100kV Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Going to London

Xing Yuan was impeccably attired in a tux, his eyebrows revealing a sense of coldness and sternness. When he spoke his mouth would move very slightly, the fluent British English spit out from between those two thin lips. His voice was low and charming, and no matter what he said, that sound would be the first to attract people to listen to him.

Ye Wenxuan could tell that when this man stood on the podium, even if he didn’t do anything, his momentum could still overwhelm most of the people present.

The afternoon meeting of the financial forum went very smoothly, and when it ended it was already past 5 in the afternoon. Xing Yuan invited all of the staff to dinner at a nearby revolving restaurant, and everyone shouted in praise, and even the fatigue from running around for an entire day also disappeared because of the promise of an exquisite meal.

Ye Wenxuan walked over with several familiar colleagues and saw that six bodyguards were all following by Xing Yuan’s side.

This power is quite large.

Halfway through the meal, there was a bit of an accident.

Xia Yanbin’s here.

This time this rock star did not cover up again, openly appearing in the dining room, followed by a few personal assistants. He just walked directly to a certain table by the window.

Ye Wenxuan’s eyelid twitched, and he turned his head to look at Xia Yanbin standing next to himself.

Across from him was assistant Ruan, and sitting to the right of assistant Ruan near the window, was Xing Yuan. It was simply obvious who Xia Yanbin had come to find.

The executive next to him also noticed this, and started kicking his calf under the table.

Because Xing Yuan and Ruan Yushan were right across from them, the two people could only kick each other under the table a few times and consider that as venting their restless and excited mood from this sudden unexpected event.

If this mood could be expressed, it would probably be a very long “yoooooo.”

Xia Yanbin: “Xing ge.”

Ye Wenxuan & executive: yoooooo~

Xia Yanbin had stood next to the table for a bit too long, and around them people started looking over, creating a faint uproar.

Even as far away as the UK, Xia Yanbin’s superstar power did not diminish. Soon, someone recognized him, and some feverish fans even screamed and ran over to ask for a photo. A large disturbance began occurring in this revolving restaurant.

Xing Yuan’s bodyguards and staff, along with Xia Yanbin’s assistants, worked together to stop the excited crowd more than 10 meters away. Seeing this situation, the boss of the revolving restaurant patted the table and called over all the staff to lead away all of the restaurant’s other customers, leaving only this Xia big superstar and the group of people from the Xing group.

But with such a commotion, no one was paying attention to the food on the table.

When the unrelated masses were purged, Ye Wenxuan and the other group of eating melon staff sat back in their places, secretly peeking at the two relevant parties.

Xia Yanbin stood by the table, staring at Xing Yuan without blinking. His gaze was full of words, especially meaningful.

Xing Yuan casually cut his foie gras, not giving a bit of attention to the other. As if Xia Yanbin was just a pile of wood, not even as important as the plate of foie gras in front of him.

Just as the crowd thought that these two people were preparing to stay like this forever, someone broke the balance on the two sides.


A slight sound of a shutter shattered the silence. Xia Yanbin’s assistant was originally just standing quite far away in embarrassment, but when he heard the sound it was as if a switch had been flipped. His action was uniform and clean, immediately turning to find which paparazzi was secretly taking pictures.

Everyone’s eyes passed over Xia Yanbin and Xing Yuan, turning to Ye Wenxuan.

Ye Wenxuan: “…Uh.”

Ye Wenxuan held his camera, and looked at Xing Yuan and Xia Yanbin’s “gaze of death”, and could also faintly see the admiring gazes cast over by his colleagues sitting behind him. He swallowed his saliva and deleted the photo in front of the crowd, finally saying in embarrassment: “Sorry, my occupational disease recurred…you guys continue…”

The Xing group staff silently praised: Ye zi, you f*king are really a true man dedicated to your career ah!

Xia Yanbin had no reaction, but Xing Yuan did glance at him, and charitably gave him a nasal sound.


Ye Wenxuan inexplicably felt his scalp was a little chilly.

Just as Ye Wenxuan was working to adjust his facial expression, Xia Yanbin standing next to him finally opened his mouth: “Xing ge, I have something to say to you.”

A group of Xing group staff pretending to eat all pricked up their ears.

News about Xing boss’s love life, it would be a total loss to not listen to it!

But Xing Yuan seemed to know what his employees were doing. He waved at them, and everyone knew that this gossip wouldn’t be successfully heard.

Ruan Yushan patted the table: “Disperse after you’re done eating ba, today there will be no more follow-up work. Go wherever you want to play, just don’t impede the work tomorrow.” After that, she added: “We will cover the cost of your activities tonight, but pay attention to safety, the security here is not as good as back at home.”

Once they heard their expenses would be covered, even though all the staff were full of regret, everyone still uniformly wiped their mouths and left after greeting the boss. Ye Wenxuan dawdled until the end, but was still pulled away by Zhang Zhen and Peng Fei.

As soon as they left the restaurant, everyone surrounded Ye Wenxuan.

“Brother, is there anything left of the picture? Lao zi was sitting in the back row and did not see anything, just thinking about it I want to cry ah!”

“Ye zi, you wouldn’t really have deleted it ba?! That’s precious firsthand material ah!” Another colleague grabbed him and shook him.

Ye Wenxuan was shaken violently: “…Definitely deleted ah.”

“Xia Yanbin and our boss! My god, even Xia Yanbin fell under our boss’s suit pants, who else can guard against our Xing boss’s charm?” Another person held his head and felt that he had been hit hard: “It’s over, am I almost about to fall in love with him too? Xiao Liu, quickly wake me up ah ah!”

The man named Xiao Liu pushed him away: “Rest assured, the boss does not like square faces and garlic-shaped noses.”

Ye Wenxuan’s mouth twitched, and he desperately pulled back his camera that was about to be robbed away by his colleagues: “I really deleted it, the boss was watching ah, how could I not delete it.”

The crowd sighed in unison: “Ye zi you are too honest, you should have taken advantage of the chaos just now to take a few more, and just delete one of them ah.”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” How much do you want to see Xing Yuan’s love life news ah.

As a result, just one hour later, Ye Wenxuan and his colleagues returned to the hotel and crowded around to check out the hot news headlines.

[Shock! Rock superstar privately met with wealthy man in London, eating and living together with good feelings. Suspected that his gold master has shown up.]

[Xing group big boss and Xia Yanbin had a date in a British restaurant, are they business partners? Or publicly coming out of the closet?!]

Xing group’s eating melons staff: “…”

Peng Fei: “Wo kao, could this editor have come from a brilliant and famous sensationalist news group?”

Zhang Zhen: “…Xing boss likes men??”

When these words came out, everyone looked at Zhang Zhen, and the people nearest him rubbed his head, saying with pity: “Another newcomer who has not yet realized the boss’s charm, brothers, let us observe a moment of silence for him.”

The crowd: “Amen, may God enlighten you.”

Zhang Zhen: “…”

“Don’t talk about it, let’s go, the brothers will go take you to play in the clubs!” Finally someone no longer bothered about the headlines on the news, waving his hand: “Xing boss’s gossip happens every day, but our London trip is only these few days. Comrades, take advantage of this time to enjoy ah!”

Everyone heavily agreed, and only Ye Wenxuan raised his hand: “I have to go back to tidy up the photos, the boss wants the results by tonight. You all have fun, you must bring me back some souvenirs ah.”

“Ye zi you rest assured, we will bring you back a little British sister! Hehehe…”

Ye Wenxuan: “…No need thank you, you guys go play by yourselves.”

Having not entered Xing Yuan’s room for two days, Ye Wenxuan had done a deep self-reflection. He planned to go in and check it out tonight no matter what, and it would be best to sneak into Xing Yuan’s room to look around with the excuse of turning in his photos.

The photos were really supposed to be given to Ruan Yushan, but Ye Wenxuan only considered it for a few seconds before turning off his phone, not giving the other person the chance to call him.

He raised his arm and looked at his watch, it was 7:30 in the evening.

It was already dark outside, he didn’t know whether Xing Yuan still had any other events tonight, and whether he was still with Xia Yanbin.

This time Ye Wenxuan no longer wore a mask and also did not take off his black-framed glasses. He had long already interfered with the hotel’s monitoring system, and openly went up to the 29th floor. He could imagine that the security guards in the hotel’s surveillance room were going to start a new wave of freaking out, as well as collectively cursing the equipment maintenance workers.

The 29th floor was still the same as last time, not as rowdy as the lower floors. Ye Wenxuan casually walked through the corridors, passing by a cleaning staff member.

The two of them only focused on their own paths. Ye Wenxuan quickly passed by that person, turned right at the end of the hallway, and slowly stood in front of Xing Yuan’s room.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Wenxuan raised his hand and knocked on the door.

After a long time, no one responded, and he waited a little longer to make sure that Xing Yuan had still not returned.

Ye Wenxuan estimated the amount of electricity and reached out his left hand and pressed on the sensor on the door. He just tapped his thumb on top, a current passing through his finger into the sensor. After the sensor went “dididi” for over 10 seconds, Ye Wenxuan secretly glanced to both sides of the corridor, feeling quite guilty like a thief.

He tapped it two more times, and the light on the sensor started flashing randomly. After quite a while it finally stopped on the green light, and the door opened slightly with a “kacha.”

Ye Wenxuan first looked at the sensor, and finding that he had not broken it he finally let out a breath of relief, and then quickly pushed the door open and entered the room.

There was no one inside. He first locked the door and then turned to observe the luxurious hotel room.

There was a small door next to the entrance. He casually opened it and found a folding bed inside, and next to it there were some small things. It seemed like someone was living there not long ago.

He didn’t turn on the light, looking around the entire room just using the light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling window.

There seemed to be no personal belongings in the living room, and two wine glasses were placed on the table, one of which was still filled with a bit of pale red wine, which the person seemed to not have finished drinking.

The ashtray was strewn with a few cigarette butts, and Ye Wenxuan randomly picked up one. Smelling it, he guessed that it was Xing Yuan smoking.

In addition, the trash in the garbage bin was still there, it seemed like Xing Yuan did not call people to come to clean up the room.

Throwing the cigarette butt back into the ashtray, he walked into the largest bedroom here. Ye Wenxuan glanced at the somewhat messy big bed, swept his eye around the layout of the room, and opened the door on the right side of the room to find a walk-in closet.

Xing Yuan’s three suitcases were placed in here, and on the hangars was a row of designer suits. That logo was extremely familiar to Ye Wenxuan, he picked up one of them for a look, and sure enough, it was produced by SFLS.

“Zhou Bai’s work, no wonder I always felt that Xing Yuan looked especially coquettish today.” Ye Wenxuan put the suit back and started to look at the three suitcases by his feet.

There was a fingerprint lock on the suitcase, and Ye Wenxuan did not dare to open them casually, afraid that he might accidentally ruin the lock with his electricity.

If he ruined the door lock it could still be blamed on the hotel, but if the suitcase fingerprint lock was also damaged by electricity, even the most ignorant could still tell that their luggage had been turned over by someone.

This was only the second day of coming to England, he didn’t want to inadvertently alert people so early, and attract Xing Yuan’s suspicion.

## Xing group boss and staff ##

Xing Yuan and the Reiying company boss ate a meal, and after the meal there was gossip with Rei Xiangming.

<<Shock! The heirs to two great families, their relationship is actually like this…>>

——Attached a picture of a warm hug.

Xing Yuan and his own younger brother went out for a stroll, and afterwards there was another news headline.

<<Shock! Xing group brothers at odds with each other?! The truth is…>>

——Attached a picture of Xing Yuan’s expressionless face.

Xing Yuan went abroad to do business, and was blocked by Xia Yanbin during a meal. Another glorious scandal.

<<Shock! x surnamed superstar privately met with wealthy man, gold master? or boyfriend?>>

——Attached a photo: Xing Yuan cutting foie gras, Xia Yanbin standing and looking.


A certain Xing group staff member secretly took out their collectibles and displayed them, showing the colleagues one by one: “Brothers, this is my booty from the past few months ah, I’m telling you, catching this kind of thing relies on hand speed. Lao zi’s hand speed is the result of being single for over 30 years, no one else can compare.”

A circle of colleagues: “Oh oh oh!”

Ye Wenxuan: “…” Originally Xing Yuan’s title of being a slag gong is because of you all ah.

Translator Notes:

[1] the UK – 腐国, actually a slang term that reflects a perception of UK due to their attitude toward homosexuality, interesting take since this book is BL
[2] violently – 东倒西歪, idiom, means to lean unsteadily from side to side, swaying
[3] enlighten – 忽悠, actually means a lot of weird things like rocking, swaying, tricking, conning, but I don’t really do religion so I’m just going to put something like this which seems to make more sense? Please advise.
[4] inadvertently alert – 打草惊蛇, idiom, literally means beat the grass to scare the snake

Random Notes:

About one hour: 10:30 am – 11:30 am, for 3.5k characters to 2.6k words. We are moving right along, the action is finally slowly approaching.

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