Zhao something, worst skills, always absent-minded. Duan Er, bad temper, arrogant, somewhat rebellious. Qian Wu, weak existence, but servant might, not be able to beat him.”

“The others, still need more observation.”

After that, he vaguely said: “Liang Haoying, and servant, same feeling.”

Xing Yuan didn’t respond, just giving an “en” sound.

Ye Wenxuan’s thoughts were led astray by those few sentences.

Xing Yuan’s meaning, could he be questioning those personal bodyguards that he had brought from home?

But, even so, why would he trust this Cherno so much, who had appeared for only a day.

Moreover, this Cherno addressed Xing Yuan very strangely, other people called him “boss”, only Cherno called him “master”, and also called himself “servant.”

Ye Wenxuan frowned internally, and only felt that the origin of this bodyguard must be very unusual.

He was just thinking when suddenly he felt a hand slide past his right cheek. That hand lightly rubbed his face, and then slid down and firmly pinched his chin.

Xing Yuan’s voice was very close: “He’s not awake yet.”

Cherno didn’t respond.

## Entered my house, is my man ##

Xing Yuan: “Since you entered my door, then you can only be my man.”

Ye Wenxuan: “???”

Xing Yuan: “Little fellows, bring this leader’s wife to my bed!”

Bodyguards abcde: “Yes! Boss!”

Ye Wenxuan: “……”

Xing Yuan: “This soft and tender flesh, feeling it is happiness.”

Ye Wenxuan couldn’t keep pretending, opening his eyes: “If someone enters your door, they are your bandit wife?”

Xing Yuan: “Mandatory ah.”

Ye Wenxuan: “There are still two people over there on the ground, bandit lord, quickly also bring them up on the bed.”

Xing Yuan was disgusted: “Bring them up for what?”

Ye Wenxuan quietly: “That is your big concubine and second concubine, you touch them together.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Ye Wenxuan: “Turn off the light and touch, it’s also happiness.”

Xing Yuan: “…”

Xing Yuan waved to his five bodyguards, expressionless: “Little ones, the two on the ground will be rewarded to you.”

Bodyguards abcde: “…”

Translator Notes:

[1] Cherno – 切尔诺, pinyin is qie er nuo, will use the MTL Cherno
[2] didn’t respond – 不置可否, also means did not express an opinion, noncommittal
[3] leader’s wife – 压寨夫人, apparently means 山寨头领的妻子, which is essentially the wife of the head of the bandits in the mountains, a common theme in novels and plays
[4] soft and tender flesh – 细皮嫩肉, idiom, means smooth-skinned

Random Notes:

A bit over one hour: 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm, for 3.6k characters to 2.3k words. Time is going to be tight on the next few chapters.

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  1. The ## Entered my house, is my man ## part is so funny! Xing Yuan, you getting a touch of your man so early on? He’s unconscious right now!

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