100kV Chapter 22

Chapter 22
Going to London

But Xing Yuan had really left a pathetically small amount of things out. Ye Wenxuan knew that he was very cautious, but he had not expected him to act so carefully. On the other hand, he also thought it made sense. If this person had really strewn confidential documents randomly, then the Xing group would probably long have already collapsed.

Ye Wenxuan walked a lap around Xing Yuan’s suite, besides the clothes and luggage in the bedroom, the table in the study still had some magazines and books, as well as some used paper. Next to those there were even some empty coffee cups, which should have been brought over when Xing Yuan was sitting here to read.

He casually picked up those papers, which had a few names flamboyantly written on them. The study was too dim, so Ye Wenxuan couldn’t see clearly what was written on the paper.

He considered for a bit, and then simply pulled out his phone and turned it back on, turning on his flash and taking a picture of the paper.

Besides his harvest in the study, Ye Wenxuan could not find anything useful in the kitchenette or the bathroom. He had also carefully looked through that small room near the entrance, and finally determined that it should have been the place where Xing Yuan’s bodyguard slept, but it seemed like only one person lived there.

Ye Wenxuan speculated that the bodyguards had their own rooms and only took turns to stay here to guard against anyone who might want to sneak in at night.

“So much combat power, even government dignitaries would only have this much ba.” He casually picked up a pen on the desk in the study and recognized it as a certain big low-key lavish brand, involuntarily becoming jealous: “The wicked rich!”

He was still mulling over whether or not he should go try to open the luggage again when he suddenly heard a “di” sound from not far away. At the same time, an extremely loud “pipa” sound followed. The electrostatic trap that Ye Wenxuan had placed in the doorway had been triggered.

He was startled, mentally lamenting that Xing Yuan had returned way too early.

The floor of the suite was covered in soft plush carpets, so the sound of leather shoes stepping on the floor would not be very obvious. Ye Wenxuan affixed his ear to the door of the study to try to hear what was going on outside, and the result was of course silence.

He was a little anxious, so taking advantage of this extra time, he quickly looked around the study. After only considering for a few seconds, he locked his gaze on the area above the dark brown bookcase next to the desk.

The top of the bookcase was still about 60 centimeters away from the ceiling, and the length of the entire wooden bookcase was more than two meters. It should be enough to fit an adult man sideways on top.

He didn’t think too much, immediately stepping on the chair to climb onto the mahogany desk. Then, one hand on the wall, his other hand held the side of the bookcase. With some force to his arms, he riskily flipped his body to squeeze into this small space, which was not too narrow.

This series of actions could not be considered done in one breath, but at least they were still relatively smooth. This could be considered the result of Ye Wenxuan’s previous special training, so that when he climbed there were no problems, as well as very little panic or confusion.

After he had climbed up on top of the bookcase, before Ye Wenxuan could let out a breath in relief, alarm bells started ringing in his mind again.

He had even climbed up the bookcase already, the time spent had not been very short, why was there still no movement outside?

The person who had come…was not quite like Xing Yuan.

If it were the owner of the room, the first thing they would do upon entering the door would be to insert their card in its holder and turn on the lights, but in the time that he had spent climbing up, the person who came in did not turn on the lights or insert their card. Even though the soundproofing in this high-end hotel was very good, Ye Wenxuan had not even heard the least bit of voices outside, which was not normal.

The outside of the study was really terribly quiet.

If not for him setting a trap outside the door, he might not even have heard someone swipe and enter the door just now.

Thinking of this, Ye Wenxuan became a little tense again.

He lay motionless in the cramped space above the bookcase, only listening to sounds from outside the study.


The door handle of the study was turned from the outside.


Ye Wenxuan looked down there in the darkness and could see a man who was not very tall slowly walking in. He closed the door slightly, and then directly walked toward the desk.

In the dim light of the study, Ye Wenxuan carefully observed him. The other person was wearing what seemed to be the hotel’s cleaning uniform.

In fact, just from his figure, this person was definitely not Xing Yuan.

The intruder did not discover someone else in the study. He looked around the desk and then quietly called out to the door in English: “Jason, this Chinese man did not leave anything useful.”

Ye Wenxuan tightened the hand holding the edge of the bookcase: More than one person had come in.

No one responded from outside, and the intruder was a little impatient. He turned and walked toward the door, muttering: “Anyone could do ah, but they had to give lao zi such a silent partner…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he felt a wind blow past his head. He immediately dove down to the ground and rolled slightly before reaching behind him and decisively pulling out a gun.

Ye Wenxuan flew down from above his head, and when he was falling down he saw the other person’s movements and felt that the situation was not great. His own skills were only very slightly better than those of a normal person, and when he heavily landed on the ground, even though the floor was covered in carpet, Ye Wenxuan was still heavily winded.

Ye Wenxuan: “Oh…”

With just this, that person could immediately tell that Ye Wenxuan was just bluffing.

He had already pulled out his gun from his back, and now sat up and placed the muzzle firmly on Ye Wenxuan’s temple. This time his force was somewhat heavy, pushing Ye Wenxuan’s forehand until his head hit the ground.

With a kacha, he pulled the safety on the gun.

That person smiled creepily: “Haha, look what I found, an intruder.”

Ye Wenxuan didn’t say anything, only reaching out a hand and holding the arm with a gun above him.

“Dude, speak, what are you doing here?” That man saw Ye Wenxuan’s face in the faint light, and laughed unkindly: “Wow, it’s a Chinese. I know that you are not the owner of this room, tell me, what are you trying to do, sneaking into someone else’s study? Stealing? Or assassination?”

With that, he whistled and scoffed: “Wow, if it’s the latter, then we might even be colleagues.”

Ye Wenxuan raised his eyebrows and looked at him: “Very funny?”

“Haha, of course…”

Before he could finish, his bizarre smile froze, and he twitched and fell to the ground.

Ye Wenxuan slowly took back his right hand, flipping over and picking up the gun that had fallen to the ground.

He and this man’s conversation and movements weren’t very loud, but if there was an associate outside, they wouldn’t still not come over at this time.

Well, they may be in a further, more soundproof place.

Ye Wenxuan inexplicably thought of Xing Yuan’s bedroom.

The short man lying on the ground next to him finally stopped moving. Ye Wenxuan casually glanced at him, and always found him a little familiar. After a while, he finally reacted, he seemed to have seen this person before in the corridor, at that time he was pushing a cleaning cart, and had just happened to pass by Ye Wenxuan.

Ye Wenxuan thought for bit, and then pulled out his phone. He opened the camera, turned on the flash, and saved a picture of this man foaming at the mouth to his photo album.

When he finished he placed his phone back into his pocket, and then straightened up and slowly walked out the door.

There was no one in the living room.

The dark room was silent, and everything was the same as when he had first come in, except that there was an extra rectangular-shaped dark shadow near the sofa.

Ye Wenxuan held his breath and moved closer, finally discovering that this was the cleaning cart that the hotel cleaning staff would commonly push around.

Presumably it was the one that the hapless ghost in the study had been pushing when they met earlier.

He half-crouched and slowly moved forward, the hand clutching the gun slowly starting to sweat. His temples also throbbed, showing his spirit in a state of high vigilance.

Passing the coffee table in front of the sofa, Ye Wenxuan bent slightly and gently picked up the cup of water on the table.

Xing Yuan’s bedroom door was slightly ajar, a faint light leaking out.

The sound insulation here was very good, even if the door was left open just a bit, the insulation would still cover up the noise from inside the suite and outside the suite. Otherwise, with the voices of Ye Wenxuan and that little man just now, the person inside the bedroom could not have been unaware.

Ye Wenxuan remembered that when he had left the bedroom he had closed the door. He wasn’t sure whether or not there was someone in the bathroom or in the small room at the entrance, but he could basically be certain that there must be someone hidden in Xing Yuan’s bathroom.

Turning sideways and sticking to the bedroom door, Ye Wenxuan very gently pushed the door open slightly, and tilted his head a bit to see inside.

His eyes reflected a faint light in the room, as well as a tall, stout back half-kneeling on the ground.

That man was half-kneeling next to the bed and seemed to be messing around with something in his hands with his back to the door. Ye Wenxuan couldn’t quite see what he was doing from where he was standing, but from this person’s tall figure and exaggerated back muscles, he could expect that this should not be a Chinese person.

He didn’t stop to consider any more, instead quietly tilting the cup in his hand downward.

The liquid in the cup poured down, and as soon as it touched the ground, it dampened a large chunk of the plush carpet. Ye Wenxuan continued to pour water in the direction of the bed, and the gurgling water spread all over in that direction, soaking the carpet further.


The sound of the liquid falling to the ground was very quiet, but from so close, it would still be somewhat obvious for someone in a high state of alertness or tension.

The person half-kneeling near the bed finally stopped his movements. He heard the water behind him, then suddenly and fiercely jerked his body around 180 degrees, one hand firmly lifting his gun, pointing his muzzle toward the door!

With a small flashlight in his mouth, that ray of light broke through the darkness outside the door and shone all the way onto the wall across the way in the living room.

“Who’s there.” He bit the flashlight, and vaguely said: “Jill, is that you in the living room.”

No one answered him, and this big man immediately realized that something was wrong. His eyes began to become fierce, and he also slowly stood up straight, very skillfully moving to the bedroom door.

As he approached the door, the greater the range of the light from the flashlight, and the sharper the gaze from this big guy.

At this time, Ye Wenxuan stretched out two fingers from his hiding spot and gently twisted the fine fluff of the carpet soaked in water.

That current instantly made use of the free ions and impurities in the water to spring outward.

Like countless invisible snakes, they instantly spread to the bottom of the other person’s feet!

The big man grunted. He stepped back twice from the sting, and then fell straight down to the ground.

Ye Wenxuan did not immediately approach. He remained crouched by the door, rubbing his fingers in the soaked fluffy carpet for a long time, and also gave the other person several doses of electricity.

There was some wild crackling in the room, and then a heavy object finally fell to the ground. Ye Wenxuan placed the cup by his feet and finally stood up.

One hand holding the gun, he slowly walked into the room.

That small flashlight had fallen at the foot of the bed, and under the light, Ye Wenxuan could easily see that the man who had fallen on the floor was a big black man.

He walked forward a few steps and leaned over to pick up the flashlight. Right next to him was the tall black man. Ye Wenxuan was a little nervous, afraid that the man would suddenly open his eyes, so he placed the gun on his elbow and sent a bit more electricity to this hapless ghost.

The black man’s body twitched and then calmed down again.

Ye Wenxuan could finally relax. He went up to the guy and also took a picture of him, and then took the flashlight to walk around to the bedside table on the left side of the bed. The light hit a pile of scattered objects on top.

“This is…” Ye Wenxuan crouched and looked at it carefully, muttering hesitatingly: “a…homemade bomb…?”

The author has something to say: it seems like the carpet itself can also conduct electricity, but I feel like that way there would be no difficulty. we’ll just change to the carpet only being able to guide static electricity.

finally, do not always want to let the xiao shou electricity people ah, if he electricities them every day then he will have kidney loss, really (⊙▽⊙)

## Today really electrocuted comfortably ##

The small man who had sneaked into the room overwhelmed Ye Wenxuan with one move, grabbing his arm and pressing him to the ground.

He felt that the skin under his hand was delicate and tender, so his eyes glowed: “Aiya, there was actually such a high-quality girl here!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” It might be dark in here, but are you blind.

Foreigner: “Hehehe, come and let lao zi touch you, brother will let you see my big baby oh ~”

Ye Wenxuan: “Then I’ll first let you see my big baby.”

This foreigner had still not reacted when he had already been electrocuted.

Foreigner: “Oh~ oh! Oooh~ah wah whoo-hoo~~”

Ye Wenxuan saw him twitching and dancing hiphop: “Comfortable?”

Afterwards, Ye Wenxuan lit a cigarette, spitting out a smoke ring in vicissitudes: “Scum.”

He raised his foot and prepared to leave, when his foot was grabbed by the foreigner.

The foreigner twitched while looking at him, shamefully saying: “Big brother, how about…you do it again~?”

Ye Wenxuan: “…”

Translator Notes:

[1] flamboyantly – 龙飞凤舞, idiom, means flamboyant or bold curve calligraphy
[2] no problems – 有惊无险, idiom, means to get through a daunting experience without mishap

Random Notes:

Almost 1.5 hours: 3:45 pm – 5 pm, for 3.5k characters to 2.6k words. We are getting some slight action here guys!

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